Affiliate Marketing Pro Tips

Implement these 7 affiliate marketing tips can take you from a struggling affiliate to one that’s running a thriving six or seven figure business online. Today we share a 7 pro tips that affiliate marketers follow to build 6 and 7 figures online.

Before we dive in let’s do a quick recap of what is affiliate marketing and move on to the tips of the pro’s.

Affiliate Marketing Overview

It’s a simple process. As an affiliate you are promoting another persons/companies product (the merchant). To promote the product affiliates create content that promotes the merchant products. If a visitor likes the content they receive, clicks on the affiliate’s link and make a qualified purchase. You as the affiliate make a commission.

The benefits for the affiliate – a sale made without ever having to buy, store, or handle a product nor dealing with customer service. That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell. So what do the pro’s do to to turn a struggling business into a thriving one. Let’s take a look

7 Affiliate Marketing Tips that Experts Use

1. Sell Products That Solve a Problem

Top affiliate marketers sell products that solve problems. People are looking for solutions not products. Good affiliate marketers find a solution and presell a product or service that meets a need.

For example, lets say your website promotes a course on dating, experts do not write about the course (unless in special reviews) but they will talk about and sell the solutions people are seeking. They answer questions such as where to meet ‘the one’ to date, what to say… and how to attractive someone you’d like to date talk to men/women… ways they be attractive to others, etc

Once people see value they are more likely to click the link in your website which takes them to a sales page that will do the selling for you all because the affiliate created great content. Isn’t that a great way to make a living by helping others.

2. Promote Only Quality Products

There are millions of products and services that pay top affiliate commissions.  Top affiliates invest time growing a money making business so it only makes sense to promote quality products.

Taking time to research the best affiliate products will increases conversion rates, have lower refunds which increase their bottom line.

They also understand once a person buys once if the promote products that get results they are likely to buy over and again. This is how they earn affiliate commissions literally while they sleep.

3. Value Your Email List

This is one of the most crucial affiliate marketing tips. Successful affiliate marketers understand the golden rule – value your email list. Balance and timing is everything when emailing your list… when to email, what to email…

It’s important not to incessantly send emails about every product out there nor completely ignore their subscribers. If you have an email list, or growing one (which is good practice) it’s important to remember real people receive your messages.

Your email list is so important it’s one of your most important business assets. Care for it nurture it and grow it. It’s the one asset you own!

4. Give More Value and Do Less Selling

Sounds counter intuitive, don’t marketers sell. The best affiliate’s give more value and do less selling. When you offer value, share information and talk about good products your list will look forward to your email. They will also be more receptive when an offer is made.

Some people buy on the basis you have given so much value, and the law of reciprocity occurs naturally. This is how you do less selling and still make sales… by giving.

Many marketers will follow this rule. For every email you send with a sales offer, send 3 other emails over the next few days offering complete value you can make it informative, fun or anything that teaches what your audience wants.

5. Know Your Niche

One of the best affiliate marketing tips is to get to know your niche. Top affiliates learn about their niche inside and out. When you know your niche, you can easily interact with your audience. This way you can help get your audience  exactly what they are looking for. One cool idea is to use surveys and polls to gather information about what specific parts of your niches they want to know more about..

This way smart marketers are able to craft and place offers their market wants. 

6. Offer Cross-Sell Products

Another of the top affiliate marketer tips is to seek products to cross sell to your audience. For example, let’s say you have blog about natural health that sells wellness supplements, then consider what other items your audience may enjoy or want. Consider promoting a course that teaches people how to make natural products for the home.  

Mention how many household products are made with harsh chemicals and share ingredients the benefits of making natural dish soaps, shampoo’s etc. and how they can improve their overall health by removing toxic products from their home. It makes sense that people with an interest in natural wellness will likely like natural products. 

This is cross-selling, be on the lookout for ways to introduce new and RELATED products to your niche. It is good news for your customers and your bottom dollar.

7. Always be Creating More Content

There’s a saying in the industry, content is king. Keeping content fresh and up to date keeps your readers coming back. It doesn?t matter if you’re creating blog posts, posting photos on Pinterest or making videos for YouTube. The goal is to create as much content as possible.

If your content is interesting and informative you will build loyal followers eager to read see and digest what you have to say. Once you have built trust and loyalty, promoting products to your tribe will be much easier.

Concluding 7 Affiliate Marketing Tips

To wrap it all up, these 7 tips can immensely help you grow your business with your affiliate marketing. Follow them and you will soon be able to make a very comfortable income as an affiliate marketer.