I actually had my notepad and pen ready To take some notes and write down my Advice like real just like five things And my advice to any beginner blogger And then I realized why don't I just Shoot a more raw video of me talking With you guys and just kind of get now On a real level talk about my experience As a beginner vlogger and any advice That I would have gift myself when I was Starting out I have actually only had my Blog for a year which is crazy I actually bought my domain in October Of 2016 I didn't watch my blog until January 2017 and by the time you are Watching this and lusha crazy into the Future It is 2018 relatively the beginning of 2018 April not April February right no Wonder it is February 2018 so I am a Year into my blogging experience to me It's kind of been a year and a half Because I started in October in my mind The launch date wasn't really my real Date in my opinion so I've been doing This for a little while and ten months Into my blog launch I actually left my Full-time position and I took my blog Full-time and that was insane but now as I say here I work for myself and I am a Full-time blogger slash freelancer slash Entrepreneur slash I don't even know What you would call me and honestly I Don't even know what I'm doing

Does anyone know what they're doing so My advice for any beginner what I wish I Could have told myself from the Beginning was I mean to start make sure That you know what the heck you're Getting yourself into so when I got Started I except you bought a WordPress.com site instead of a WordPress.org site huge mistake if you Want to start a blog I actually have a Free course that you can take with all My suggestions recommendations and steps To get you started to create a Successful blog so I will include that Down below for you guys you guys can go Ahead and enjoy it start blogging today And start your blog make sure you know What you're getting into up from your Website domain to your hosting server to What you're really getting into you have To realize that as a blogger you are Putting yourself out there online you Are going to get people that don't like You you're going to get negative Comments you're going to really struggle You're going to get people that do think They know you and try to relate to you When they have no idea and you know You're just ever Realize that you're putting your heart And your soul out there on the line and Giving it to other people it is no Longer your story I talk about my story A lot my journey and my personal current

Past I mean everything struggles I I Throw it off there on the line because I Think that's the best way to go my brand Is through extreme vulnerability along The way I received so much love but I've Also received hate for people I have Gotten nasty emails I have gotten like Soliciting emails in a sexual way and it You know it I've gotten things that I Wouldn't expect to get I delete comments On Instagram I delete DMS I have watched People on Instagram sadly I wish I Didn't have to but by putting yourself Out there or opening yourself up to this Whole other world of amazing people but Also some creeps and so many haters and Some what do they call those trolls and Are not trolls Oh yeah you'll get internet trolls and I Heard this quote once that was like if Someone doesn't love you or if someone Doesn't hate you you're not doing all That much You're just not because you're not Creating a reaction but another sense You also need to know that what you're Getting into when it comes to your time Starting a blog especially when you're Working a full-time job or maybe you're A full-time student starting a blog is Going to take up a lot of your time and You need to understand that if you Wanted to be successful if you wanted to Grow you need to put the time in

Otherwise I mean what's the point of Throwing your money in oh that's another Great point when you need to know about What do you expect it's the one cost a Lot of money and I actually wrote a blog Post about what it costs to own a blog And all the blogging expenses I had in My very first year and let me tell you It was $4,000 yeah I put over $1000 in My blog crazy maybe but I got 3,000 out Of its one in my case I think it was a Whip talking about the time commitment It is the biggest time commitment Maybe not the biggest because I was a Swimmer and swimming That's but blogging is a large time Commitment and you may not realize Because you may think oh I just take Some photos I write some words and I put It online that's not it's just not the Case you have to realize that you are Your own website designer you're your Own photographer your own graphic Designer You're your own content creator you're Your own marketer you're everything your Public relations I mean when you start a Blog you are everything and everything Lives on you and if you aren't willing To put in the hard work if you aren't Willing to put in the time and make the Sacrifices that need to be made in order To make that book successful and it's Just not going to be successful another

