In here i'll show you just a recent 
transaction in my paypal account   Of the monthly affiliate commissions that i 
received from one of the services that i promoted   To my audience. I’ve been asked to talk about 
affiliate marketing on my channel for ages. And   I get it why so many people really want to learn 
what is affiliate marketing and how does it work.  It’s one of the best ways to make money 
online because it doesn’t require almost   Any financial investment to start.  Hey there! I’m Anastasia of, 
I am a full-time blogger, a Pinterest marketing   Expert and an online business educator. 
If this sounds interesting to you,   Hit Subscribe and the Bell button to get 
notifications about my new videos going live.  So are you dreaming to start working from home? 
Maybe you are a mom and you want to take care of   Your kids while having an income stream. Or maybe 
you are someone who just wants an extra hustle   At the side. If that’s you, affiliate marketing 
could be your best way to go as a beginner.  To put it simply, affiliate marketing is a process 
of earning an affiliate commission from marketing   Another person’s or company’s products.
You are someone who introduces products and   Services to others using any online platforms 
that you have. And when a sale is made,   You will earn a commission.
I think it can be a great   Way to make online income even for beginners 
because the entry requirements are very low.   You don’t have to think about creating your 
own product, you don’t have to market it or   Hire customer support. All of this is done by the 
company that offers the affiliate program. All YOU   Have to do is share the information about their 
products or services with your online audience.  Now, you may ask: but how 
does it technically work?  You get a unique affiliate link from 
the company that sells the product.   Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link, 
a cookie will be dropped into their browser.   If they decide to make the 
purchase, the company you are   Affiliated with will know that that customer 
came from you and they will reward you for it.  HOW MUCH MONEY CAN YOU MAKE 
AS AN AFFILIATE MARKETER?  According to Payscale, a website where 
you can find reliable salary market data,   An average annual affiliate marketing income 
is $51,217. Those who are low-leveled affiliate   Marketers can annually earn up to $37,000.
But honestly, the sky is the limit when it comes   To affiliate income. For my blogging business, 
affiliate marketing is the second biggest   Income stream after creating and selling my own 
products. If you are interested in checking in   Detail one of my income reports, here is one for 
a month when my online income exceeded $40,000.  And I will show you just a recent transaction 
in my PayPal account of the monthly affiliate   Commissions I received from one of the 
services that I promote to my audience.  

Usually, the biggest chunk of my affiliate income 
comes from the companies that offer products and   Services in the online marketing space. This 
screenshot below is for an online program that   I promoted to my email list only twice and during 
these 2 promotions I made $8,660 in commissions. If you want to become their affiliate as well, it 
makes sense if you have an online presence in the   Same or similar niche to mine. I mean if you talk 
to your audience about weight loss for example,   It doesn’t make sense to join 
this particular affiliate program.   But if you have the right audience, then I’ll 
drop a link to this program in the description   Below the video so you can apply and see 
if they accept you as an affiliate as well.  On a side note, affiliate marketing is 
an amazing income stream for bloggers,   But it’s not the only one. I actually have an 
online course that shows you all the best ways   To monetize your blog to 6-figures and beyond. 
You will find a link to the course in the info   Icon and in the description below this video.
And remember that your income will highly   Depend on how much and how effective you promote 
a product. The price of the product and the size   Of your commission also can affect your income. 
When you work with online courses the commissions   Are usually very high, anywhere around 30 or 40% 
commission. The products are usually priced at   Least in the hundreds of dollars, sometimes 
even a few thousand dollars per customer.  An affiliate marketer can get paid in three ways:
1. Pay Per Sale  This is the standard and most common way of 
getting paid through affiliate marketing.   You will get paid a percentage of the sale price 
of the product you are promoting. Expensive   Products or programs that have higher commission 
rate, are more interesting in this model because   You then you can make more money.
2. Pay Per Lead  Here an affiliate marketer has to convince the 
customer to visit the company’s or merchant’s   Website and complete some kind of action. It 
could be signing up for their free challenge,   Subscribing to their newsletter, filling out a 
form, something like this. Through this, companies   Will track every action done by the consumer and 
you will get paid a fixed commission per lead.  But I will be honest, in most of the 
affiliate programs they typically will use   Pay per sale model. Pay per lead is less common 
but I already had an experience with one company   That paid me for the same campaign the both 
things – pay per sale and also, they paid me   A $2 commission for each lead, meaning I 
also got paid for anyone who just signed   Up for their email list and not necessarily 
even purchased the product this time around.  You might ask me why would they 
want to pay me $2 for leads if   These users didn’t purchase the product?
Well, that’s because leads were people somehow   Interested in the product. Something didn’t work 
out. Maybe they didn’t have the funds or the time   To use the product when I made the promotion.
But they will remain on their email list and so  

