Hey guys what is up welcome back to my Channel so for today's video I want to Answer the question can you start a blog For free and flat out from the beginning I'm gonna tell you guys yes you can Start a website for free if you use Wix Weebly I think WordPress even Squarespace may Have free options when it comes to Starting a website but when you do that You do not have a custom domain or you Can have a custom domain but then it Ends with wordpress.com and that doesn't Make you look as professional as Possible so I want to walk you guys Through the steps on how I would start a Website and the true cost of starting a Website because in my opinion yes you Can start a website for free it is Possible but I would never ever Recommend that for you guys so if you Ask me can I start a website for free I'm going to tell you know if you want To be serious with blogging you cannot Start a website for free and I would Never ever recommend you guys that use Wix Weebly or one of those other Platforms that says that their websites Are free because those do not perform as Well in terms of SEO and ranking on Google you definitely want to use WordPress or you can use Squarespace I Personally believe that work press is The place to be that is the website

Platform that I use I use wordpress.org With GoDaddy but I'm going to walk you Through two different options when it Comes to what starting your website Break down the cost for you so you Understand what you were getting into it Before you launch a blog now if you go On the Pinterest you're going to find a Lot of different blogs that tell you That you can start a website for only $3.00 and most of those blogs will lead You to Bluehost so that is the first Option that I want to show you guys is The cost of really getting started with Bluehost now you need to consider the Kind of blog that you want to own and When I say that I have a wordpress Website it means that I have a WordPress.org website and I'm trying to Always specify that because there is a Difference between a wordpress.com site And a wordpress.org site so what is the Difference a wordpress.org site means That WordPress is your host and it is Also the type of website that you have So you know Squarespace is a type of Website that you have its the Builder of The website WordPress is the Builder of A website now if you use WordPress com Means that they are also your web host Compared to effuse wordpress.org it is a Self hosted version of WordPress which You can go to Bluehost or you can go to GoDaddy and you can have a separate

Hosting server now there are a lot of Benefits to this you get access to more Features if you use wordpress.org and That is the platform that you will see a Lot of other people are using when it Comes to their website so let's check Out Bluehost so I'm going to search for Bluehost and we will see at the cost of Starting a website with Bluehost now We're pressed org is free that is Something that I should note from the Beginning wordpress.org is free if you Do use platforms such as Bluehost or Go Daddy so right here on the Blue Mosque Website you can see that they've got the Main kind of call-to-action at the Beginning we're just drawing you in and It shows you at that for only 395 a Month it was $7.99 that they're crossed That out and says three and ninety-five A month you can get a free domain for The first year you can get a free SSL Certificate which means that your Website will be an HTTP web site it is a Secured version of your website compared To HTTP you have got one click WordPress Installed which comes with all Bluehost Hosting so if you're interested in Bluehost that comes from fraida don't Ever worry about it and then you got 24/7 support which is common with any Hosting platform so I'm going to click On this get started and I want to show You guys that this 395 a month is kind

Of not real you know it depends how long You want to be committed to your blog And if you are serious about blogging From the beginning if you are just Getting started with blogging and you Want to see if it's right for you then I Would recommend that you use the free Version of WordPress or if there is a Free version of Squarespace I've never Used Squarespace before but I just know That is another good platform use but I Would use one of those getting started And if you fall in love with it invest In your website but here's the deal These are the options that are available To you now they give this recommendation This choice plus I would recommend that You just get started with basic that is What I got started with when I first Started my blog and you can take a look At all these other things that come with It but honestly you don't need this Unlimited websites you only gonna need One website you don't really need Unlimited subdomains if you want to Create subdomains you can create them But honestly I don't want to talk about That in this YouTube video so I'm gonna Select the basic option right here and Then you need to enter your domain so I'm actually just gonna click this Button at the bottom and I'm gonna skip It so that I can create my domain later So you can get you the pricing and stuff

So right here this package information This is what is actually going to show You the cost of starting your blog and To get this three in ninety-five a month Guys that means that you're signing up For 36 months on Bluehost That is three years when I first got Started with my blog I didn't know if I Was going to be blogging in the next Three years and I didn't know if I Wanted Bluehost as my hosting server for The next three years so they're saying For three years at 395 you're starting Your blog for a hundred forty at two Dollars which isn't bad three years of Running your blog that isn't bad at all But you are going to have other expenses Like they say that they give you your Domain for free your first year every Year you're gonna have to renew that and You are going to have to pay for your Domain so for me I just don't think that This is a really practical option but if You click on this it's going to show you The other price ranges so let's say that You only want to do your first 12 months That is 595 a month so when you click on That you could start your blog for only $71 your first year and that is what I Did when I first started my blog I paid Actually I paid more than that because I Made a mistake when I first started my Blog but seventy one dollars to start Your blog is a pretty reasonable price

To start your blog and just remember That wordpress.org comes for free though You can just automatically set it up Within Bluehost it is very very easy to Do when they say it's one-click install It is actually one-click install and it Is very easy to do well if we jumped in GoDaddy and just compare the prices this Is the platform that I am currently Using so I get started with Bluehost and Then I ended up switching over to GoDaddy and I want to be completely Transparent with you guys and explain Why I made that move so when I was Looking to grow my blog I wanted to make Sure that Bluehost was going to provide Me with enough traffic or enough space So that I could have a decent amount of Traffic on my website I mean I wanted Hundreds of thousands of people on my Website and I didn't want Website to crash so I looked into Getting a more advanced plan with Bluehost but before I did that I took a Look at the people that I looked up to And other bloggers that were getting a Significant amount of traffic and I Looked at what they were using for their Website so since I worked in the digital Marketing industry I've got a few Websites a few tools under my belt that I like to use and one of them is built With so you can go to built with and you Can take a look at how people are

