Hey guys what is up and welcome back to My channel if you remember a few videos Back I shared all the blogging tools and Resources that I use a for my website as Well as like my social media email Affiliate marketing making money online My clients I mean I just shared all of The tools and resources that I use so if You were interested in watching that Video I will include it in the Description bar down below for you guys But in that video I mentioned that Happily I had to cut off the scene where I talked about all of my plugins and I Just did a quick run-through of what Plugins I have on my website but I Didn't get the opportunity to explain You guys why I have those plugins and Why I think that you guys need some of Those plugins so I have got some plugins That are more so for appearance of my Website you know like adding an Instagram feed on my website in my Footer I don't think that's a necessary Plug-in that you guys need but there are Some other ones that I would definitely Recommend that you guys have on your WordPress website so if you have a WordPress blog and you've been wondering About plugins what wants to include I'm Gonna answer all of your questions in This video so let's just go ahead and Jump to my computer and we'll get Started before we really get into this

Though I do want to tell you that you do Not want to have a ton of plugins on Your website if you've got a lot of Plugins on your website right now that You're not currently using it's probably Better that you just remove them Deactivate them or delete them because Plugins do take up a decent amount of Space on your website especially if you Have a lot of them and the more space That they take up the slower your Website load time will be so if your Website is loading really really slow Right now that's not good for your SEO It's not good for your user experience And it may be because you have too many Plugins on your website so the ones that I have activated all my WIPs they are The ones that I actually use and I want To share those with you guys today so It'd be a first one that I have right up Top here is anti-spam and can I tell you A little story so I used to have my Website on Bluehost that was my hosting Server when I first got started and then I switched to GoDaddy I've told you guys That a couple of times well when I had Bluehost I actually had a spam blocker Or site security or something with Bluehost that caught all of my spam Comments and when I switch to GoDaddy I Was like you know what I don't need that Anymore because I didn't notice that in Spam comments I didn't think it was a

Problem of course I didn't notice that There were any spam comments because I Had something that was actually blocking Them so once I switched to GoDaddy and It didn't have that anymore I got So many spam comments that I just Couldn't deal with it so within a week Of realizing how many spam comments I Got I ended up doing my research and That's when I downloaded anti spam so Actually if I go to the comments section It will tell you how many spam comments Is blocked since it's been activated and Mine has watched twenty four thousand Twenty four thousand spam comments on my Website so I do like anti spam they do a Great job the next plug-in that I have Is broken link checker so there are a Lot of factors that go into your SEO and One of those is having broken links on Your website if you have got broken Links that lead to four or four pages That isn't good at all honestly and That's bad for your user experience in General because if you are recommending A page to someone and then they click on It and it's going nowhere that's just Not good for you so a broken link Checker will actually do a run-through Of my website I think every 72 hours so Every three days and figure out if there Are any new broken links on my website The next plugin that I have is

Convertkit right here so convertkit is My email provider you do not need this Convertkit plug-in unless you have Convertkit and the reason why i have This plug-in is because it makes it so The landing pages can actually be hosted On my web site so let me show you what I Am talking about this graphic right here On my blog post if I click on this to Download the 30-day Instagram challenge It is going to pull up a new landing Page now this landing page was designed On convertkit and works with convertkit But if you check out the URL up here it Is actually my website so that is one Thing that I'd like about convertkit you Can actually host landing pages on your Website instead of through convertkit I Just think that's a sweet feature so That's exactly why I have the convertkit Plug-in on my site yeah next one is Essential grid and actually I should Have told you guys this from the Beginning all of these plugins are free Except for two of them so there are only Two plugins that I have purchased the First one is essential grid and the Second one is social warfare which I Will get to so essential grid the reason That I got this plug-in is because of Melissa Griffin honestly she convinced Me to get it I was creating a free Resource library on my website and I Didn't

How to do that – with a central grid I Can have my free resource library on my Website so let me show you what that Looks like so if this is my VIP a free Resource library available on my website It's just got a lot of free downloads And stuff that you guys can use you just Need to become a VIP so I do have a link In the description where you can join my VIP team and then you get access to this Free resource library because it is Password protected but what you can do With the central grid is you can add These images set it up with how many Photos you want to go across and then if You click on this download button what It's going to do it's going to open a New page that has the download available For someone to use which is perfect for Things like a resource library but I Also use a central grid on my blog page So I didn't like the blog page that came With my theme I just didn't think it was That user-friendly and I wanted people To be able to see more blog posts it Easily select the one that they wanted To use so this right here is actually Made possible by essential grid so if Someone wants to read this blog post They just click on this link button and It's going to open the blog post it's That easy so I really do love a central Grid it's really really cool and I use It all the time so that is one of the

Plugins that I purchased and it was a Good decision to purchase it the next Plugin we have is e WW image optimizer So again this goes into your SEO as well As your site speed so if you are not Optimizing your images or compressing Your images before you upload them to Your website they're probably slowing Down your website and that's hurting Your SEO in the long run so aaww Image optimized or compresses your Images as soon as you upload them so That they are smaller size so that they Load a little bit faster so I really do Like a WWN optimizer Aaww there's three WS image optimizer And I would recommend that you guys Definitely have this one on your website As well as broken link checker both of Those are two essential ones that I Would have on your website the next one Is Instagram feed so if we scroll down To the very bottom of my website right Here you will see my Instagram feed and You can select how many images you want To appear how you want them to appear so I just chose one line of six images and Then if you click on any of these images It's going to open a new tab and then You can actually see that Instagram Photo so that's more of a cosmetic ad That I had on my website but I do like Instagram feed it works really well the Next one is public post preview and this

