New images new videos fresh pins that's 
what pinterest keeps waiting from us   Content creators fresh content is definitely 
rewarded by the pinterest algorithm and it   Helps your account grow faster and pinterest 
is encouraging us to create more of the new   Pin format especially video pins the algorithm 
gives video pins more space on the platform   Plus video pins have special engagement 
buttons these are reactions which are   Not available on the image pins for all the 
reasons that i mentioned a lot of people are   Now looking for easy ways to create video pins 
and that's what i will show you in this video   Hi i'm anastasia of i'm a 
pinterest marketing expert and if you want to   Learn more about pinterest you know which buttons 
to use on youtube right if not let me show you   You just need to subscribe and hit the bell 
button to get notifications about my new videos   That it okay i'll give you one more second to 
find the buttons all right now let's move on   It can be pretty exhaustive to create new videos 
for pinterest all the time especially if you're   Also active on other platforms like instagram 
facebook or youtube you need a solution for   This and i found that content repurposing is the 
best way to save your time and effort this video   Is made in partnership with nvidia and i will 
show you how to create video pins really quickly   By repurposing your existing content i will be 
using nvidia online editor for this because i find   It's a very flexible and intuitive tool even if 
you are not a graphic designer nor a video editor   You will find how it's easy to make video pins 
using over 4 000 templates offered by nvidia and   Including your images videos from other 
platforms or even your text from your website   These templates are 100 customizable and in 
videos editor is very flexible you'll see it   Today so pinterest recommends using for video 
pins two formats the square videos of one on   One aspect ratio and the 9 to 16 aspect ratio they 
are vertical videos you will find that nvidia has   A huge collection of templates which fit both of 
these video aspect ratios accepted on pinterest   When you log into nvidia you will have this 
dashboard and on the bottom you will see thousands   Of templates from which you can choose something 
like brands or intros or offers and coupons   All this will definitely speed up your 
workflow and it will it will be quite useful   For now for this video we want to repurpose our 
existing content so i will take the images that i   Created for this blog post i have all these images 
in a folder in my computer i will start creating   A blank template using this vertical format 
because we're working on pinterest and it's one   Of the recommended formats it's loading up pretty 
quickly now i don't want to use this logo here i'm   Going to delete this element and i don't need 
this text by default i will use something else   Now if you look here there is a media library 
that has actually millions of images and videos   And there are stock videos and images and you get 
access to them with a premium account of nvidia   You get all those images for free and you will 
have no copyright issues if you click on videos  

You can search for the same keyword and we'll see 
lots of videos and you know that stock images and   Especially stock videos are very expensive so 
it's really cool that you have this monthly   Subscription in and video and you get all of this 
included in your subscription now if you click on   Music you will find some selection of music 
that you can use by category in your videos   Then in the text you can select either 
select a simple default text and then   Choose whatever font you like or you can use some 
text styles that they already have and some of   Them even have animation which is pretty cool 
let's try this one yeah it's a cool animation   We can use this one and if you want to type 
in your text it will be here on the right side Change text you can change the size of it but 
the animation is the same looks pretty cool I wanted to show you these cute stickers 
you can also use them in your videos You have here on the left side some effects i will   Show you a little later some of them 
how you can use them in your videos   Shapes are also pretty cool because you can 
use them and change the shape of your video   You can also use multiple images within the same 
within the same video it will look like a collage   And in the uploads tab you will see all the 
images which you uploaded to your account   From your computer so we have three clips 
i'll make the first clip about four seconds   I will drag and drop one of the images 
i'm just going to adjust it really quickly   Actually that's the beauty of the tool 
you can take whatever images you have   And if they don't fit exactly 
the size it's very easy to adjust   Just by dragging and dropping so this is the first 
clip you can click on add scene but actually if   You like the first scene the way it was made you 
just click on these three dots and click duplicate This way we have all the settings of the clip 
and we just need to drag and drop the second   Image and click replace and here we're looking 
at the type of transition between the videos   Between the clips if i click play 
on it we'll see how it looks now Well the default transition 
is very smooth and barely seen   Let's try something that we can actually notice 
something like this for example let's play it out All right this transition we can actually see   Now i will duplicate this one again and for 
this one i will add my last image here we go And here on the transition i will use 
this one let's play the whole video   I want to add my domain name here for branding 
so i'm just adding it as a text at the bottom   Of the video so i will adjust 
the size of it to do this i will just drag and   Drop all the time using this corners of the shape 
i can also change the color of the background Let's try this out i'm going to try this color   This was just applied to this specific clip so 
if i want to have it on all the clips i will just  

