So you want to learn how to make money Blogging but more importantly how much Money you can actually realistically Earn with your blog Hello my name is anna and for those of You who don't know me i'm a blog growth Strategist and coach over at the and in today's video we're Going to talk all about how i made my First 150 000 blogging if you're new Here make sure to stick around like and Subscribe and more importantly check out My detailed income reports on my website because i've been doing These income reports ever since i got my First 100 Vlogging and i've only now started Filming youtube videos for them so if You want to look at my past income Reports see how i started even making my First a hundred dollars or a thousand Dollars i have it all detailed and laid Out on my blog for you to check out but In today's video i just want to break Down exactly how i earn money blogging Over the past few years and keep in mind That i started my blog while i was still In university and working full-time over Five years ago and i went full-time a Couple of years back and i'm gonna walk You through that journey so you can see What it's like and what it takes to make Money blogging also note that this is Income that i've actually been paid into

My bank account or paypal account none Of this is estimated earnings or Anything like that but actual money that I've earned through my blogging business But before we get started i know i know You are dying to get to the good stuff And you can probably skip ahead but Before that keep in mind that all this Income that i've earned is because i've Built an audience with my blog i know That these type of videos can be super Inspiring i love reading other people's Income reports but i want you to keep in Mind that all of this money comes from The fact that i've built an audience Around my blog and around my content so The first piece of advice i can give you And the most important thing for you to Focus on and your take away from this Video if you will is to focus on Building an audience first and doing That in a particular niche or industry Because it's so much easier to monetize And to even implement all these ways to Make money blogging that i'm gonna talk To you about today if you have an Audience to pretty much sell to if you Have that trust authority and influence It's just so much easier to monetize and Scale your blogging business and i don't Mean that in a malicious way you're Obviously going to be providing loads of Value for that audience to even build The trust in the first place and you're

Gonna see exactly what i mean but i'm Not talking about making money overnight Or tricking people into buying things From you it's all very transparent and That's one of the reasons why i'm even Doing these income reports because i Love being transparent online and Showing people what's possible because So many blogs are out there making a Killing and nobody shares it because Well why would they like i said to give You a better understanding of my blog Growth and journey you can check out my Detailed income reports leading up to This one because i do milestone income Reports for all the big milestones that I've achieved with my blog but let me Break it down for you it took me two and A half years to make my first fifty Thousand dollars vlogging That's no joke and that's because like i Said i started it as a side hustle Uh or as a hobby blog i was working full Time i was studying full-time it was a Whole shebang then it took me another Year to make my second 50 000 Benchmark and meet that threshold so That's less than half of the time Because i got good at what i was doing i Got focused and i even um got some time Off so eventually i started working Part-time and then eventually i quit my Job all together to focus on my vlogging Business but it definitely is a case of

How much time you're willing to invest In it it's gonna show in your results And how quickly you can grow your blog Then for my third fifty thousand dollar Blogging which is mostly covered in this Video it took me only eight months so Again i got there a lot quicker when it Comes to these figures keep in mind that This is not all profit obviously i have Expenses when it comes to my blog like Hosting domain a bunch of other things That i've invested and to be able to Grow my blog that i can dive into Separately in another video but for now I want you to know that just because it Took me about three years to become a Full-time blogger doesn't mean it has to Take you three years like i said i was Doing so many things at a time and i was Just starting from scratch without any Kind of knowledge of what i was doing And testing these strategies out in the Dark without kind of knowing what to Expect that's why my mission today is Help vloggers get to where i am a lot Quicker than me and that's why i've Written an actual book about it that you Can find on amazon it's called she Approached starting a money making blog And it has all the lessons that i've Learned starting not one but two blogs Because a little over a year ago i've Started the second pet blog and i've Been able to grow and scale that a lot

Quicker just because i had a plan and You will find that exact plan in my Amazon ebook that you can get in kindle Version or get the paper bag that comes Included with actual checklists and a Plan for your blog so you can get Started and get monetizing a lot quicker Okay now that you know all the nitty Gritty details that you didn't even ask For it's time to get into it this is how I made my first 150 000 blogging I've actually hit this milestone back in November of 2020 i've just been a little Late to actually sitting down and Calculating and doing the breakdown for You guys so here it is one of my biggest Earners on my blog is affiliate Marketing and affiliate sales out of Which i have earned 61 926 I earned this money through promoting a Variety of courses tools and actual Physical products on my blog and i get a Commission of these sales so you can be An affiliate for anything from amazon to Walmart because of the nature of my Niche and blog i just tend to promote a Lot more digital products tools things Of that nature and the last year has Been a little challenging because of That and the last year has been a little Challenging when it came to that because A couple of affiliate programs that i Really loved and i was making money with

