True behind-the-scenes glamorous life What I to the glue see isn't mess my Office honestly usually it's work Because I've got my white set up but I've got like a hair towel on my tripod Right now and a mess but you won't see That in your shot hello guys what is up Official start to this YouTube video you Guys may have noticed that ID is rare That I come on here without any makeup Without my hair done actually at the Last YouTube video that I shot I just Had my eyebrows mascara and that was it Because my skin was looking pretty good Didn't have any breakout so I just kept It very minimal but this is not normal For me that I wanted to bring you guys Behind the scenes and show you the Things that you do not see when it comes To creating the content that I create so That means my YouTube videos my blog Post my Instagram stories my Instagram Content I mean I am continuously pumping Out content and I do consider myself a Content creator and I just realized that The sound quality in here is going to be Absolutely awful because I did not Soundproof my office yet and my window Is wide open but we are gonna roll with This because this is just real so I am In the current stages of prepping for a YouTube video that I want to shoot today I'm actually shooting I think three YouTube videos today because I'm gonna

Be shooting this one the one that I'm Brainstorming right now and then maybe Another one so I wanted to show you Exactly what is going on typical before I get any further though I honestly I Have to sound Griffin here because if I Am editing and my audio is just crap I'm Gonna be not too happy okay We're also gonna close this one though Because but you're just gonna hear Insects bugs the whole entire time so I Have got my notepad ready here I do Actually already have a youtube video Talking about how I outline my blog post Or not my blog post my youtube videos Talking about exactly how I shoot my YouTube videos edit my YouTube videos I Mean I've got a lot of YouTube video Related content on here so if you want To learn more about this process Definitely go check out the other videos That I have I will include some and Their description bar down below but Right now for the YouTube video that I'm Going to shoot today I have to figure Out everything that I use to run my blog To run my YouTube channel to run my Instagram account and I'm not going to Do the Equipment that I use because honestly I Just have so much equipment when it Comes to of my computer all of this Stuff that I use for YouTube with my Lights my camera and my tripod I have

Got a lot of equipment so I'm just going To talk about the resources and tools That I use as well as the platforms and Stuff that I use this is going to be a Lot I changed my mind I changed my mind I haven't even gotten that far but I'm Just going to do the tools and resources For my blog and then I think I am going To end up doing the tools and resources For my youtube channel in another video If you guys would like to see that video Let me know in the comment section down Below and I'll make sure that I create That for you guys Perceive it this is really really blown Out let us fix that okay so I mapped out Everything that I use for my website Which is a lot is that even focused on Me now we're really really struggling Here oh wait go back Focus we're good so I mapped out Everything that I use for my blog which Is a decent amount and I'm going to film This video but I don't think that I'm Going to do it today I think the one That I'm going to film today um okay so I am currently doing a QA on my Instagram stories and I'm just answering Your guys's personal questions and That's really how this YouTube video Came up last night I was watching a YouTube video by JC Maria and she shared An influencers day in her life and I Just thought that it was so good it was

So raw it was so real I'm sorry that the Lighting's changing typically in a Youtube video I would wait for the Lighting to be perfect I'm not going to Wait in this video or maybe she's doing Awfully yeah so I ended up watching that YouTube video and it was just so good Seeing them behind the scenes of how she Creates her content and she shared her Mistakes that she made on her Instagram Stories and having to rerecord it and All the work that goes into Hawaii That goes into the Instagram stories as Well as the content she creates she Shared that she did five photo shoots in One day to get content for Instagram and I just wanted to be a bit more real on a Bit more transparent about what goes on Behind the scene That you guys don't see to create the Content that I create so I hunt you guys Ask me questions on Instagram asking me Just anything I want to be even more Transparent than I already and with you Guys about my life about my job about Work blogging YouTube all of that stuff So you guys asked me some really great Questions and I'm actually doing a Q&A Today answering those questions but I Ended up getting one freaking killer Question that hit me in my gut and I was Like I have to film a YouTube video on This because it's just such a good topic That I think just needs to be addressed

