How to Start a Food Critic Blog?

Do you want to start a food critic blog? People love food.  They travel to eat, read rating, they want to hear about real dining experiences, and of course where is the best places to eat. Whether you eat out locally or travel, then why not start a food critic blog and share your dining experience. In this article, you will learn how to start a food critic blog. In a few hours you can have a food blog ready and for just a few dollars.

Let’s get started with our food critic blog!

In this article, we will learn how to start a food critic blog. And how to establish yourself as a professional food critic and blogger.

The first thing you need is a name for you blog – this is what you will use for your domain name. Pick a name the speaks to your business, and,  what you want it to convey to your audience. See if the domain names for your business is available to buy below.

Name of Your Blog – Get a Domain Name

You need to get a name for your blog, online this is called a domain. It’s the name of your shop, your business and in this case the name of your food critic blog. Get creative but make sure the name lets the readers know what you blog is about. Ge creative with your blog name. It’s easy to get a dot com follow this link and Get a .COM for just $6.98!.

Hosting for Your Food Guide or Blog

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Themes for food-critic-restaurant Customize your blog: Choose a theme/template, create a logo and make your blog look awesome.

What is a Food Critic Blogger?

In short a food critic blogger is a person who explores restaurants and eateries, and introduces it to others. Food critics review dining experiences and food in a specific niche (or broad range), in different places so that they can share their first hand experience and opinion with their audience.

Earlier, food critics were limited to those who worked for the mainstream media (TV shows or newspaper). With proliferation of the Internet and blogging, people turn online to food bloggers and critics through their blog websites.

Exploring new restaurants and dishes, and sharing them with the public is a popular and rewarding job. If you are a foodie who enjoys sharing his/her dining experience (where it’s casual or fine) and you love to write or create videos, it is more than possible to pursue a career and make money as a professional food critic and blogger— working full-time or part-time.

Can You Make Money With a Food Blog

Food is a huge industry. And let’s face it we need and love to eat! If there’s food, there is a potential business for food blogger and food critics. With a huge number of restaurants and eateries, there is plenty of opportunities for food critics. Due to the nature of the industry, food criticism or food review business is very local. It makes sense to start as a professional food critic for the cities you live in or frequently visit.

Step-by-Step: How to Start a Food Critic Blog?

Starting a food critic blog is very similar to being a food blogger. A food blogger review recipes, food and writes about recipes. A food critic, however, does not cook the food ordinarily. However some bloggers may end up in the kitchen. This can make a fun addition to a blog and enjoyable for its readers.

Here’s a quick overview of how to get started with food critic blogging.

Research your location: Do you have enough restaurants and eateries to write about.
Read established food critics:

Can you write about food and dining experiences in a manner fit for a professional food critic? Are you willing to learn how to write an article. Or create simple but awesome videos to review the food and your dining experiences.

Get to know the popular chefs: When you intend to become a professional food critic, it is important that you also know about the globally celebrated chefs, and also within your work area.

Look for new restaurants opening in your area.

Honing Your Skills as a Food Critic

Train Your Palate and Learn About Taste

Can you taste all the ingredients in a dish? What can of spice is in the dish, is it sweet, what flavor stand out, and what would you like more of? How about describing the texture, freshness, and presentation of the dish, etc.

You need to write more than the food was good. It’s important to describe how it is good. ****

You need to be able to experience different flavours and ingredients to be able to share it with others in great detail.

Learn about food & restaurant business: Read about food as much as you can. Get to know the most popular cuisines in your city and read about them in detail. How did a certain dish come into existence? How did an ingredient propagate across the world?

Promoting Your Blog

Add content: Start publishing amazing food reviews, restaurant reviews, articles about food & cuisines. As a beginner food critic & blogger, you will not get invited for reviews. Start by visiting some of the local restaurants for reviews.
Promote your blog: Once your blog is ready, promote it via social media, food forums and among your friends.

How to Create Content for Your Food Critic Blog?

Once you have your food critic blog set up, it’s time to add the content. Your content will be your food reviews, and the restaurant environment and service in general. If available write some of the ingredients and in specific what stood out for you.

With your acquired knowledge and understanding of different cuisines. Write articles about interesting things that you discover. Eg: The Origin of Mole for example in Mexico.

Don’t Forget the Cocktails, Wine, Smoothies or Beverages

Where to Find Places to Critique for Your Food Blog

Visit local family restaurants, food trucks,diners and vegan hotspots Don’t forget wedding and special events places too. There are tons of places to visit and don’t forget coffee shop that people love to learn about too!.

Though a lot of food critics want to remain anonymous for the benefit of being able to get the real experience rather than having the special “ that some food critics” may enjoy. It is important to get in the door so taste the goods and take lots of pictures, videos and even make videos. Try to do so without drawing attention or looking suspicious. This will help to get a real experience to gather plenty of content for your food critic blog.

Don’t be shy, these days people are snapping pictures of their favorite dishes. Your goal is to have a balance review, people want to hear about the positive, as well as the negative in your critique.

Join Restaurant Review Directories

One way to share your information and get links to your website is to join restaurant directories like Become a Google local guide and use social media to your advantage. Pin pictures on Pinterest, set up your instagram account to get your blogs name out there. All of which will grow your audience and as a result grow your bottom line (aka your bank account).

Concluding How to Start a Food Critic Blog?

You don’t have to be a food expert to give your opinion. Start your food critic blog articles by writing about your local restaurants, burger bars, vegan hang outs, gluten free places and best places for special events. One thing is you will never run out of idea and it’s a food critics blog is perfect for those of you who want to make money blogging while travelling too.

Get started with our guide to starting a blog today!