Is only necessary if you are doing guest Posts on your website or if you want to Share a blog post before it is live with Someone else so I've actually had this Happening before where I've written Guest blog posts for other people and Then they try to send me the preview Link but unless it is live on their Website you can't see it so with public Post preview you can actually create a Link that other people can see they can Get access to before that blog post is Launched so I really do like this Plug-in I mean it's a very simple Plug-in but it works well then we have Redirection and honestly it does exactly What it says if you have got a link that Is then broken on your website or maybe You want to redirect that link to a Different link on your website you can Do that through redirection so I Honestly do not use that one that much But there are definitely a few pages on My website that I didn't want those Broken links to appear so I had to Redirect them to a new page and that was The easiest way to do it instead of Going into all of the pages on my Website that had that link next schema So I feel like there are a decent chunk Of these plugins that are meant for SEO Purposes and the exact same thing with Schema so if you know anything about Schema data it's good for your SEO it's

Basically just telling Google more Information and it adds more markup to Your website so it marks your about page In your contact page and it makes sure That those are specified so Google Doesn't have to decide I think this is Their about page they know because you Marked up their website so this is Especially important if you have a Business website and you want to tag Your address your phone number your Email address you want to make sure that You do that with schema so actually I'll Show you what this looks like over here On the left hand side I'm just gonna Click on the schema right here and on This general tab just like I said you Can select your about page you can Select your contact page here knowledge Graph this is where you get to decide if You are a person or an organization you Can select the name of your blog or if You're using your own name you want to Enter that here your website as well as Your logo so that it pulls up the Correct logo when someone is searching That on Google so that is one of the Ones that I would say must have have to Have on your website Set it up once select the appropriate Pages and your And website and logo and that's it okay Where were we simple social icons so Back to my website right here these

Little icons that appear at the bottom Those are made available by simple Social icons so that's what that does Right there nothing too fancy then we Have got social warfare and social Warfare Pro so this is the second plugin That I told you guys about that I paid For I paid for social warfare Pro Obviously social warfare is available For free if you just download it through WordPress totally fine but I went for The paid version for one reason and it's Because my website for some reason was Having problems pulling up Pinterest Images and people weren't allowed to pin My blog posts and you know how much I Believe in the power of Pinterest and if People couldn't pin my blog post that Was a huge problem so I ended up getting Access to their pro version because Within their pro version you can specify What image you want to go to Pinterest So it will pick one specific image and Then you can specify your Pinterest Description as well as you can do the Same thing first your social media Description at Twitter your Twitter Description I'm not checking in to your Facebook description as well but that is A nice plug-in to have but the other Benefit to social warfare is that it Adds these share icons on the side or You can have them on the top of your Website so you can decide where they

Appear what ones you want to appear as Well as if you want to share how many Times it's been shared or not so social Warfare is pretty cool it's very Customizable but it's basically just a Sharing option for your pages and posts On your website then we have got Tracking code manager I wouldn't say That this one is a necessity but I use It for a wide variety of things and I Also use it in a lot of my tutorials Because tracking code manager gives you Access to the head of your website Without actually going into your code And messing up your website so I have Crashed my website twice one of the Times was because I went in and I messed With the code and I did it wrong so Tracking code manager makes it so you Don't actually have that problem you can Add code to the head of your website Which is just within your coding and You're good to go totally fine so Tracking code Manager is great if you Need to do pinterest verification if you Need to verify your google search Console you Google Analytics or even a Facebook tag you can do that all through Tracking code manager yeah next one we Have is w3 total cache and I would say That this one is probably another Necessity that I would recommend that You guys have on your website and here's Why if you know what a cache is so when

You visit a website your website browser Will hold information about that website So that the next time you go to visit it It will load faster it's not like you Have to reload all the data on their Website they only have to load the new Data but if your cache gets so big and So full really sometimes it won't Realize when there is new data and you Have to clear your cache on your website And this is a problem that I had a year Ago guys I went months and I didn't know That my website wasn't loading any new Information so I was launching a blog Post after blog post every single week And for I think it was almost three Months my website didn't load any new Information so I was promoting these Blog posts on Instagram and my audience Actually couldn't get access to them Because my cache was messed up and all I Had to do was download w3 total cache And clear my cache that's all I had to Do it was so simple so now every few Months I go in and I clear my cache just To make sure that my website is loading For everyone out there but I do Recommend w3 total cache especially if You notice that maybe your website's not Pulling up new information and the last Plugin that I have on my website down Here is at Yoast SEO and I feel like This pretty self-explanatory if you have A WordPress website you need Yoast SEO

It allows you to do some things within Your search engine optimization that you Absolutely need to do if you want to Appear on Google so I swear by Yoast SEO And I also include it in a lot of my Video tutorials now I'm hoping that you Guys understand why I had to cut that Out of the original video because it was Just so much information I mean I do Have a decent amount of plugins on my Website but I wanted to give you an In-depth look at what they actually do And why I have them it's not like I've Got plugins on my website for fun they Are actually all functional and I do use Them to run and operate my website so do You like this video and found it helpful Make sure you give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to my channel down below and I'll see you guys back here in another Video soon bye guys [Music]