Duplicate this element just copy and paste 
it now if we go to effects we can add some   Confetti just to draw more attention to our 
video pin i will edit only on the first image Now we have more elements moving on the video 
and i think that it can help draw more attention   To my video pin once this is done you can click 
on this button and it will scan your scene and   Will suggest some improvements or maybe it will 
find out if you made some mistakes in the design   Let's try it out so it says that we need to 
increase the duration of the first scene let's   Click here it's resolved now it suggests that we 
should reduce the height of the text of the box   Just click on this button it's resolved and it 
suggests more contrasting color of the background As you can see not all this of the suggestions are 
the the best idea so the first clip making it 10   Seconds was too long i'll put it back to four 
seconds here on the second and the third clip   It will also ask me to change the background for 
the for the domain name i'll just click resolve By the way if you have some doubts or questions 
about using this tool in the bottom of your screen   You will see this button called live chat you can 
go ask your questions there it's 24 7 and they're   Very helpful and also nvidia has a great facebook 
community it's free to join and it's thousands of   Members over there sharing with each other some 
tips how to use this tool and helping each other   So you're free to join there and when i'm done 
with this you can click on this button export And it will export the video usually takes less 
than five minutes which is really cool really   Quickly for the rendering process once it's done 
you can download this as an mp4 file and then   Upload it to your pinterest account and use it as 
a video pin if you want to try using in video then   Check my affiliate link in the description below 
this video and also in video offers a very special   Discount just for my audience you can see that 
they have very affordable plans starting from   Ten dollars a month but actually with my coupon 
ab50 just for five dollars a month you will get   All these options that i showed you in this video 
today you can also repurpose your existing content   On instagram platform these are some of the images 
i used as instagram posts they are already saved   To my computer and i want to create a new video 
with them i will start using a pre-made template   I will scroll to the bottom of the page where 
you will find a section called listicles   And for this one i will select this square 
format because my images were square   I will select this one because i like the text 
overlay and we'll try to use this template   I will go to uploads because that's where i have 
my video my images i will drag and drop the images   Replace i will move to the next clip 
in this one i will select another image Click replace the next clip will do the same thing 
and on this one i actually want to use a video   I have a video from youtube that i want to 
use here and since this last clip is very long   I need to make it shorter i will just click on 
this clip and change the duration it was two   Minutes now it will be two seconds about two or 
three seconds well i will keep it three seconds

And the other ones i will delete Actually this scene i will keep and i will 
do something with it i'll use this photo here And we'll replace my my domain name here Actually i have to remove this logo And here is one and this one now you can 
preview each part of the video by clicking here   Or you can click here and play all the scene   I know the pain of making a decision 
when you are just starting a blog   You're just a newbie and when i'm 
ready to save i will click export Now it will render it really quickly in less than 
5 minutes now i will show you how to repurpose a   Video from your youtube channel to a story or 
to a story on instagram or maybe to a pinterest   Video pin i will select a blank template well 
again select the vertical format of the video   First i will delete these elements that are 
here by default then i will go to the shapes and   I will select some of the shapes that are offered 
here maybe this square will change the color I will use this one as a full canvas   We'll select another shape as well you can rotate 
the shape by clicking here we'll increase the size We'll change to another color I will start with this but you 
can move it a little bit towards   Darker color i will keep it this way Now i will click on enhancers 
and will select masks   I will select this one will increase the 
size we'll place it somewhere here and now   This shape will work as a mask and everything 
that you add inside this mask will be just   Placed within the shape i will find the video 
that i want to use i'll drag and drop it here   And now i want to trim the video because 
it's too long let me see how it looks I will trim it to about four seconds   Now i want to add a title to my video 
so i'll click on text on the left side And here i have some options 
for example this modern options Let's try this one i will move it 
down and make a little bit bigger And now here i can click on the 
right side to type the new text Choose a domain name For your blog Actually here i will type how to choose 
a domain name so i will keep it here I will just increase this a little bit and here See the problem here when i'm trying to move 
the text it also drags the face with the video   So i will make it this way i will click on 
layers and now this element is called group one  

I will click on the lock and now i can move freely 
the face because it will not drag the text with me And the last thing i want to add is the 
text we have here social media credits   Let's select the youtube icon And i will make it a little bigger i will 
type in here my username anastasiablogger I will make it smaller and by the way if you 
want to know exactly where to place things   You can click here on the grid and it helps 
you organize your elements better in the video Now let's click here to preview i know the 
pain of making a decision when you are just   Starting a blog and when i'm happy with 
it i will just click on export button Wait for the video to export 
and upload it to pinterest   If you found this video useful you probably know 
what helps youtube show you more similar videos   Your likes smash the like button subscribe to my 
channel and let me know in the comments below this   Video what are your questions about pinterest 
marketing and before you leave this page here   Are a few of my other videos that are perfectly 
complementary to what i shared with you today   You can check them here and there and 
i'll see you in the next videos you