You guys I'm really excited for today's YouTube video because I like keeping it Real with you guys and I'm just it's What I'm here to do I'm here to shed a Light on what really goes on in the Blogging world and how you can grow your Blog here online but there are some Things that we have to talk about and in Today's video I really want to talk About the business side of blogging and The things that other bloggers aren't Telling you because sometimes I feel Like bloggers paint this perfect picture Of what it's like to be a blogger so Easy to start your blog with just $4 or Start your blog and make money The very first month you can be making a Hundred thousand dollars every single Month that sounds all great it sounds Dandy I'm sure all of us would like to Receive free product and making money Doing what we love but the reality is There's just some things that you're not Being told and the very first thing that We need to talk about is how much it Costs to run a blog now I know that I Have talked about this before I talked About on my blog I even shared a YouTube Video on here talking about Jim not sure As I mentioned how much it costs to run A blog right no I shot a YouTube video Talking about how I mean my first $1000 Blogging excluding my client work and I Think that video was pretty eye-opening

But I almost think that these stats are More eye-opening so let's talk about how Much it costs to start a blog you can Start a blog for free yes it is possible You can't start a blog for free would I Ever recommend it no you want to be a Serious blogger that I recommend that You get started on WordPress and if you Want to know how to get started with a Blog or the way that I would start a Blog I was starting a blog in 2019 I've Got a video for you guys included in the Description bar down below or I'll add It in the I thing what seconds a pop-up Here it's on here it costs a lot of Money to start a blog and to run a blog Now I do have to say I have been Blogging for almost three years at this Point so I do have some extra expenses But let me break down some stats for you Guys so for my website just to run it For one year this is what I paid last Year to make sure that is up and running For Whole entire year it's 200 $29.67 for Tailwind I'm paying 120 dollars a year For convertkit I pay it monthly so I end Up paying $49 a month and that's based Off the number of subscribers I have There is a cheaper rate if you're a Beginner blogger but since I have so Many subscribers I am paying $49 a month And it is 588 dollars a year for QuickBooks I'm paying 2160 a month and

That is two hundred fifty nine dollars And 20 cents a year and 40 Chabot and Paying it monthly as well so I am paying 42 dollars and 12 cents a month and that Equates to a five hundred and five Dollars and forty four cents a year so In total to run my blog for one year one Year it is costing me one thousand seven Hundred two dollars and thirty one cents Guys it's almost two thousand dollars Just to run a blog and I feel like so Many bloggers don't talk about the Expense of running a wall that only Talked about their income and it it is Pricey it is pricey and I'm just gonna Keep it real with you guys I'm spending About two thousand dollars every single Year to just have my blog and all of my Systems up and running and since we're On the topic of money let's talk about How long it takes to make money it takes A while to make money blogging if you Want to make money blogging with ads boy Oh boy that's gonna take you a while and You need to have a lot of website Traffic you want to make money with Affiliate marketing you need to have the Right systems in place and it takes a While to put those systems in place it Is not easy to make money blogging and I Feel like so many people paint the Picture like you can make a hundred Thousand dollars a month from your blog Maybe you can down the road but at the

Beginning it is going to be so so hard To make money blogging and sometimes Like you know you guys you you know okay If you follow any influence or on Instagram especially beauty influencers Honestly you have probably seen some Influencers go on some sweet trips with Brands and here's the reality of it Sometimes instead of getting paid you Receive free product or trips like that Now I have never received a trip like That that would be awesome Looks like manifest that in the future I'm going to go on a trip with a brand Future that would be a freaking sweet What I have received is free product to Help promote a brand so instead of Getting paid to promote that brand Dan's Dad gave me free product and that's Great you know that's awesome but Sometimes you want to make a little bit Of money and it's just the reality of it And if you want to learn more honestly At the pretty basic podcast with Alicia Maria and Remi Cruz it is so good they Talked about working with brands those Influencer trips really like what goes Down behind the scenes it is so freakin Good so if you want to learn more about That I highly recommend the pretty basic Podcast taxes yes taxes why is no one Talking about taxes when I got started With my blog I had no idea like maybe It's just the naive me I mean I even

Went to college for business I had to Take accounting classes and I still did Not realize that the money I was making With my blog that I haven't Herot in my Face that I had to pay taxes on maybe I Was just naive maybe you already know This and if you do you are set but I had No idea that I had to pay taxes it just Didn't compute to me you know when You're used to receiving a paycheck for Working from another company they pay Your taxes for you you see it come out Of your paycheck it's normal you're used To it but when you get paid with your Blog that tax money isn't being taken Out you have to pay for it so the money That I am making with my courses it's Not taxed already I then have to pay Taxes on it So I pay taxes every single quarter and If you want to know when you had to pay Your quarterly taxes you can simply Google quarterly taxes for whatever year You have to pay them and I feel like It's just something that no one is Talking about taxes they're so important Especially when it comes to pricing at Your product because ideally you should Save 30 percent of your income for taxes So if you're pricing your product let me Let me get a calculator so if you praise A product at $85 let's say you have to Multiply that times point 3 because that Is 30% you end up owing 25 dollars and

