Hello guys what is up welcome back to my Channel i just I want to start this out by saying thank You so so much For all of your love on this series if You are Brand new to my channel or if this is The first video that you are watching in This series i do have two other episodes That's what i'm calling them the first One is talking about my beginning stages Of being a blogger becoming a youtuber And How i was able to transition into being A full-time youtuber and then the second Episode is talking about how i went into Credit card debt To become a youtuber and i was really Debating What i wanted to do for episode three i Was like how can i have this Make sense and i just felt like there Was so much that was Missing from my story because obviously I've been doing this for almost four Years at this point so there's so many Different Aspects of what i'm doing building my Brand being a blogger being a youtuber Like how i got here There's so many different avenues that We could go down and really The first two episodes were more so Talking about the money side of things

How i was making money or how i Struggled to make money and Ended up getting into credit card debt And i more so Want to talk about why i transition from Being a blogger To being a youtuber and i actually just Went back and i watched the First episode in this series to make Sure that i wasn't going to repeat the Same story over again so If you haven't watched that video i Really really recommend it and i will Actually include both of them in the Description Bar down below but in that video i Shared a little bit about why i started My youtube channel but I just want to dive more into it and one Of the reasons why Is because whenever i do a q a on my Instagram guys i'm starting doing weekly Q and a's on my instagram so if you guys Want to follow me on instagram and be a Part of a q a definitely make sure that You follow me on instagram but One of the questions i get every single Time i put a question box up Is did you quit vlogging when are you Gonna come back to blogging what's going On with your website all of that stuff So i figured Today would be a good day to just Talk about it so i i do want to say

Thank you i am so so glad that you guys Are loving this series The comments that i've received from you Guys emails dms It's so heartfelt and it's so amazing to Connect with you guys on this level so Yeah here goes episode three okay so if You are brand new To my youtube channel then you probably Wouldn't know that i actually got Started as a blogger Unless you listen to all of that intro Then obviously you know that there is a Blog involved here but Yes i did get started as a blogger back In october of 2016 i decided to start a Blog and then i didn't start my youtube Channel until october of 2017. so it was A year later and Like i mentioned in that first video i Actually decided to get started with my Youtube channel because I was creating tutorials on my website And some of them I just felt like a video tutorial would Be more helpful than just Screen captures and text in a blog post Like i just didn't feel like it was As helpful as it could have been so i Decided to get started with my youtube Channel and my very first video is still Live here on my youtube channel if you Want to check it out it did not have as Many views as it has now when i first

Uploaded it i think it got maybe like Four and then it got to 20 and then it Kept growing over time and i think you Guys are watching it now because you Want to see my very first video but I left it up on my channel because Everyone has a starting point and i want You guys to realistically see Where i got started on youtube so that Video was an instagram stories tutorial And oh man i go back and i watch that Video sometimes I think you have to be your own Inspiration i think it's easy to look at Other people and then you get into Comparison trap So sometimes yes i will look at other People for inspiration and i definitely Have a few people that i go to when i'm Like i need A creative inspiration today but there Are days when i go back to my old videos And i watch them and i just have to Remind myself look how far you've come So the first few videos on my channel Actually i know the first one was an Instagram stories tutorial and then i Decided to create a new series on my Blog which was called Create your success online and at the Time my blog was mainly talking about All things digital marketing so i was Talking about seo i was talking about Social media

I was talking about content writing and They were I would say pretty technical things that I was trying to break down To beginner bloggers or someone that Isn't used to All like the seo lingo like someone that Has no idea what seo is i wanted to Break that down In my blog post well i Kind of came to realize that within my Own Journey of creating my own success Online i realized that there's so much More that goes into it than just knowing All of this digital marketing knowledge Like there is so So much more that goes into creating a Success online creating a happy Life building your own business all of That stuff like there's so much that Goes into it so i decided to create this New series on my blog And it was going to talk more about Mindset it was going to talk about Personal development it was going to Talk about making money And other topics that i wasn't already Sharing on my website and with that new Series i decided that i was going to Come out with One youtube video to match each blog Post Now if you go back to those youtube

