Do You Need a Website to Do Affiliate Marketing?

do you need a website for affiliate marketingLet me ask… have you ever used Facebook?, a cell phone? what about a TV remote? So beforedo you need a website for affiliate marketing” becomes a roadblock to success, don’t panic”.

Before you decide, let’s see if you need really need a website.? Next we’ll look at the pro’s and con’s of having a site…

And if it’s a yes, how you can one, easily!

The Benefits a Website for Affiliate Marketing

The thought of setting up a website often strikes fear into many beginner marketers. But the benefits of having a website for affiliate marketing far out weigh any jitters you may have.

Some marketers try to do affiliate marketing without a website; the plan is to send traffic directly to product?s sales-page and hope it converts. While it may sound good in theory it’s no means the best way to set up an affiliate business, let alone a profitable one.

Consider This…

Imagine you’re looking online desperately seeking some information, lets say about fertility, you hit a link and instead of getting the information you were hoping for you’re suddenly hit with a booming sales pitch. Not what you expected right? If you’re like most people you leave the page, frustrated and angry and vow you’ll never do that again.

But what if you landed on a nice simple website, which offers you some great tips and in the article there is a link to learn more.

Do you think you’re more likely to trust the site, feel more comfortable, click on the link to learn more and even make a purchase. Stats prove yes!. Your website is you’re sales conversion tool.

Build a List

You’ve heard the saying the money’s in the list… it’s true, if you don’t use you’re website to build a list you are leaving a ton of money on the table. Your list is one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever own. So never send buyers directly to the affiliate sales page, once they leave you have no email list to re target them nor will they have a website to return too.

What to Include in Your Affiliate Website

Now you’re getting to see why it’s savvy to have a website. You want to know what’s to include in you’re affiliate marketing website. It can be as simple as creating content, such as well written articles about you’re topic ( you can even hire someone). Add some nice images (free). A way for to capture email (autoresponder) and, of course you’re affiliate links so visitors can make purchases.

How to Get a Website

There are many ways to get a website. In fact, they have become so simple to create, if you can follow a few simple instructions you can create you’re own DIY website. The most popular platform to build a website is WordPress. Once you have a domain?(you’re websites name) and hosting?you can have the framework for you’re website up in a few hours.

Another option is purchase you’re domain and hosting and, then hire someone to create one for you.

You can post a job on somewhere like Upwork and get a website built for a few hundred dollars. One real benefit of building you’re own is you get to understand the working and you can make simple changes without relying on anyone else. And no, you DON’T need to know any code.

Pro Tip: Your website is you’re business, so make sure you always keep control of you’re asset. There are many “Free” sites builders that claim it’s free, but if you aren’t happy and decide to leave you can lose you’re domain and site as a result.

So get you’re own hosting?and buy you’re own domain (Namecheap)?or visit WA?to get everything all in one place, including the training.

These are some small business expenses, that will pay dividends many times over in the future.

Why Your Website Is Important

Driving traffic direct to links is risky business. This is why your website is important and may be your only option to operate a successful affiliate business. Most platforms such as YouTube, AdWords and other social media platform insist you to send traffic to you’re website (just read the fine print).? Not following their guidelines will not only get your accounts banned but dry up your source of income.?

Power of Owning a Website

Banned account alone shouldn?t be you’re reason for setting up a site. The power of owning a website is immeasurable. When you own a web property, you have immense power over you’re affiliate marketing. You can create content and target long tail keywords to expand you’re market reach. Create squeeze pages to capture visitor emails and you can purchase digital products like PLR and sell them as you’re own products.

The possibilities are much more varied when you have you’re own site. And when you have more options that means more opportunities to monetize you’re business.

There are affiliate marketers with hundreds of websites, once you’ve done it once it’s easy to rinse and repeat to scale you’re online empire.

Imagine 1 website that generates $100 a day, that $3000 a month. Multiple that by just 3, 5 or 10 websites. That’s $9000, $15000 or $30000. So you can start to see the potential. If you’re thinking that’s a lot of work, reinvest. You can have you’re websites built over time or outsource to grow quickly.

Scaling Up Your Websites

how much can you make example

The best affiliates have very good rapport with their subscribers. They provide information, useful tips, content, videos, etc. Guess where most of these content is hosted on? Yup? it?s on their blog or website. Without a website, you’re only limiting yourself.


By now, you should be able to see the benefits of having a website and one that’s on a domain you own.

It?s you’re business. You must own it, control it. Create you’re own website with a domain you own and you’re own hosting. Of course, the autoresponder? will be you’re own too. This is the best way to build a business that you can be proud to call you’re own.

So if you ask me do you need a website to do affiliate marketing, my answer absolutely yes!

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