They can keep sending them emails later and 
definitely a certain percentage of the leads will   Eventually purchase their product. They can also 
work as affiliate marketers themselves and send to   Those people other offers at a later time.
You see they paid me $2 per lead and this   Is a pretty low-cost warm audience for them 
because if they tried to get the same people   Through Facebook ads for instance, they would 
likely pay at least $7-10 dollars per lead.  Now a few tips for you that will help you 
An affiliate marketer’s success   Highly depends on how convincing and persuasive 
they are in marketing a product. This means that   Before choosing a product or service to promote, 
you must have at least a bit of knowledge on what   The product is and what category or niche it falls 
under. Is it Lifestyle? Tech? Travel? Beauty?  Next, you should ask yourself which of those 
niches you are interested in. You won’t be able   To successfully promote a beauty or skincare 
product if you do not know the brand or have   No idea what the product is for. So keep in mind 
that the product you will promote is something   That you are genuinely interested in. Remember, 
you can’t fool everyone, especially people they   Know a little bit about the topic and made some 
research on it before finding your information!  2. Find Great Affiliate Products to Promote
Depending on your niche, you will promote   Different types of products.
If you are in the home decor niche,   You will likely create content that features 
multiple affiliate products per post and   Give links to each product from Amazon 
Associates or RewardStyle platforms.  On Amazon you’d likely be 
looking at the products that have   Great reviews to make sure people actually buy 
and don’t just leave Amazon page immediately   Disappointed with your recommendation.
When you search for products on   RewardStyle for example, they have this high 
commission label on some of the products.   They are usually from large and known stores 
like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and others.   So this is the filter you could use when you 
create content around the affiliate products.  The issue with promoting physical products through 
Amazon or other networks is that commissions are   Often very low. Anywhere from just 1% 
commission (seriously, this applies to   Some product categories on Amazon) and to about 
10% maximum. So it’s rarely a huge commission   But because the products are in a lower 
price range, usually below $50 or $100,   It’s relatively easy for consumers to pick up 
the credit card and actually make the purchase   Right away coming from your affiliate link.
When you promote digital products, for example,   Online courses, especially those 
that are in the higher price range,   Commissions are usually higher – anywhere 
between 30% and even up to 40% commission. Plus,   The products usually cost at least several hundred 
of dollars if not thousands. So if you think it’s  

Easier to promote high-ticket products, you might 
be quite wrong about it. Because it takes a lot   More effort to promote them, it’s not enough 
to just drop a link from a blog post or two.  You have to educate your audience, build 
trust through your free content and do it   Consistently so that when you have 
something to share as an affiliate,   They would know all about your values and would 
see why you are recommending this product.  So if you ask me what are the best type of 
products to promote as an affiliate? The answer   Is not so easy and straightforward as expected. 
Is it always better to promote something more   Expensive and with a higher commission rate? 
Well, higher commissions are always great but   When the product costs thousands of dollars, 
you need to do a ton of work as an affiliate to   Educate your audience about the benefits of this 
product, and to convince them to make a purchase.  3. Sign up for affiliate programs
Again, depending on your niche,   You might need to work with some products 
directly. Like for example in case of online   Courses or big service companies, they will often 
have their own platforms for you to sign up.  But in many other niches, looking for 
individual companies that offer affiliate   Partnerships can be very time-consuming.
This is why affiliate networks exist.   Their main role is to give you access 
from one place, to different brands and   Companies that offer affiliate partnerships.
These networks will also handle the tracking,   Reporting, and payment to the affiliates. The 
variety of companies and brands that you can find   On these affiliate networks could range 
from high-end brands like Dior, Gucci,   To indie brands and individual eCommerce websites.
Some popular affiliate networks include:  • Awin
• Amazon Associates  • CJ Affiliate
• ShareASale  • ClickBank
• RewardStyle  • Flexoffers
• Rakuten Marketing  There are many more but I just mentioned 
the ones I tried to work with for different   Products! The possibilities and choices are 
endless when it comes to affiliate marketing 🙂  By the way, if you enjoy detailed videos 
like this one, let me know in the comment   Below and like the video – I truly appreciate 
your support of my channel. And if I see this   Kind of longer videos packed with helpful 
information are doing well, I will do my best   To create more of them on my channel.
4. Start an Affiliate Blog  Starting your own blog is probably one of 
the most effective ways to be successful   In affiliate marketing. First of all, it builds 
a bond and trust between you and your audience   Since you can share your opinions and 
reviews about the product you are promoting.  Second, there is a chance for your 
blog or post to rank organically in  