Videos For one the thumbnails are the worst They are so so freaking mad but two i Specifically remember this one video Where i was like I had a blog post that was 50 questions To get to know yourself a little bit Better or something which is so So important especially if you are Trying to do your own thing create a Better life for yourself getting to know Yourself Is absolutely huge but i needed a Youtube video to match that blog post so I created a video that was basically me Just saying All of these questions to ask yourself What is the legacy you hope to leave Behind when you are done with your time Here on earth Oh my gosh guys i just went back through And i watched i couldn't even get Through the video but i was clicking Through Some of the questions and i'm dying Laughing like who was that girl What i don't No not a good video idea guys Just not a good video idea but that kind Of Held me to create content for my youtube Channel while also creating content for My blog and my thought was okay i'm Gonna integrate my

Youtube videos into my blog post and i Was gonna promote my blog posts on Pinterest so when people came from Pinterest to my blog they would then go From my blog to my youtube channel and i Wanted it all to be really cohesive and For it to make sense Like i wanted everything to cross Promote each other you know so then my Youtube videos linked to my blog post And it just like went it was this full Circle thing and it was a smart strategy The videos i was creating weren't that Great But it was a way for me to be consistent Not only on my blog and my youtube Channel Now one of the questions i actually Ended up getting this past week in a q a Was did you really think that you could Become a full-time youtuber or did you Really think that you could Make enough money to be a full-time Youtuber and the answer Is i actually thought that i was going To be a full-time blogger That was always my goal was to become a Full-time blogger like i wanted to write Blog posts i wanted to have an instagram Account and that's how i thought i was Going to make money but Once i got started with youtube honestly I really really liked it I really really liked creating videos it

Was a different way for me To create like at the time i had written So many blog posts and I felt a little bit exhausted with the Content that i was creating and youtube Was something New for me it was fresh and it was fun So i ended up diving more time into my Youtube channel but i still Thought okay i'm gonna be a full-time Blogger like my blog is my main platform I need to stick to that i need to Work with that and actually i was Watching a video this past Week and they mentioned i'm going to Totally butcher this because i haven't Read the book but i definitely want to Read the book but it's the four hour Work week and in there they talk about 80 to 20 Like you need to spend 80 percent of Your time on the thing that is working And then 20 Of your time on something that isn't or Something that's going to help you to Grow or Something behind the scenes and i'm Probably totally butchering that but It got to a point where my blog growth Was really really really really really Slow So i obviously i knew how to utilize Pinterest and basically all of my Traffic was coming from pinterest my

Second traffic source was google because I knew seo so i was getting a decent Amount of views from google as well but It was really really slow and the thing That i noticed was that My main visitors on my website were First-time visitors they were new Visitors they weren't returning people So i felt like my blog i couldn't hook People i couldn't get people addicted to My content i couldn't get people to keep I couldn't get people to want to keep Coming back for more With my youtube channel and i actually Mentioned this in the very first video As well but I knew that video connection was so so Important and I truly believe that the move is video More people are watching videos they're Listening to podcasts We are in a world where we feel like we Don't have enough time So if i can be cooking dinner and Watching youtube video or working out And listening to a podcast That's how i consume content and that's How a lot of people consume content Because We don't slow the heck down to actually Sit down And read a blog post you know like how Many people read The newspaper these days i realized that

Video was so so important because i Truly think that is the move i think That is the direction that we are going Even instagram i mean it used to be just A photo based platform then they added Instagram stories which could be Videos and then they added igtv like i Just think all these platforms are Moving in the direction of video or Audio and you guys probably already know That but The other thing about video is it's a Lot easier to create a connection with Someone It's a lot easier to get someone Addicted to your content it's a lot Easier to Have someone understand your personality And fall in love with you And i recognize that from the very Beginning even though my first few Videos were super awkward And i don't think it was a good Representation of my personality I knew that video was going to be Absolutely huge So after a while i've definitely shared This before but My first year actually it was over a Year on my youtube channel so i started My youtube channel in october of 2017 By the end of 2018 so the start of 2019 Over a year later i had ended up only Gaining

