Hey guys what is up welcome back to my Channel for today's video I am going to Be breaking down everything that I use For my blog now I'm not going to be Talking about technology and stuff like I've got a computer right here I'm not Going to be breaking that down in this Video I am just going to be sharing Exactly what I used to run my website so The website developer hosting all of the Plugins as well as other tools I have in My site social media management I mean I've got a full list here email money Management slash clients website Monetization all that stuff so I have Got my notes I am definitely ready for This and if you guys just kind of want To know what I use I am going to include A full list in the description bar down Below to make it easier for you guys but I am also going be running through what I use in this video why I use it as well As the cost of it so if you are Interested in the cost of all of the Stuff that I use that's going to be Included that's web so enough for the Intro let's just go ahead and get to This video now before we get too far Into this video I just want to let you Know that some of these things that I'm Going to talk about I'm just going to Share the basic so if you want to learn How you can use them or why I even use Them definitely check out my paid

Products because those go into more Detail include more advanced content Than what I share here on my youtube Channel so if you want to check out my Products they are included in the Description bar of every single one of My videos and I highly recommend that You guys do that first things first my Website so I do have a wordpress.org Website and I use GoDaddy as my hosting Platform so wordpress.org does come for Free it but I obviously have to pay for GoDaddy at for my hosting so I actually Use the ultimate web hosting plan with GoDaddy and that is 1699 a month but I Actually paid that yearly so I do have a New payment coming up in ten days Exactly and I will be paying over $200 Just to keep my website up and running For the year it can be expensive then For the look and feel of my website I do Use a wordpress theme called Vega and I Have customized it a lot I am NOT going To lie I have done a lot of Customization but right within a WordPress under themes you can actually Search Vega and that is the theme that I Use for my website when I initially shot This I didn't realize that I talked for Over seven minutes about plugins and I Didn't want to bore you guys That content it just filled up way too Much of the video honestly so I'm going To quickly run through the list of

Plugins that I have on my website and if You guys have any questions or you want To learn more about them First google them second you can always Email me or DM me on Instagram so I use Anti spam broken link checker convertkit Essential grit that is actually the First plugin that I purchased was Essential grid and I did pay $34 for it It was a one-time payment to use Essential grid then we have aaww image Optimizer Instagram feed public post Preview redirection schema simple social Icons social warfare social warfare Pro So I did pay for social warfare Pro and That is actually the second plugin that I paid for and I get charged $29 a year For that plug-in then we have tracking Code manager w3 at total cash as well as Yoast SEO and that is over the plugins So glad that was much faster if you guys Want to learn more I do have a both post About plugins that I think you guys need On your website so I will include that In the description bar down below Otherwise I want to jump to or the other Tools that I use for my website so when It comes to my analytics seeing how much Traffic I get on my website what pages Are most popular I obviously use Google Analytics and I friggin swear by Google Analytics I love it and I do not get too Advanced with my Google Analytics there Are only a few features that I really

Check out like where's my traffic coming From what are my most popular pages and Then obviously my page views and bounce Rate and all that other fun stuff but Otherwise I keep it pretty simple with Google Analytics I do have a youtube Video that you guys can watch if you Want to learn more about Google Analytics or if you want to learn the Three main areas that I go to the stuff That I check within my Google Analytics So I will include that for you guys in The description bar down below then we Have Google search council I do have a Few youtube videos on here that actually Talk about Google search council because It is key if you want your website to Perform on Google it is basically the Hub for your SEO where you can figure Out what keywords are actually ranking For on Google or how many pages you have Ranking on Google or indexed on Google And you definitely need to have Council so check out one of my other Videos are again guys almost knocked Over my water bottle Maya paid course is All go into Google search council Because that is critical for the success Of your blog in terms of your SEO some Other resources that I swear by when it Comes to running my website the first One is grammar me I absolutely love Using grammar Leah I use it to edit all Of my content so all of my blog posts or

Whatever I'm writing on a new page on my Website I use it to edit that and it Catches all of the mistakes that I've Miss it it's just the best ever that I Use compressed JPEG so I used to use I Think it was called JPEG mini but they Ended up going to a paid version only And I didn't like that so I found a new Website that I can use which is Compressed JPEG so whenever I upload a New image to my website I will run it Through compressed JPEG first and that's The exact same reason why I have the e WW image optimizer it makes the image Size smaller so that it doesn't take up As much space on my website which helps My website to load as fast as possible So I do use that and then the last one Is canva I have talked about that a lot Here on my youtube channel as well as my Instagram account I use canva to design All of my graphics that you guys see on My website on my courses platform on my Youtube channel all of that is created By using canva now let's talk a social Media management this is actually a DM That I got on or not a DM I got a Comment on a YouTube video the other day Asking what I use to cross post on Social media platforms or just automate My social media platforms and there is Actually only a one automation tool that I use and I believe in and that is Tailwind so I only automate my Pinterest

Account and I do use Timlin if you want To sign up for a free trial I will Include one and there's go from right Down below but that helps me to pin pins On Pinterest every single day without Logging into Pinterest because that Would take me a lot of time if I Actually did it that way now tailwind Can also be used for Instagram I do not Have access to that part of tailwind I Only use it for Pinterest tailwind does Cost me $140 a year so that is something That you have to consider if you want to Invest in talent then I use canva again For all of my social media stuff so Designing my pins designing my Twitter / Facebook graphics and Kind of fancy or different you see on Instagram I use canva to design that as Well and then the last thing you guys May want to know about is what Instagram Apps I use so I use un um face tune to Snapseed I have Vasco I have not used Vasco in forever and then I liked room Those are the apps that I swear by when It comes to Instagram email marketing This is not something going to talk About a lot here actually on my blog or My youtube channel because I don't think It is my strong suit Do I have an email list yes do I use it To its full potential no should I be Better at it 100% Anyways I use convertkit for my email