Tip would be stop worrying about how Many followers who have and don't buy Your followers people can tell if you Buy your followers it's actually really Funny Alex the other day came to me and He had an Instagram account I think a Girl he went to high school with or Something and he was like look at this Girl she was getting paid to do these Sponsored posts on Instagram like what And I looked at her account and she had 200 posts that were very low quality and She had 56,000 followers and I was like No she bought her followers and now it's Just like no she didn't Why would buy me brands support her why Would brands pay for her to write a post And I was like she bought her followers And no how do you know that so I went to Her followers I clicked on them and I Scroll down a little bit and I started To see all these spam accounts you can Tell their spam accounts because Typically they don't have a photo their Username is very odd and typically it's Like followers something and they're in Stuff followers and you can tell that Their name is very odd and then if you Click on their profile they will have Typically zero posts they will have Three of their own followers or 0 over Their own powers and their following 4,000 accounts those are accounts that Are used to buy followers and those are

The people that are following you so There there's no point to get that Number people could tell that you're Lying and I'm really shocked at how Many's worked for that girl but people Can tell that you're lying and people Aren't going to want to follow you Because you're not putting out quality Stuff what's the point having a lot of Followers is going to get you nowhere if They're not quality followers – beginning so many people worry about How many followers they have and they're Trying to grow so quickly but it just Doesn't happen like that it just does it And you shouldn't worry about how many Followers you have you should worry About the quality of content you're Putting out and look just just in General the quality of work you're Putting out and the person that you are People are going to care about you People will notice if you are a good Person And you're putting out quality stuff People will notice and that following Will come and once you have that Following trust me a little money will Come as well and that's what a lot of People worry about I did a survey on Instagram the other day asking people About what they're trying to grow more Their money like their income or their Following and at the beginning I had

Everyone say their money and by the time I pull closed it was 50/50 people said They're following and their money but That beginning spark of everyone just Saying their money really stuck out to Me because a lot of people don't realize That money comes along with your phone You can't just start making money if you Know no one following you if you don't Have an audience companies aren't gonna Wanna work with you you have nothing the Left where it's there you need to take The time to build your audience and your Audience is directly related to your Money if you have a larger audience the More money you'll be making if you in The smaller only it's the less money You'll be making and I know a lot of People talk about niche specific like Small niche blogs and how that's what Companies want to work with these days It's true companies do want to work with Small niche blogs because they were Really engaged audience but you needed To still go to family if you want to Make a real money and if you want to Make a real impact so stop worrying About how many followers you have from The beginning focus on putting out Quality stuff and when you put out Quality stuff your following will come And the money will come as well so you Don't need to worry about your following Or your money I know you're still going

To worry about it Trust me and I've been worrying about it For the longest time and it is hard to Tell myself to just stop worrying but There's nothing you can do but work on The stuff that you're putting out Because why would anyone follow you Anyways you need to follow it back down Why would anyone pay for you what I Would anyone follow you if you're not Putting out quality stuff it's as simple As that if you want to make money you Need Actually have a plan on how you're going To make money and how you're going to Grow when I did that survey the other Day I actually had a majority people Saying that they did not have a plan in Place on how they were going to grow and I was stunned I was stunned I could not Believe how many people did not have a Plan on how they were going to grow but If you want to make money you need to Have a money plan in place so you just German where your money is coming from And when you're doing that you need a Have income coming from a variety of Different sources so a lot of bloggers Don't have money just coming from one Source it's not like they saw one on my Course that's the only placement income They typically have ads they have Affiliate income they have sponsored Posts and I'm not even sure there's a

Lot of different examples I can give you Guys my Blaine braid is a lengthen right Now um but they have a variety of Different sources of their income just Think that income comes from a variety Of different places it flows to you from All directions which is a great not try To have if you want to make money it Don't concentrate so much on one thing Don't concentrate so much on ads it's Going to take you a while to make money At from ads trust me a really is but Just have a variety of different sources Of income and you'll be just fine I Believe in you you'll be just fine I Think that's all I want to share today I May actually make this a no continued Series of different things I wish I Would have known as a beginner or things I've learned as a blogger we'll see Where it take it but for now those are Just kind of some of the basics that I Think you guys need to know really not That book related but honestly it's Going to help you so much and I really Wish I had that information when I was Getting started so I love you guys You're awesome thank you for supporting Thank you guys for watching make sure You like this video give it a thumbs up And subscribe to my channel and I will See you guys back here in another video Bye [Music]