300 some subscribers so i did not have A lot of subscribers at that point my Youtube channel was growing As slow as my blog was 2019 Was a really really right that that's Right yeah 2019 was a really really transformative Year for my youtube channel so I started to watch videos about how to Grow on youtube because before that 2018 when i gained those 300 subscribers I was really creating videos that were All over the place so like i Said i had that one series on my blog Create your success online and i was Talking about 50 questions to ask yourself to get to Know yourself better And my videos they were very much So all over the place the thumbnails Were bad I just i didn't really see youtube as my Main platform like i was saying i Thought my blog was going to be my main Platform so I was just creating videos on youtube And i wasn't really worried about it In 2019 i decided to dedicate a bit more Time to my youtube channel and i wanted To learn more about youtube so i started To watch videos from sunny lenarduzzi Roberto blake And you guys know the big people in the Youtube world like i was watching all of

Their videos i was trying to learn okay What the heck are tags I didn't know what tags were on youtube I knew Google seo so it was really easy for me To pick up youtube seo like i knew the Importance of keywords i kind of figured Your title and your description and your Tags like it was really easy for me to Connect all those things and be like yup Yup yup All this has to link together like it Was easy for me to learn youtube seo Because i had already known google seo As well as pinterest seo But i kind of started to dedicate more And more time to my youtube channel Learning some tips and tricks that were Actually going to help me grow and i Specifically remember i watched a video From it was sunny lenarduzzi but she Also had vanessa lau On there so it was a collaboration that They did and vanessa lau actually ended Up perching Purchasing sunny lenarduzzi's is it Youtube bosses I don't know the name of her course but That's how they got started and that's How vanessa lau originally grew is Because she Was a part of sunny lenarduzzi's course So i watched this video And there was one piece of advice in

There that i'm probably going to butcher And i really really recommend that you Guys Watch that video the piece of advice was Basically like Vanessa lau wasn't niche down She wasn't focused on one specific topic And she learned that she had to create Videos that ended up working really well Together that played off each other so Once someone found one of her videos They ended up finding other videos on Her channel and they really really liked Her and Fell in love with her content subscribe To her channel and her channel blew up Probably totally butchering that i Watched this video so long ago but i Just remember it was pivotal for me and Basically what i realized is oh my gosh I am So focused on just i mean i wasn't Really focused on youtube but i was just Talking about everything That if someone came to my channel no One would actually want to subscribe to My content because if they liked one of My videos There was no guarantee that they were Going to like my other videos so I just kind of realized that i was Totally hurting The possible growth within my channel With this strategy or lack of strategy

That i had so what i decided to do in I'm pretty sure this was 2019 it could Have been the end of 2018 i don't Exactly remember But i decided to really niche down And i said okay i'm going to talk about Only three things in my youtube videos And i went back to What was making me successful on my blog It wasn't my six series it was my six Series It wasn't my series create your success Online it was My blog post about blogging and Pinterest those were my Top performing ones and then seo was in There but it was pretty low and i think It's just because a lot of bloggers Don't really think about seo which if You are a blogger Seriously seo is so so important but I decided to focus on blogging Pinterest and how i do certain things And i know that i have shared this Before but i said okay i'm going to Niche down my youtube channel i'm going To talk about blogging i'm going to talk About pinterest they relate really well Together because i was using pinterest To promote my blog so i had tips to Share to bloggers That wanted to grow on pinterest so that They could grow their blog and i was Like this is great this is awesome

But then i also wanted the flexibility To talk about other things because I also liked instagram i also liked seo I really liked google analytics and There was so much more that goes Into building a blog and i was like okay I'm gonna leave this one flexible Category so i can create Different videos well my youtube channel Started to grow and as my youtube Channel started to grow we are going to Finally loop back to that four hour work Week thing that i mentioned so long ago I kind of realized okay my youtube Channel is growing My blog isn't really growing but i'm Still Spending eighty percent of my time on my Blog and only twenty percent of my time On my youtube channel And it just kind of hit me that my Energy was focused in the wrong areas I was like if my youtube channel is Growing and i truly Saw the vision there i was like i know i Can Scale my youtube channel like i knew and I was like this is going to be the Direction of my brand i need to spend More time there And i felt like i wasn't because i was Still so hooked on Okay i'm going to be a blogger i'm a Blogger and that's why i got started

