Make Your Blog a Success Today!

make a blog a success

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If you have a blog then you want to make your blog a success. Thousands of people start blogs each day. Some turn them into money making machines while others are a big fat fail! Today we share 11 ways to make your blog a success!

1. About Me Page – Get Personal to Make Your Blog a Success

How many times have you had a peek at someone’s about page! As humans we love to learn a little about who we are following or learning from.

So create an about me page and share a little about who you are, what do you do, enjoy and so forth. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with your readers. You’ll be amazed how many people really want to get to know you… and, you can tell them how you can help them.

Let’s be honest why would anyone trust you when you hide behind your blog. Get out and introduce yourself, be real, honest, share your failures, wins, and show your readers that you genuinely care and want to help them. When one succeeds, we all succeed… and that makes for a beautiful ripple effect.

2. Keep Your Blog Dates Current

Even if you add fresh content it’s important to keep your blog dates current. Failing to do this can give the impression that a blog is old and that is out of date and may lack value. Keep your blog up to date and current by updating the date in the footer, as well as headlines dates. Keeping your blog dates current shows that you care about your blog, and that it is current and read worthy.

3. Showcase Your Talents

When you showcase your talents and achievements you encourage others to do the same. All too often we dismiss a big part pf who we are and that includes your talents. In your about page tell people about your unique talents and successes. Sprinkle your story  throughout the blog and talk about volunteer credentials, adventures and other interesting things. Talking about what you’ve done, and continue to do will encourage your readers to do the same.

Take stock of what you do, what you enjoy and specialize in. Are you a fitness professional? Maybe a vegan cook? Or you are passionate about animals, travel, or a particular hobby. Not only is it interesting, but you can develop your credibility as a blogger while encouraging others on their journey too!

4. DeClutter Your Side Bar

Clean and simple is always in style when it comes to creating a blog. Clutter free will give your readers a great experience. It will save time, overwhelm and help them navigate your website with ease. So free up your sidebar from unnecessary junk nd useless widgets. A fresh and minimal theme will always win reems of clutter.

5. Keyword Research Increases the Success of a Blog

Let’s just say it — most bloggers hear the word research and they cringe. But fail to do keyword research and you may as well be throwing darts to the wind. Since you are investing time and energy to write articles then it’s crucial to research what people are actually searching for when they hit the keyboard.

People type in specific words and search phrases called ‘keywords’. Keyword research will not only make it easier to create content for your blog, but it will bring you organic traffic as you provide your audience with relevant information. And when your information is on topic it is easier to monetize your blog too.

6. Don’t Neglect Social Media

It’s no secret that people love social media. But it can be a lot of extra work for bloggers. The truth is that people love to share great tips, images, helpful blog posts and other finds with their friends and family.

So make sure you have links to your social media accounts. And have them in handy places where they are easy to see and then click with ease. Beside offering value to your readers, your blogs posts will gain extra momentum as they are shared on social media platforms.

Trying to do all of the social media platforms is overwhelming and often leads to doing none of them. So, instead pick a couple of them where your readers are most likely to hang out. Some of the most popular blogs focus on Pinterest and Instagram. These are particularly ideal if you blog has a visual focus. Here are a few examples such as travel, golf, food, fashion, pets, or even work from home blog where you can post lots if images. Master just one or two and they can help to grow your business quickly, and in far less time than SEO alone.

7. Keep Your Blog Simple and Easy to Read

Less is definitely more when it comes perusing a blog. Wild colours and crazy fonts can make a blog hard to read. Use lots of white space, easy to read fonts and clear headlines.

Some of the best blogs are simple. Use bullet points, relevant images, quotes and subtitles to break up long paragraphs. This will make your post easier to write while giving your reader an easy to use and read experience.

8. Stay Focused for a Successful Blog

There is so much to write about, and it’s easy to get off track. But your readers arrived on your blog for a reasons. So stay focused on what your blog is about and that you are sharing relevant information.

The great things is that if you have multiple topics you want to share then consider starting another blog when the first one is up and running and bringing you in some income. After all multiple streams of income is a goal for people seeking passive income.

And, if you have another website you can use in conjunction and link between the two?

9. Optimise Your Blog for Search Engines

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) many bloggers glaze over, and will do almost anything to avoid it. But in truth it’s not as hard as you may think. Make your blog a success with a few simple tweaks, you can get your articles found in search engines easier than you think.

So instead of ignoring SEO altogether, a big reasons why many blogs fail, then follow these steps and you will be off to a good start for optimizing your blog to get free organic traffic.

Below are a few practices to follow and get your blog be better poised for success:

  • Research keywords. Mentioned earlier keywords are crucial – but what are they? In short keywords are a short string of words that help search engines understand what a web page is about (e.g., “How to start a blog” or how to make money with a blog” ”). While experts debate whether or not keywords are still relevant for SEO, they do share the intent of your blog and improve rankings.
  • Write descriptions for images and videos. Text is the foundation of search. Take the time to add a little text to your images and videos that describe what they are, and this will help you to rank better for the algorithms as it help them to  understand what you are sharing. Example Image pf a woman on a laptop- and the text may say “woman blogging at home”.
  • Optimize for voice search. With 62% of people in the US aged 12 and older using voice-operated assistants, optimizing your blog for voice search is a way to get ahead of the SEO game.

10. Create an Opt In and Grow a Mailing List

Mailing lists may seem annoying to some people. But most people enjoy receiving email with tips, special offers or fun and relevant insider article. Instead of hoping your visitor may search for your blog, make your blog a success with a newsletter sign up so you can keep in contact with your audience and keep them in the loop. e.

Create a newsletter invitation, so in exchange for their email you can give them free gifts, and updates. You only have one chance to make a first impression and you often only have one chance to make someone a long-term reader. The best way to do this is to offer them an option to sign up for your newsletter. Even if they forget the name of your blog, you can get them coming back for more by emailing them new blog post links and use your list to make money.

11. Monetize Your Blog for Success

This seems obvious, but many blog do not focus on the right way to monetize their blog. And some forget to do it altogether. Find quality and relevant affiliate products to offer your readers. For example if you write an article about how to pack and travel light for a work trip, then you can place affiliate links to lightweight luggage.

Or the best hosting to start a blog, then add a link that may pay you a small commision if someone clicks and signs up for the hosting. Or your blog may be a great fit to sell courses, printables or other products. And don’t forget monetizing your blog with advertising revenue options too.

Wrapping Up 11 Ways to Make Your Blog a Success

Blogging is a dream for millions of people. It provides the freedom to work at home, or to make an income from anywhere. And once it’s refined a blog is a great way to make extra income or a means to make a full time living.

Take time to review your blog, follow these 11 ways and make your blog a success. Your blog can be the path to your dream, whether it is to work at home or as a way to make money from anywhere!