So I mapped out my ideas and I actually Took three questions that came in from The QA one was a direct message two were Ones that were entered in the QA and I'm Going to create a video about the Struggles of vlogging the truth of Vlogging maybe even the dark side of Vlogging and just talk about some real Things so I think that's what I'm going To do today but I have to get ready so That I look nicer for my YouTube video Because this this just ain't it hello I'm back quick little update the hair is Done so I have been French braiding my Hair recently on dates that I wash my Hair because then it makes it so much Easier to get the curls that I'd like And tomorrow I actually have my Engagement photo shoot so I want to make Sure that my hair looks really nice Tomorrow so hair is braided put on the Tiniest little bit of makeup and a blog Post of mine just went live 20 minutes Ago I actually scheduled it two or three Days ago to go live so it just went live And typically I would promote it on my Instagram stories but today's Instagram Stories are totally dedicated to the Q&A So I do not want to mess it up by Talking about this below closed and I am Gonna actually fill my stories tomorrow We've talking about the concept and what I talked about in that blog post and Then a little call-to-action to lead to

That blog post really there's a lot that Goes into planning on your content like My Instagram stories it's not just every Day that I'm just like here's what I'm Doing today most of the time I actually Think it through on what I am going to Share on Instagram stories that day so This both lists went live and I want to Show you guys it's something that I have To do that you may not even think about Whenever I launch a new blog post on my Website it does appear on my front page Right here but where it doesn't appear Actually I'm going to copy Pace us right now where it doesn't Appear is within this blog tab at the Top I actually have to go in and add That manually at myself this is not the Normal format for the theme that I'm Using currently on my WordPress website So I have to go in and I have to add This so we're gonna jump back this is The blog post that I launched today if You guys wanna go check it out I will Include it actually in the description Bar down below because it is so so Freakin good I love this blog post but I Have to go over here we're gonna click On a central grid and we are going to Add this new guy perfect so that is that It there we are going to save this and Then if we go to the blog page it should Be updated okay but there are more Things that we have to do to promote

This blog post we have to add this blog Post to link TRAI I feel like you guys Might be crooked but I feel like this Whole video is just about honesty so I Have to add the blog post link to link Tree I also have to promote it on Pinterest amines which means that I have To pin it to one board manually on Pinterest and then automate it through Tailwind all over Pinterest and that's Gonna take me a little bit of time so Let's do that Whenever I pin a new blog post to Pinterest I make sure that I put into The most relevant boards and since this Blog post is talking about the one shift I made that led to dramatic growth in my Blog I'm going to pin this to the board Grow your blog it only makes sense then I have to jump over to Pinterest click The tail-end icon um first things first I'm gonna add tribes and we do this this Is what happens when you join relevant Niche-specific Girt boards you can just Go down through the list and add it to All of the boards without even having to Look at what kind of pins can be added To those boards the rules and all of That stuff you just know that no matter You are good to go at an interval to This pretty close and schedule cool and Now that blog post is promoted until Tomorrow when I'm actually going to Really promote it on my Instagram

Stories which is probably going to drive The most amount of initial traffic to That blog post I've done a bit more work Now I ended up actually I can't even Tell you guys because I just it was just Kind of a dump all the things I did I Don't like that I just did a couple more Hours of work and it was really just a Dump all miscellaneous tasks but I Wanted to answer another question so I Do design all of my highlight covers Using canva but I want to share with you Exactly how I save them so I like the Black icon look I just like it [Music] Well okay so timing myself just to do That short Instagram story which in Total was only 30 seconds it took me at 3 and a half minutes Instagram stories honestly do take up a Decent chunk of my time so that is the Worst worst worst kind of day to shoot a YouTube video of using natural light but I'm not sure what I'm going to do Because I don't want to shoot in my Office again I feel like all of my YouTube videos recently I've been in my Office and this is more of a sit down Chitchat type of video so typically Super blown out I know will fix itself I would shoot in my living room but I Think maybe let's go upstairs Maybe shoot in my spare bedroom again I Like spots close back there so I'll have