With all this so i am a blogger and i Was so Focused on that mindset that i think if I would have been able to Pivot a little bit sooner than i did i Think i would have seen growth a little Bit faster But i had the realization that my Youtube channel was growing I needed to devote more time there now My youtube channel I think was around 400 to 600 subscribers so it didn't have i Think it was more so 600 subscribers i Mean that's still a lot of people if you Think about it 600 people that's a lot Of people but I didn't have this huge huge audience But i knew that one thing that was Holding me back on youtube was one not Spending enough time there so I did i switched and i started to spend More time on my youtube channel but the Other thing Was i was using this shaky shaky camera And funny enough i went back through and I watched one of my old videos yesterday And I could barely focus on the video Because that camera was so So bad honestly i think it would have Been better off if i just filmed all of My youtube videos on my phone because it Wouldn't have been

As shaky like that camera the quality Was Terrible absolutely terrible so i Realized that one of the things that was Holding me back was actually the qual Quality of my visuals so i decided to Get this camera that i have right now Which is my canon eos m50 and i am Obsessed with this camera it is a great Starter camera and i get that question All the time what is a starter camera That i can use It's this one it's not that much money i Mean it's still i think it's like 600 So it's a decent amount of money but It's not 3 000 compared to some of the cameras I'm looking at now which is just Madness but this is a great starter Camera so i ended up Devoting more time to my youtube channel Well actually i niched down Started to see some growth so then i Ended up devoting more time to my Youtube channel and then i got New camera gear i just i got a new Camera and With all of that i started to see more And more of a growth in my youtube Channel So at the time yes i was still blogging I was still trying to put out one blog Post a week and then i ended up getting To the point where i just

I was trying to create not three youtube Videos a week but i was creating youtube Videos every three days so I was creating two videos a week and i Was just on this like constant Cycle with my youtube channel pushing Out content that got to the point where I stopped devoting as much time to my Blog i stopped creating free resources i Stopped creating blog posts and i just Didn't pay that much attention to it Over time as my youtube channel Continued to grow I stopped paying less and less attention To my blog and the main reason why was Because Video was working for me youtube was Working for me and i was honestly i was Really really enjoying it so I wanted to dedicate all of my time and Energy there and here's something else That i haven't really talked about Before youtube has significantly Scaled my income not only because Obviously my audience is skilled so of Course my income is going to scale but It has been a better income stream for Me Compared to my blog with my blog It can be harder to make money and if You've ever heard of influencers saying That the majority of their income comes From sponsored posts it comes from Affiliate marketing

I mean yes that is still a big source of My Income but ads on my youtube videos Is a big source of income for me and you Guys know that you see it every single Month when i create my analytic reports So With my blog i was struggling to make Money And once my youtube channel became Monetized i realized that With youtube it was easier for me to Make money And i wanted to go in the direction that Was going to Actually continue to scale my business Continue to scale my brand So youtube made the most logical sense Now behind the scenes my Website i obviously i stopped uploading Regular blog posts to and then it turned Into like once a month or once whenever I felt like it and then I decided you know what catherine you Started out as a blogger some people Absolutely love your blog like i want to Stick to this i want to stick to Blogging so What i ended up doing is i said okay Once a week i'm gonna launch a blog post Two times a week i'm gonna launch a Youtube video once a week i'm gonna Launch an ig tv and it was just like a Lot of content that i was trying to

Figure out but I don't know if this is the universe i Don't know what i don't know what But while i was trying to launch one Vlog post a week i was getting back into That routine My website ended up having a serious Problem Where i couldn't save anything i was Trying to work on a blog post i was Trying to get it live And i was doing all this work and once i Would click save Nothing saved nothing and i couldn't Figure out what was going wrong and then I mentioned all my instagram stories and Someone said Check your storage like how many files You actually have on your website within The back end so i had to go to godaddy That's my hosting server and i had to Check see how many files are actually On my website right now and i had Actually maxed out How many files i could have on a site Which was like 250 000 or something outrageous it was Absolutely insane But i got on the phone with godaddy and I was like hey what's going on there's No way i have this many files on my site Like it just doesn't make any sense What they ended up finding was that There was a virus there was something

