Five dumbest mistakes beginner bloggers Make that are very hard to fix later Mistake number five is starting a blog On a free platform like blogger or you will never make money With your blog on a free platform Mistake number four is no google Analytics code on the site you want to Track traffic on your site from day one Sponsors and ad management companies Will want to know how many visitors You're getting now mistake number three Using a slow wordpress theme this will Be critical for your google seo rankings You can change a theme later but it's a Lot of work choose a fast theme from the Beginning mistake number two is too Narrow domain name you cannot change Your domain later if you realize that Your niche is too narrow and you want a Blog about other things mistake number One is using a wrong permalink structure Don't use links with too many subfolders It's bad for seo if you change urls you Will lose at least 30 of traffic so use Short url structure from the beginning