Building their sites meaning what is Their hosting platform as well as what Is their website builder so are they Using Squarespace or are they using WordPress and this is something that I Like to do all the time and I use this Tool and I took a look at two different People I looked up to one was Melissa Griffin the other one was sex Oh Sarah And both of them were using GoDaddy and I was like if they're using GoDaddy I Really think that I need to make the Move and I need to make the switch to GoDaddy so I ended up switching to GoDaddy just because I thought that GoDaddy was going to be better when it Came to the growth and the future of my Blog GoDaddy is a bit more advanced they Offer more in my opinion I really do Think that they offer more so you can Take a look at let's go to I don't want That we're gonna click on this web Hosting right here and see what they Offer in terms of their prices so for Their economy which is their basic plan When it comes to web sites it is $5.99 a Month and then if you go deluxe or Ultimate or maximum it does of course Increase in pricing now I thought that They did have a WordPress option so let Me see if they've got a WordPress how Does this work click on WordPress and Let's see WordPress hosting so if you're Curious about WordPress hosting they do

Have a basic which is $6.99 so if you're Interested in starting a WordPress Website you can get started with their WordPress basic again that comes with One website it's got 10 gigabytes of Storage which is good it says ideal for 25,000 monthly viewers so this is Something that I took a look at when I Was trying to grow my blog and I switch Plans from Bluehost to go Daddy I paid attention to how many monthly Viewers I could have on my website Without crushing it so I would recommend That you get started with either basic Or deluxe when it comes to a wordpress But Singing it started with this basic which Is as well as 699 months so I'm gonna Add this to my cart and we're gonna take A look at the pricing so for GoDaddy one Thing that's cool you can say I just Want to try this out for a month See if I like it see if I hate it and Then I'll decide if I want to renew it And continue on with the blocking world So you can select one month and it is $12.99 months so I'm going to select That just what updates over here so that Is seriously only $12.99 a month now you Can add different add-ons I wouldn't Even worry about doing this if you're Just gonna try it out for one month you Want to try it out for 12 months it is $7.99 a month which if you look over

Here that ends up coming with office 365 Email which is pretty nice to have Especially if you want to have an email That has at whatever your website is so I used to have an email that was cast at The content bug com I ended up changing it because of the Transfer process that happened but that Is an option available to you comes for Free and you could start a blog of her 95 to 88 a year or you could go to a Bluehost which was 70 140 a year but Here's the deal guys unless you are a Website designer and you know how to Develop a website you may need to pay For someone to develop your website you May need to hire a website designer and That is going to cost you a decent Amount of money when I got started with My blog and ended up taking me three Months to design my website because I Had never designed a WordPress website Before it was brand new to me I had to Learn the ropes and it took me a while It took me three months so if you're Looking into this one month option on GoDaddy it really isn't that practical If you want to design the website Yourself if you want to hire a website Designer actually let's go to up work And I want to see how much a website Designer costs per hour so this first Person that pops up Jim eh he charges $100 an hour now it says he's an SEO

Consulting face book expert and then it Does say website designer so that's a Website designer graphic designer Graphic designer this is another website Designer so only $38 an hour what if I Go to website developer and that's Actually we're gonna specify WordPress So this person will commerce certified This is the workers developer $75 an Hour $40 an hour Five dollars an hour sixty-six dollars An hour $60 an hour so if you think About it it's going to take them a Decent amount of time to design your Website to make sure that all the pages Are there that you want to be there add The images that you sent to them add the Content that you send to them and then Launch your website so let's say Honestly I have no idea how long it Takes for a website designer to design Your website but let's say you were Paying someone $60 an hour for six hours That is $360 that you have to pay in Addition to your website hosting to get Your website up and running so if you Think about it if you are investing and Starting your website with let's say GoDaddy where it was $95 for one year That's already $100 and then you have to Pay almost $400 for a website developer You're paying about $500 to start your Website now again you can design your Website on your own that's what I did

But it may take you a little bit longer To actually launch your website so yes You can start your website for only $100 Totally possible but that is only to Start your website there are going to be Other costs that come with running a Website and I am actually launching a Youtube video here soon going over all Of the resources all of the tools that I Have to run my blog things that I love I Swear by that I would recommend to you Guys but there are other things that I Have paid for like plug-ins for your WordPress website I think I've actually only bought one Plug-in before and I think it is $36 a Year maybe it's somewhere around there So you have to take that into Consideration your Pinterest automation Is huge and will help to grow your blog So if you want to drive traffic to your Blog I would recommend that you get Pinterest automation and I use tailwind And that is $140 a year pretty good Chunk of money and then you can't forget About your email list because any good Blogger will tell you that you need to Have an email list and my email list is I think it's $49 a month or $40 a month At this point when I got started it was $29 a month so there are a lot of Expenses that go into running a blog and I don't want you guys to start a blog For fun and think that you can start a

Blog for free because really it costs a Lot it definitely costs a lot to run a Blog and I wouldn't ever recommend that You guys get started on Wix or Weebly Because then when you get to the point You want to take your book seriously and You want to move to a different platform It is going to be so much harder on you And you're honestly going to think that The first few months they spent on Wix Or Weebly it was really just a waste of Your time but that is it for this video I really hope you guys liked it and Found it helpful I just wanted to be Honest with you guys and break it down And share exactly how much it costs to Start a blog so I hope this was a Opening and helpful if you liked it make Sure you give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to my channel down below if You guys have any other blogging Questions for me or any other content That you would like to see here on my Youtube channel please let me know in The comment section down below and I Will answer your guys's questions or I Will create those videos for you guys But otherwise I'm out of here Bye guys [Music]