50 cents in taxes for that product so 85 Minus twenty five point five you are Only profiting or pocketing I would say Fifty nine dollars and fifty cents now That still seems great it's like I'm making $60 that's awesome but when You price your products really really Low and you're like this is great this Is money in my pocket it's really not Just money in your pocket because you do Have to end up paying taxes and you have To pay for like the other services and Stuff that we talked about so my courses Are priced at a certain point because I Have to pay for teachable guys and I Have to pay for my taxes not all that Money is coming directly to me it is Going to other things so taxes be Prepared for them save money for that Make sure that you aren't thinking about All of the money you're making with your Blog is just money in your pocket Because it's definitely not you guys Know I make most of my money by working With clients in the long run I would Like to make more money with my courses And affiliate marketing and ads and Stuff but I'm really working on building My brand so if you haven't already Subscribed to my channel because it Really does help to support me and we Are almost at 800 people here on my Youtube channel which is a lot of people I mean if you think about it like

There's so many other influencers out There that have like millions of Subscribers but if you think about 800 People in a room that is a lot of people So thank you guys so much for supporting Me through my youtube channel but I do Make most of my money and through a Client work and that's really how I'm Able to work on my own work full-time For myself because I do have client work Incorporated in there now when I first Got started with clients I really didn't Know what to do thankfully I was using Up work so through them they actually do Have a guaranteed payment process where If you use their tracker where they Basically just take screenshots of your Computer as you are working if you use That they are guaranteed to get you Money from the client there's no Argument there the client can say no you Weren't working like if this screenshots Actually show that you are working then You are guaranteed payment so it's it's A really good place to get started if You're thinking about becoming a Freelancer I do recommend upward but When I started to move more so on my own And take clients off of up work I had to Figure out what to really do you know How do you create invoices but more Importantly the importance of contracts Because I have been screwed guys I I Have and thankfully it wasn't that big

Of a deal I ended up doing work for Someone and it was actually the second Set of work that I had done for that So I did a little bit of work I gave Them an invoice they paid it and then We're like you know what I'm gonna sign On for more work did a little bit more Work sent them in the invoice never ever Received a payment and I sent them Several emails several reminders with QuickBooks you can see that people have Actually viewed the invoice so I could See that they were viewing the invoice They just weren't paying it and they Stopped responding my emails and Thankfully it was only $75 thankfully But from that moment forward I learned That I always need a contract so I would Make all my clients sign the contract Before they even get started with me and That's just guaranteeing payment what is Supposed to be done between each of us And then if anything ever goes wrong we Have a contract there that's signed that I can go to lawyers if I have to Thankfully I have not had to it has just Been that one experience and because of That one experience I require payment Upfront before I ever do any work Contract is signed first then I receive Payment before I do anything so I am no Longer completing work and then Requesting payment I get paid up front For every single thing that I do and the

Last thing I want to talk about you've Probably heard before maybe you've Thought about it I don't know I feel Like this would just be kind of people That look at bloggers they look at Influencers and they're like wow what The heck do they do all day like they Must have the dream life they do nothing They get to watch TV they just get to Like shoot a youtube video launch it and That's it it's just that's not the Reality of it guys I am currently Shooting a YouTube video today actually A real day in my life and showing you Guys what I work on all day long your Girl is gonna make some brownies and There's a lot that goes into it I mean Me personally I work on my stuff so I Work on building my brand yes I am Creating content so I'm creating blog Posts and creating YouTube videos I'm Launching Instagram stories even though that might Not seem like a big deal but I'm also Sharing Instagram posts of course and There's a lot to maintain there but I am Also a website developer I am the Accountant I am the marketer I am just Like everything in my business I am a One-woman team so I do everything and I Had definitely had to learn some skills I mean I learned a little bit about Coatings that I could code my own Website that's something that I never

Thought I would get into when it came to Being a blogger and a content You know but there are so many things That go into being an influencer or a Business owner or just a content creator In general there are so many things that Go into it especially if you're trying To grow your brand I mean you guys know I have paid products and that just Doesn't happen I have to work a lot behind the scenes To make that happen so it's not just the Content that you guys see there's a lot More that goes on behind the scenes Being a blogger that you have to deal With and it's worth it to me like I even Love it I have learned so much from Being a blogger and I have got Definitely more skills now like coming Out of 3 years of my blog I feel like I Have learned more in doing this than I Did in some of my business classes in College so I don't regret a thing but if You were going into it thinking this is Gonna be the dream life all I have to do Is create like one YouTube video a week And that's it it's just not the reality There's so much more behind it so that's It for today's YouTube video I feel like That I feel like I don't I don't know How to feel honestly I dumped a lot of Information on you guys and don't think That any of this is complaining because In no sense is this complaining I just

Wanted to talk about the business side Of blogging some things that I feel like Other bloggers don't talk about and what You would need to know if you are Actually getting started with your blog So I hope you guys found this helpful And enjoyed it if you did please give it A thumbs up and subscribe to my channel While you were down there my youtube Channel is growing and I'm really really Excited and I'm honestly if I'm gonna be Transparent with you guys I am honestly So excited that I'm almost at the point Where I can monetize my youtube channel And my goal is to have that done in May So that goal is creeping up on us and I Need your help to achieve it so make Sure you subscribe to my channel like This video because it really does helped Us for me and I will see you guys back Here in another one really soon bye guys Why did I do this burger fingers I hate The spirit fingers [Music]