Going on that was causing an Error there and i couldn't save anything Because there was no more room to save Anything so we ended up fixing the Problem it dropped down to like 40 000 files or something insane like it Went from Way way way up here so the whole way Down here and i was like great problem Solved back to creating my blog post A couple weeks later maybe a month later I actually filmed a video I was vlogging that day and i had Another problem with my website and I had to call godaddy and i was like hey My files are back the whole way up I can't do anything on my website what's Going on and basically what they told me Is that They did a ton of research and godaddy's Customer service is the Freaking best like their customer Service has been absolutely amazing Anytime i've ever had a problem with my Website but basically what they told me Is that i needed to hire A more advanced website developer to go In Figure out the real root of the problem Because obviously they can't solve it And i was bummed at the time I was trying to pay off my credit card Debt and that's where all of my money Was going minus paying the bills and

Stuff i was trying to pay off all my Credit card debt and i was like I don't have the money right now to Expense or to Pay for a website developer to go in and Correct this problem within my website So i stopped blogging and truthfully That's the reason why i haven't been Blogging it's because Now i'm at the point where i can Definitely afford a website developer And i need to do that because i want my Website to be Running a-okay like i would love to be Able to update things on my website but Right now I can't really change anything because It's maxed out with its files and it's Just It's a pain in the butt but that's the Real reason why i stopped blogging was Because I couldn't make any changes to my Website i couldn't afford it i couldn't Afford to hire a website developer to Fix the problem So yeah now i consider myself a Full-time youtuber and Obviously that was not my original plan Like i told you guys i wanted to be a Blogger i thought that i was going to be A full-time blogger but Over time you need to learn to pivot and That's one of the things that i think

I've done pretty well if i can toot my Own horn You need to learn when to pivot and you Need to learn When to just adjust your strategy and For me Blogging yes it was working but it Wasn't getting me where i wanted to go With my brand It was a very very just like slow Slow inclined like it was it was hard to Grow my blog and i honestly i think it's A lot harder to grow a blog than it is To grow a youtube channel But once i got started with youtube and I really realized that i could create a Connection with you guys that i could Create videos that were Helpful informative and i was actually Living in my purpose i was doing What i felt like i was supposed to be Doing like i was helping other people Actually succeed I pivoted and i focused more time on my Youtube channel And like i said i was talking about Three main topics when i decided to Niche down so blogging Pinterest and then how i was able to do Things and because of that One random category i ended up launching A video on my channel Talking about how long it takes to Become monetized on youtube because

At the time i had such a small knit Community and i would respond to every Single one of your comments and It was so much fun like that was a time Of bliss Within my youtube channel but you guys Were So invested in me hitting 1 000 Subscribers and me hitting my 4 000 Watch hours like i would tell you in my Videos that I was getting close to these milestones And you guys truly did help me get There you helped me become monetized on Youtube really so once i became Monetized i wanted to create a video About it because You guys helped me to get there and that Was the start of talking about youtube On youtube so then a month Or two later i think i think it was just A month later i ended up getting my First youtube paycheck so i created a Video on that I ended up growing on youtube so i Talked about growing on youtube and then I ended up developing What i ended up devoting one whole month I think it was august of 2019 To youtube and i said how would you guys Feel actually i think it was in july i Pitched the idea and i was like how Would you guys feel if i Dedicated one whole month to only

Creating videos about youtube and you Were really really receptive to it so I created videos all about youtube for a Month And the videos did okay they didn't do Amazing but Once i started to go back to blogging And pinterest content I realized that my blogging and Pinterest content videos started to tank Youtube was starting to recommend my Youtube related videos so I pivoted and i followed the direction That Youtube clearly wanted me to go i adjust My strategy And i started only talking about youtube And then that led me To basically where i am today with my Youtube channel So yeah i don't know i feel like there's So much that is Included or so much that i could include Within my Journey of telling you guys like how i Became a full-time youtuber And all the little things that led me to The point that i'm at today but Basically in this video i just want to Talk about Why i left my blog why i stopped Blogging and became a youtuber and There's a couple of things that i want You guys to consider in case you are

