Hey guys i'm so excited that today we're meeting 
matt lights he's the king of chatbots he's going   To teach us about the three reasons why you need 
to start a chatbot he's by the way the founder of   Bot builders but about these three reasons are 
these the reasons that people actually think   Are you're going to talk about what are the three 
reasons well i'll tell you that obviously bots are   Like all the talk and everybody's like hey what 
are these bots i need to get a box a lot a lot of   Hype and and um you know i'm excited to share the 
three reasons that i think that bots are the best   Thing you can do for your business um but i also 
like to share it like to kind of put some of that   Hype to rest because um the thing that i heard 
the most that got people the most excited about   About chat bots is anastasia as we were talking 
about email marketing has become more and more   Difficult for a lot of people and and when bots 
first came out there's a lot of this talk about oh   Bots are going to kill email and you don't need 
email anymore and you know bots and i hear all   These like so-called gurus talking about 95 open 
rates with bots and i just want to tell you that   Like first of all email's not going anywhere um 
but uh you know don't think for a second that   You know even though it's not going anywhere that 
it doesn't need a boost so the very first thing   The number one point that i want to share here 
is that the biggest benefit of bots number one   In my mind is the ability to generate leads with 
one click because using manychat or any other bot   Builder on facebook messenger instead of somebody 
having to come to your website type in information   And we all know that you know this it's not easy 
to get somebody especially if they come from like   Pinterest or wherever to be able to actually 
join your list but when they get into your butt   What's cool is with one click since the bot if it 
runs on facebook messenger for example messenger   Already knows their email so with one click you 
can it's actually addressed that's actually the   Best email because people usually when they 
sign up for a freebie and i even notice the   Same with webinars they sometimes use the 
email that they really check and so you can   Do a follow up and no one opens with facebook it's 
usually their personal email that they regularly   Are going to check well said and and the ability 
not just to capture their email but also their   Phone number so i think that's the number one 
reason why people should have a bot right now   Um number two on my list and i think that 
there's just kind of this little misconception   Is that with a chat bot people just think 
oh it's robotic it's not you know there's   No personal touch to it the the reality of it 
is what chat bots do is they allow automation   To meet personal connection because the 
reality of it is in this day and age   People are just used to chat they want to chat and 
but they're also shy and they don't necessarily   Want to reach out to a human being first and what 
a bot can do is initiate the conversation get the   Conversation going right not waste your time 
with the people you don't want to talk to but   Only connect you with those people if you've got 
somebody who's a potential customer or a real fan  

Or whoever it might be because they're on chat 
you have the ability to let your bot handle it   But then at any time that you want you can 
jump in and have a real two-way conversation   With the person so just knowing that bots give 
you the capability to not just automate right   Make more sales with automation but also to make 
more real world connections which most people just   Don't don't realize when it comes to bots got it 
and and with bots people i think that eliminates   A little bit this like you said people feel shy to 
even to send you an email and with a question with   Bot they feel like they're talking to really to 
a robot and they don't feel that they're taking   Your time away and then from there you can yeah 
from there you can reply yeah you nailed it and   Uh the third and final thing that i the reason i'd 
share why you need a chat bot because obviously a   Lot of people are talking about bots and a lot 
of people have kind of played around with them   Right maybe they've gotten a free manychat account 
yeah but the reality of it is it's not even though   Manychat is very easy very simple to use i 
don't like to use the word easy it's very simple   And i can teach people in the free training 
that we're going to do which we're going to   Tell them about here in just a second i'll show 
exactly how to use it and just how simple it is   But the reality of it is even though lots 
of people have tried it very few people are   Doing it right which is kind of you know one of 
those one of those who is doing it wrong it's me   Because i tried it a few times and tried to 
approach and i even searched for some programs   Around this area but now i know who is the the the 
guy to go about the chatbots and uh what i tried   Wasn't pretty successful i spent a lot of hours a 
lot of hours trying to build it myself but i don't   Think that it's working well so far yeah yeah 
maybe i didn't set it up right correctly yeah   The thing is is like while it's an easy tool to 
use that doesn't mean it's easy to actually get   Results so what we've done is we've created not 
only because you know there's a lot of people   Out there who will sell you training or whatever 
but what we do is we provide our students with   Not only the training but also with the pre-built 
bots and we say hey you know here's the ability   To be able to customize this for your particular 
business by following some very simple tutorials   And really being able to hit the ground 
running so that you're up and running and   Getting results within a few hours instead 
of pulling your hair out for weeks or months   Never getting anywhere so i'm excited we're doing 
it we're doing a training on this so yes and guys   I'm going to invite you to this training you 
can sign up on anastasiablogger.com/botbuilders   Yeah we're going to have some fun and teach 
you how to make some money with bots let's go