List it is the only platform and I have Ever used for my email list when I first Got started I thought about using MailChimp because I thought that it was Going to be free and then mail chip Ended up being a real pain in the butt So before I even launched my email list With MailChimp I ended up getting Started with convert kicks that's what a Lot of other bloggers were doing so for The amount of subscribers that I have I Am paying $49 a month for convertkit So it is a good chunk of money but I Really do think that can work it makes It so easy to set up my automation Systems and just leave it and the best Thing about convertkit is that it works With WordPress so I already showed you Guys that I do have a plugin on WordPress where I can actually use my Website to host main landing pages and Then convertkit also works with Teachable which I am going to talk about In a little bit but i aughtta me my new Customers you did say so people that buy My ebook or my presets or I guess you Would say kind of my students so my Students in my course is to automate Them to send them emails over a couple Of weeks to say hey how are you doing When I join my affiliate program Whatever I use convertkit and they work So perfectly together it makes my life So easy so I truly do swear by

Convertkit I think that it is the best Email platform when it comes to bloggers But I know that other people swear by Other platforms so this is just my Personal preference just gonna throw That out there Next up we have gotten money management / client management kind of stuff so I'm Thinking about shooting a youtube video Talking about how to manage money or Dealing with taxes and all that stuff I Do have a blog post that I created at The beginning of the year that I really Really love and it goes over all that Information so if you're curious how Much money to save for taxes what I do To manage my blog's money dealing with Invoices actually our invoices inclusion On there I think they are contracts all That stuff gentlemen go check out that Blog post I will include it in the Description bar down below I'm just Gonna include a lot of stuff and their Description bar down below but if you Guys want to see a video on that please Let me know in the comment section and I Will get that created for you but I use QuickBooks to manage my money that helps To keep me organized the very first year That I got started with blogging I Wasn't that organized yes I kept my Invoices I kept my receipts and stuff But at the end of the year when it came To paying my taxes it was a lot of work

On Alex's part to be honest Alex helped Me out with it and we just decided that I needed QuickBooks so I have been using QuickBooks I think for over two years at This point I'm really really happy with The platform and it makes my life is so Much easier so I use QuickBooks to help Manage my money understand my expenses As well as my income and then I also use QuickBooks to Bill clients so there are Only two platforms that I use when it Comes to invoicing clients and those are QuickBooks and PayPal now I have to say Both of those platforms do take a chunk Of what you are charging people so this Could be another video entirely but you Do have to take into consideration when You are pricing people for one you have To pay taxes in two there are going to Be fees associated with that Plus QuickBooks I am paying $29 a month so That's a pretty good chunk of money There as well so I'm actually going to Be creating a blog post here soon Talking about how much to blow your Clients how to come up with a pricing For billing your clients so if you guys Are interested in that make sure you Check out my blog at the content bug com But I use QuickBooks or PayPal PayPal Again is where I receive money for some Invoices as well as teachable when I get Paid out through teachable and some Other affiliate marketing programs they

Pay you out through PayPal so I think People is a critical part of my blogging This So let's keep the money tough going and I want to talk about my website Monetization as well as my paid products What I use for all of that so I've got a Lot of content coming out here soon that You guys can tell that I feel like I've Hiked up a lot of content that is coming Soon but one of the pieces of content That is going to be coming soon it's Exactly how I created my page products How I sell them and hold that Information so if you guys are excited For that video let me know in the Comment section down below but I do use Teachable for all of my paid products That I sell – I do have my ebook on Amazon as well so if you want the Kindle Version of my ebook that is available on Amazon but otherwise all of my paid Products are sold through teachable so All of my courses my vault all of the Sections within the vault my Lightroom Presets in my ebook they are all Available on teachable and teachable Charges me at $49 a month and the main Reason that I have used that platform to Sell all of my other paid products is Because the fee that they take is very Very minimal they do not take a big Chunk out of the money that I make when It comes to what I am selling on the

Platform as well as I might be paying $49 a month for teachables so I didn't See a point in paying for two different Platforms when I could sell everything Through teachable so I used teachable to Sell all of my paid products and I will Go into that in another video For ads on my website I do use Google Adsense so I use Google Adsense for here On YouTube as well as on my website Which ends up working out really really Nice I like it that way then I also use A ShareASale for affiliate marketing as Well as other individual affiliate Marketing programs that just depends on The company that I am working with what Affiliate marketing program they have But ShareASale is the only affiliate Marketing network that I am truly a part Of and then there are only two other Resources that I use the first one is Zoom and that is what I use whenever I Have my client meetings or consultations It's a video communication software that Is available for free so I do really Like zoom it's just an alternative to Skype and then I also use Google sheets / Google Drive I absolutely love that When it comes to the planning of my own Content miscellaneous stuff when it Comes to my blog as well as dealing with Clients Google Drive makes it so easy to Share if Back and forth I just I feel like

Everyone has a Google account so it Makes it really really easy for me but Otherwise that is it for this video I Feel like it was very chatty very long a Long list of things that I use for my Website but those are all of the Resources and tools that I use when it Comes to running my blog and my business So I hope you guys liked this video and Found it informative maybe you found a New tool or plugin that you can even use For your website if you liked it make Sure you get a thumbs up and subscribe To my channel down below otherwise I'm Out here bye guys [Music]