I talk about Pinterest a lot here on my Youtube channel and on my blog the Content bug com but one of the things I Haven't actually talked about here in a YouTube video is how to use Pinterest to Drive traffic to your blog I've shared Some other videos about like Pinterest Analytics and creating your first Pinterest ad and Pinterest keyword Research and all of that knowledge is so Great it's going to help you a lot but If you really wanted to strive traffic To your blog you need to find a way to Do that so I want to share three at Simple tips on how you can start driving More traffic to your blog from Pinterest Today even as a beginner Hey guys because I've been welcome back To my channel if you are new here I am Kathryn the creator of the content bug And I am here to help you follow your Passion by growing your audience online And today we're going to talk about Pinterest you guys already know that so Here are three quick and easy tips if You want to drive more traffic to your Blog from Pinterest even as a beginner Blogger the first if I want to give you Is the designs of your pins when you are First starting out in the Pinterest World you might not know how important The design of your pins actually are and You might have created a sample template Or maybe you're trying a few different

Designs and you're just messing between A few you can't really design on what You want to settle on well the design of Your pin is actually extremely important To your success on Pinterest really it One of the only things that I think Pinterest and Instagram have in common Is that they are both a visually heavy Platform the better that image looks the More flex the more repents you are Actually going to get and that is why Your image matters so much on Pinterest I actually have a video that I created Here on YouTube talking about how you Can design pins that will get more Clicks using canva which is a free Platform so if you want to go check that Out it is right here but the main things You need to actually pay attention to is The image that is included on your pin You want to make sure that it's actually Relevant to what you were talking about You don't want like a hands picture when You're talking about blogging or when You're talking about food that just Doesn't make any sense if you're talking About fashion you wanna have a fashion Picture in the background you also want To make sure that your text is easily Read if at any point you think that your Text is a little bit hard to read you Want to make sure that you change that And that your text is easily read and is Actually captivating so that people want

To click on your pin and go to your blog The next tip I want to give you guys is Actually in relation to your keywords And your description that you write for Your pins if you didn't know this the Description that you include on your Pins is extremely important to how you Appear Pinterest is a search engine People go to Pinterest and they type in A search just like they would on Google So the keyword That you have on your pin description is Extremely important and it's gonna Really result on your success on Pinterest so the first thing you need to Do is Pinterest keyword research I Actually have two youtube videos on Pinterest keyword research I will Include the base of Peter one right here But if you want to look at the other one I didn't put them in the description bar Down below but it's more than just Pinterest keyword research it's also how You write your description so Pinterest Is moving more towards the route of less Keyword stuffing for a while they were Okay with keyword stuffing and I thought It was insane because I'm so used to Google the way it's keyword stuffing Keyword stuffing is where you just put Keyword off the keyword after keyword After keyword it doesn't sound like a Natural sentence it's not something you Would want to read it's just plastering

Keywords that you appear for all of them They are now moving away from that thank Goodness and they want you to write more Real sentences that I was enticing and Gets your audience to actually click on The pin so the first thing you want to Do is write a few sentences about the Blog post that's enticing that gets People wanting to click to go to your Blog and you can start out by including A question you want to make sure that You have keywords right from the very Beginning Once you've included all your natural Text that you want to include that you Can include a few keywords broken up by Vertical lines once you have those Entered then you can add hashtags which Is just an extra place for you to add Keywords to your pin and that the more Keywords you have on your pin really the Better because you're gonna see more Results but you also want to make sure That you're making Pinter's happy by Using natural language and hashtags Because they really do like hashtags These days and the final time I want to Give you guys tip number three is to pay Attention to the content that you are Linking to so you may have already heard This before but you need a Pinterest Business account and once you have a Pinterest business account then you can Verify your website once you have it but

Once they've verified then you can apply For rich pins need more verifications And the farther along the process you Actually go with them Pinterest to get Your website looking really pretty on The platform they're going to reward you And if your website does verify they are Going to trust you and the content that You are linking to so I feel like I Shouldn't have to say this but every Single time you about a pin to Pinterest It needs to be linking somewhere even if It is just an Instagram photo it needs To be leading true with that Instagram Photo if you launch a blog post and you Decide to share five images from that Blog post all of those images need to Lead to that blog post you don't ever Want to upload a pin that leads to Nowhere if you're going to Upload it to Instagram there's no point In having that on Pinterest because Pinterest is used to drive traffic to Your blog and when you are writing your Blog posts you need to pay attention to A few different things the first one is The title of the blog post because if You have rich pins that will actually Appear on Pinterest and the first about 100 words that you include I think it's Actually like 150 characters that you Include on your blog posts that is going To appear on Pinterest as well so you Really need to pay attention to the

Content that you're linking to and Making sure that it's high-quality Content because it isn't high quality Content no one's gonna want to click on It and if no one's clicking on it then No one's gonna repeat it which means That you are not going to really get Much traffic and that is it for my three Quick and easy tips on how you can start Driving more traffic to your blog with Pinterest if you guys found this video Helpful please give a thumbs up and Subscribe to my channel because it does Help to support me and it helps to let Me know that you guys like Pinterest Related content so I will see you guys Back here in another video very soon Everything we talked about is in the Description bar down below and if you Want to refer back to those videos you Can check it out in the description bar Down below but that is it for me and I Will see you guys later bye guys