To fix that is that where you're gonna Set the whole time in imagine uploading Her in my video mhm [Music] If you do a quick little soundproofing [Music] Cushions and pillows will become your Best friend we're creating contact That's not bad we're going to drop this Level you There we go huh We're ready unbuckle my pants guys it's More comfortable No one's gonna see it hey guys what is Up welcome back to my channel so if you Follow me on Instagram stories then you Know what's going on YouTube video is Shot that was a hard one that one was Tough and at points I feel like a Rambo A little bit but I really hope that you Guys liked it I mean it should have Already gone live but when they are Seeing this YouTube video uh but now I Have just shoot a thumbnails so let's Matt besides all of the talking on my Instagram stories that I still have to Do today I do want to shoot an Instagram Photo and share an Instagram photo and I Actually saw Suzanne's photo today so Let me look her up I saw her Instagram Photo today and I just thought that that Style was so cute and I wanted to do Something kind of similar to that so I Think I might do it here in my spare

Bedroom but we'll see what we come up With [Music] That took me 12 minutes look at the Shots okay so these my goal is to find Four that work well together well that One's so blown out so we ended up taking From 4156 to 4226 so that's 70 photos 7d Photos but I think we got the vibe that I was going for She was a cute I had an original vision For the photos that I took today and After I shot them and I was editing them And let me actually show you so I ended Up editing all of those photos and after I edited them I decided that I just I Wanted to be a bit more creative than Just doing kind of what sazon did my Original inspo so I just took an hour in Total this is actually taking me well Over two hours because I took me a while To edit the photos and make them look All the same because the Sun was coming In and out so to make them all match and Then I hopped on the iMovie and I Created this [Music] And you can't honestly you can't really Even tell them this but there's a slight Grain over top of this I just think it's So cute I think it's so cool so I'm Gonna upload that to Instagram I just Want to come up with a caption but again This one Instagram post is probably

Taken me three hours total to create Today okay last thing not last thing I'm Actually going to end up ending this YouTube video and the one that I shot Earlier but before I do that I am going To answer more IG questions on my Stories so let's go back and find them And we are going to answer some let's do It funny enough I actually wrote the Outline for this YouTube video today or For a YouTube video today that includes These so I know exactly what they are And I'm like that Whoa this is like way out it better so My theme is Vega and then I've had Several plugins on my website but there Are two that I purchased one is a Central bread and one is social warfare And then of course they have Yoast SEO Schema Berlin checker a lot [Music] Okay that is it for this video I'm going To sit down it is now at 343 I am going To edit the YouTube video that I shot Earlier because that needs to go up Actually today's one to Wednesday so it Doesn't have to go up until Friday so I Have some time and honestly I only have Three minutes left on my memory card Here so I kind of have to wrap up this Video but I hope you guys like seeing a Bit more behind the scenes of how I Create my content promote my content all Of that stuff I feel like this video was

A bit all over the place and it was kind Of a day in my life but also kind of not I mean today was definitely a content Creation day it's getting brighter oh But yeah so I hope you guys liked it and Found it I don't know if you would find It helpful if you liked it though make Sure you give it a thumbs up subscribe To my channel down below make sure you Follow me on Instagram because that Instagram Q&A that I did today it was Amazing I love to read those questions And I tried to do those about every Other week so if you want to be part of The next Q&A on my Instagram make sure You follow me on Instagram otherwise I'm Out of here Bye guys I don't know why I did a piece On I'd never do it so this lighting I Cannot major it well close that I Actually scheduled I want to confirm That it went live okay watch me until we Get our test shots huh make your Leggings good via Huh