Thinking about being an influencer and You're not sure okay do i want instagram To want to be my main platform do i want Youtube to be my main platform do i want To have a blog like All of that stuff there's a lot that you Need to think about but if you want to Go the instagram route And you want to be an instagrammer is What i'm going to call it it's still an Influencer but you also have a blog or You also have a youtube channel but you Want your main platform to be Instagram i'm just going to tell you Guys that your Content every piece of content you put Out there it's not going to make you Money And that is one thing about youtube that I absolutely love Every single video that i create yes Some videos may take me 12 hours to create but Every single video i create i know is Going to make me money Compared to every single instagram post I share i know i'm not making any money From that and It's not all about the money i just want You guys to realistically think about This because if you want to become a Full-time influencer and you want Instagram to be your main platform you Have to realize that

One affiliate marketing is going to be Absolutely freaking huge I follow a lot of fashion people i'm not That big in fashion I wear t-shirts all the freaking time But i follow a lot of fashion people and They do try on hauls and they share like The nordstrom sale that happens every Year and the likes to know it's sale That just happen And the reason why they do those things Is one because that's what influencers Do They try out different products and then They have products to recommend to you That is the point of being an influencer Is to recommend Things that you like things that you Love well i don't want to say that's the Main point of being an influencer Because i feel like so many people have Like the influenza world has really Spanned out and You can have a totally different purpose Like i feel like my purpose isn't a Recommend products to you guys i feel Like my purpose is to help you guys grow Create a life that you love doing what You love and that's why i create the Videos that i create but on instagram People do like try on hauls and they Share their outfits and they share Links to them those links are affiliate Links so when someone actually buys

Something Through that link they receive a Commission because that is their way to Make money another way that they make Money is through sponsored posts and I've heard a lot of Influencers a lot of instagramers say That their main source of income is Sponsored posts because On instagram you don't have ads now on Your blog You can have ads so that's another great Passive income stream but On instagram it's not that way at least Not yet apparently igtv is getting ads Which would be Really really cool but with youtube One thing that i noticed is that i could Make money with every single piece of Content that i was putting out there I could link to my affiliate links i Could still have sponsored posts but Every single video is going to make me Money and As a business person as someone trying To run a business grow a business i Would love to Build out my team and i've got bigger Dreams and bigger things that i want to Do not only for you guys but also just Within my business so For me obviously money is an aspect of That i would not be able to create the Videos that i create sure

This one is simple this one is not going To take me that much time but Other videos that i create i can spend 12 hours on them I would not be able to create the Content that i create if i wasn't a Full-time youtuber so Money is an aspect it is not everything With what you do and i do not want you Guys to get started Focused on the money like i don't want You to start a youtube channel because You're like oh this is going to make me More money but i'm really really Interested in blogging You can still make great money with your Blog it's just something that i want you Guys to consider and something that i Would Like i just i feel like that Transparency and that honesty needs to Be out there So yeah i don't know what else there is To say oh the other thing is When you have just an instagram and a Blog instagram use your instagram Stories Use your igtv especially if igtv gets Ads it's another way to Create an income stream you want Multiple income streams but It's a better way to connect with your Audience there's a lot of people on Instagram that i mainly follow because

Of their instagram stories because i Like their personality and personality Is Absolutely huge so definitely i would Still recommend if you don't want to go The youtube route Have a video component within what you Do as an influencer but I feel like i've rambled enough i hope That that story was Helpful maybe informative maybe if you Were just curious why i quit blogging There you go there's your answer but Yeah if there's other Elements within my journey of becoming a Full-time youtuber If there's specific things that you guys Want me to talk about in this series Please Please let me know because i feel like There's so much that i could dive Into when it comes to just like my Journey in general like i could talk About My freelancing how i ended up switching From being content writer to a pinterest Manager how i was able to grow my Consultation business And all of that stuff like i feel like There's so much more That went into how i got here today i'm Just not exactly sure What you guys would like to hear what You would be interested in

But yeah i definitely i am going to be Creating a video talking about how i was Able to get Out of credit card that that one is Coming and i think i may do another one Just talking about the growth within my Channel but i'm not sure because i feel Like i talk about that So so much but maybe more so what was Happening behind the scenes how i was Able to manifest that i'm not exactly Sure Anyways at this point i am absolutely Rambling i have to go make myself Breakfast So i will see you guys back here on Tuesday with another video bye guys [Music] You