Affiliate Programs, What to Know

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Earning an income with affiliate marketing is a top choice for many online business owners. If this is for you joining the best affiliate programs will crucial to your success.
There are literally thousands of programs with millions of products. If you ask the right questions life as an affiliate can be easier and help increase your profit margin.
Think about this… the most successful affiliates make hundreds, thousands even even millions each month. All without ever punching a time clock, doing the daily commute or even leaving home.
Before you think of filling out that affiliate program application, ask – and answer – these following important questions:

Customer Service for Affiliate Programs Why It’s Essential

Affiliate marketing is a business with lots of moving? parts, and customer service is essential to keep it working smoothly. Let’s say you’re all set up; website, content, links then suddenly you hit a glitch, the last thing you need is lousy customer service. The best affiliate programs offer will offer all the support to get your tech stuff up and running in no time.
If your not sure of how they operate send a test support email or pick up the phone to be sure someone will get back to you quickly. Some of the best affiliate programs are focused on customer service, so don’t settle for anything less.

Recurring Commissions

Affiliate programs offer two ways to collect commissions. The common one-time commissions, where you sell something once and get a commission. Or a recurring commission. While recurring commissions are awesome they can be a bit more complicated. Recurrent or residual payments allow you to earn commission for months or even years.
Let’s say you sell a monthly supplement subscription. Then you can earn a commission for each time your customer pays for the product.
But ,if your customer quits after a month, your ongoing commission stops from that client. So make sure you build on you business to keep growing residual income.
But know if you provide great content and a product is good then you can earn recurring commission with a quality affiliate program. With a little research, you will find winning affiliate programs that help you earn passive income.

Reports: What Types of Data Can You Access?

Reports are part of growing and scaling your business. It’s important to know what types of data you can access to make sure you are marketing to the max. When you’re shopping around for an affiliate program, take a serious look at reporting tools.
With Programs like Awin for example you will have access to a full suite of data, real time data so you can make adjustments as you need such as profits, refunds, conversion rates and more?? Keep this in mind by having access to as much data as possible you can track your commissions and improve your campaigns on the fly.

What Tools Do They Offer to Help Sell

In a perfect world, we’d be Click Here expert at every competent of our business; social media expert, graphic designer designer and more. In reality, most of us need all the help we can get. Good affiliate programs provide email swipes, articles, images and banner in the most common sizes to showcase their products. This saves you time so you can focus on what you do best; driving traffic to your site and making conversions – it’s a win- win for all.
Before you join any affiliate program, check out the types of marketing materials you’ll have access too. A good affiliate program not only offers a wide array of sales tools, but frequently creates new and update materials in keeping with today’s audience. Chances are if they look outdated so will the rest of their operations!

Cookies: How Long Will my Sales be Tracked?

Besides being yummy, affiliate tracking cookies are used to track the origin of the sales. In a perfect world your customer would click on your link, makes a purchase you get a commission. Unfortunately, most customers browse before they buy so even if they landed on your link first doesn’t mean you get the commission. So the longer the cookie tracker is in place your odds of making a sale and earning a commission increase.
For example affiliate cookies may be set for 30, 60, 90 days even a lifetime. If you have an affiliate product with a 90 day cookie, and your visitor clicks but doesn’t make a purchase then buys 60 days later. If the affiliate cookies tracks it you’ll get the commission you deserve.
Not All Cookie Times are Equal

As we’ve discussed not all cookie times are equal, for the Amazon cookie is around 24 hours while a product like Clickfunnels offer a lifetime sticky cookie – got to love that!

One thing to understand about Amazon even though they have a short cookie time people tend to go there to buy. And since people often make multiple purchases you can earn commission for their total sales for that visit.

Or join they have thousands of products with cookies of various lengths and many top vendors offering sales tools and customer support.

Or if you’re looking for a top paying affiliates with sticky cookies, recurring income and, multiple ways to earn check out Clickfunnels… for sure.

Whether you want to make affiliate marketing a second income or your only source of income, you must find affiliate programs that give you the best chance for success. No program can guarantee massive commissions or steady income, but choosing the best affiliate programs can significantly up your odds of making money if you use the guide above.

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