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If you have a blog, you might be wondering how to turn it into a source of income. There are lots of ways to monetize a blog, and one of the most popular ways is with affiliate marketing. One of the top affiliate marketing networks to sign up for free is ShareASale aka Awin.

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that features a massive range of products, and is connects merchants with affiliates. As an affiliate, you can promote products from the merchants on the network and monetize your blog by earning a commission for each sale made through your affiliate link. ShareASale has thousands of merchants across a wide variety of niches, so you’re sure to find something that fits your blog.

Here’s how to get started with ShareASale:

1. Sign up for an account

The first step to using ShareASale is to sign up for an account. This is a straightforward process that involves filling out a form with your personal and website information. Once you’re approved, you’ll have access to the ShareASale dashboard, where you can find merchants to promote.

2. Search for merchants (products for your blog)

The next step is to search for merchants to promote. You can do this by browsing the ShareASale directory, which lists all the merchants on the network. You can filter the directory by category, keyword, and other criteria to find merchants that are a good fit for your blog.

When you find a merchant you want to promote, you’ll need to apply to their affiliate program. Each merchant has their own requirements for approval, so be sure to read the details carefully. Some merchants will automatically approve all affiliates, while others require you to have a certain level of traffic or a specific type of audience.

3. Get your affiliate links

Once you’re approved for a merchant’s affiliate program, you’ll be given an affiliate link. This is a special link that tracks the traffic and sales that come from your blog. You’ll need to use this link whenever you promote the merchant’s products on your blog.

4. Promote the merchant’s products

The final step is to promote the merchant’s products on your blog. There are many ways to do this, but some of the most common include:

  • Write product reviews: If you’ve used the product yourself, you can write a review on your blog and include your affiliate link.
  • Create tutorials: If the product is complex, you can create a tutorial on how to use it and include your affiliate link.
  • Add banners and ads: You can add banners and ads for the product on your blog, either in the sidebar or within blog posts.

Tips for success with ShareASale

Here are a few tips to help you begin and succeed with ShareASale:

1. Choose merchants to monetize your blog that are a good fit (in your niche)

When choosing merchants to promote, make sure they’re a good fit for your blog. If you have a cooking blog, it wouldn’t make sense to promote products for a fitness brand. Make sure the products you promote are relevant to your audience and fit with your blog’s niche.

2. Disclose your affiliate relationship

It’s important to disclose your affiliate relationship to your audience. This means letting them know that you’ll earn a commission if they make a purchase through your affiliate link. This not only builds trust with your audience. But it also complies with FTC regulations.

3. Be honest in your promotions

When promoting products on your blog, be honest about your experience with them. If you’ve never used the product before, don’t pretend like you have. Your audience will appreciate your honesty, and it will build trust in your recommendations.

4. Test and track your promotions

To see what’s working and what’s not, it’s important to test and track your promotions. This means trying out different types of promotions and tracking the traffic and sales that come from each one. You can then optimize your promotions based on the sales.

5. Build a Relationship with Your Affiliate Manager

One if the best ways to get approved for your chosen affiliate products is to make contact with the products affiliate manager. They can be a wealth of information if you need to get more information about a product.

Or require additional information to market the product. In addition, as you grow and increase sales you may be able to negotiate a higher commision level. This is all possible when you build a solid relationship with affiliate partners.

6. Affiliate Network for International Countries

If you live in a country that is tough to get approved for affiliate products then you’ll want to check out ShareaSale and get an account. Then pick merchants that sell products that is a good fit for your blog. Apply to the merchant and fill out the comments section. Take the extra time to tell the merchant about your blog and why you are a good fit to promote them.

If for any reason you get a refusal, send an email to the affiliate manager or set up a call such as Skype and build a relationship with them.

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Concluding How to Monetize Your Blog With ShareASale

In conclusion, ShareASale is a great way to generate income for your blog through affiliate marketing. By signing up for an account, searching for relevant merchants, and promoting their products on your blog with your unique affiliate link, you can earn commissions for each sale made through your promotions.

By following the tips for success and being honest in your promotions, you can build trust with your audience and turn your blog into a source of income. So, start exploring ShareASale’ FREE and directory of merchants find the ones that fit your blog’s niche and start promoting their products to earn income for your hard work.