Search engines. This means that when people 
search about the product you are promoting,   There is a possibility for your blog post to 
appear on the search results. And another benefit   Is that once your blog gets more successful, 
affiliate opportunities will eventually come   To you – you do not have to search for them! 
Companies always go to established online   Influencers to promote and review their products.
What you just need to focus on is your writing   Skills and how persuasive and convincing you 
are when promoting a product. After you are   Done writing your content, you just need to 
add your unique affiliate link to the content   Where you mention the product. Sounds easy, right?
And if you are worried about starting a blog, then   Do not worry because it does not cost much at all! 
In fact, you can make a blog within 11 minutes!   You can watch my Youtube video here where I guide 
you on how to start a WordPress blog very quickly.  You can also check out my FREE course on how 
to start a blog. I’ll give you both links   In the description box down below.
5. Start a Youtube Channel  This is kind of like a blog but a video blog, 
right? You can totally promote products or   Services by recommending them in your videos.
You can’t drop an affiliate link   In the video as easily as in a blog post, but you 
can add it to the description below the video.  If you ask me what do I think works better a blog 
or a Youtube channel, I think it’s definitely   Easier to write texts than record and edit videos. 
But if you already have a blog and want to reach   Additional audience with your videos, then I have 
a great video for you that will help you start a   Youtube channel from scratch and grow it to 1000 
subscribers as fast as possible. Check out the   Link in the info icon in the top right corner.
6. Create a Pinterest account  If you do not have the time or just are not 
interested in starting a blog, there is another   Way you can promote your affiliate links for 
free. And that is through Pinterest! You need   To know it is not just a social media site but 
it’s actually a search engine just like Google!  This means with right keywords and SEO, when 
people search for the product you are promoting   On Pinterest, there is a high chance that your 
pin will be at the top of the search results!  If you are just starting out or already made 
an account on Pinterest but you feel lost and   You want to improve your SEO, then you can check 
out my free course: Pinterest SEO Traffics Secret   Where I teach you how to master SEO and keywords 
on the platform and keep you updated on the latest   Pinterest updates, changes in algorithms, 
and more. Check out the link in the top   Right corner and in the description down below.
By the way, you can even add direct affiliate   Links to your pins. It’s allowed on Pinterest you 
have do make sure your account doesn’t become a   Collection of affiliate links only, this could 
be considered spammy. I have another video on my   Channel that explains how you can use Pinterest 
as an affiliate marketer even if you don’t run a   Website. Again, look at the links below the video, 
I will have all the stuff I mentioned there. 

7. Start an Email List
Another great strategy to   Build trust and communication between you and 
your audience is by starting an email list!  You should treat your emails as a mini-blog of 
some sort since the approach will almost be the   Same as when you are writing a blog review– 
but shorter and more direct to the point.  You can send out emails weekly or even daily! 
This means that you will be able to introduce   More products to your audience more frequently. 
This also gives an opportunity for your audience   To reply back to you and ask more about the 
product which increases the chances for a sale!  In addition to that, always keep in mind that 
your email list is something that you control.   While with your social media profiles, like your 
Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest account – all of   These platforms have algorithms and they decide 
which of your content should be shown to whom.  Not all of the followers will always see your 
posts with affiliate links. On top of that,   These platforms can literally take away from you 
all your work one day if they decide to change   An algorithm or to ban your account. With 
an email list this doesn’t happen because   You have direct access to the inbox of 
each user who signed up for your list.  To wrap it up, everything under the moon is now 
accessible with a few clicks through the Internet.   It goes for products, jobs, and income. 
If you are someone who is searching for   A side hustle that can provide extra income, 
then seriously consider affiliate marketing.  In fact, once you become successful, you can 
easily make this your full-time job and main   Income stream. I’ll leave with that 
and just wanted to remind you about   My course that shows you the way to 
making a serious income as a blogger.   It’s not only about affiliate marketing, 
I show you in the course all the different   Monetization methods that can help you get 
to a 6-figure online income and beyond.   Check the link in the info icon and 
in the description below the video.  Now, here are a few of my other videos that 
will also help you grow your income online,   Check them out here and there. And 
I’ll see you in the next videos!