Close down Which means i can no longer earn from Them but you re-adapt you find other Products that kind of match the needs of Your audience And you go from there if you struggle Finding affiliate programs or you're new And you don't even know where to start Be sure to check out the description of This video as i have a lot of resources On my blog when it comes to finding Affiliate programs and i even have an Affiliate program master list that has Over 700 affiliate program options that You can join obviously don't go ahead And join them once you have to kind of Pick and choose which ones are going to Make sense for your blog niche and Content the second way that i make money Blogging and this is an even bigger Chunk than my affiliate income earnings Is through selling ebooks and digital Products i have made to date sixty seven Thousand eight hundred and seventy eight Dollars Through my ebook courses sale courses And so on such a big part of my earnings Happen passively I basically have system funnels and Content in place to promote said ebooks And courses and i also have a team of Affiliates that promote my products so If they make a sale i give them a cut of The profit and obviously my income takes

A spike whenever i launch a new product And i promote it to my audience the last Product that i released to date was my Content creation challenge that kind of Teaches you how to come up with one year Of blog posts in one month and it's a Mini course challenge That i launched for early 27 Um at the end of last year and i made uh Six thousand dollars just in the launch Week so you do have like spikes when you Launch new products but my biggest Earners to date have been my ebooks both The books that i have on my website that I sell separately and my amazon ebook And you wouldn't believe how much you Can earn through small digital products That are quite like easy to put together And Distribute and they are just such great Tools to One really teach your audience something Valuable that you couldn't really teach In just one video or one blog post and Two really boost your blog income so That's where i saw my blogging income Really take off when i started launching Digital products and i have a bunch of Content on this on my blog because i'm Really dedicated to helping as many Women and as many people as i can Publish their first ebook the third way That i make money online with my Business is by offering coaching

Services i have made to date Sixteen thousand nine hundred and twenty Seven dollars from it offering services Is such a great way to kind of get Started and monetize especially in the Beginning if you are still struggling to Get the traffic to make good money with Affiliate sales or your own product Sales you can offer a multitude of Services online i didn't start offering Coaching until i was like three years Into my business and i actually had the Experience to teach other people but you Can offer other services such as va Services copywriting freelance writing Whatever you're good at and i know You're probably thinking this is a Little bit cliche she makes money by Teaching other people how to make money Blogging But over the course of the years i have Worked with people from all sorts of Different niches from organization to Personal style Travel politics i've worked with Bloggers in pretty much all the niches Out there and i've also launched a Second blog that's a peplog that has Thing to do with the blogging and online Marketing industry and i know that the Strategies that i teach work because not Only have i tested them on my own blogs But i've also seen my clients run with Them and have success within their own

Niches i personally love working with Bloggers one-on-one and helping them Navigate through this maze of what it is To build a successful blogging business But just keep in mind that services are Borrowing your time for money and They're not very scalable so in other Words they're always a limit on how much Work you can take on or how many clients I usually have a cap and a waiting list For my coaching services because i can Only dedicate so much time to it per Month While my affiliate marketing and my Digital product don't have a limit of How much i can sell because the product Or the course that i've created is Already there it doesn't really matter How many new students enroll i have Already done the work to build the Course same goes with affiliate Marketing or ads of course you need more Traffic and you need that to grow but Your work goes towards that while your Affiliate offers or your ads are already In place ready to earn money speaking of Ad a revenue mine is literally quite Pathetic and nothing to brag about but Since i started blogging i have earned a Thousand eight hundred and eighty two Dollars with ads so as a little Disclaimer my traffic is not huge i Don't have a an enormous amount of Traffic i have between 25 and 30 000

Sessions per month coming to my blog the Reason why i'm able to make a full-time Living with that is because i've been Very strategic on how i monetize it And how i turn that and convert it into Paying customers and ads just isn't a Very scalable business model so when it Comes down to it i would rather earn Ninety dollars for somebody enrolling in One of my courses or even five or ten Dollars from an affiliate purchase Rather than make a couple of cents per Ad visitor or click for my ad block so I've been very minimalistic on purpose When it came to my ad placement and i've Really kept them to a minimum The next way that i've made money Vlogging with my small website over the Years is through sponsored posts and Working with brands i have earned a Thousand two hundred and eighty-four Dollars through that and that is through A variety of content that i've created For them either for my instagram Or my blog I did a couple of posts with social Native which is an influencer app for my Instagram a while back while i was still A lifestyle blogger and then i partnered Up with a couple of tech and blogging Tools for my website to create content Relevant to that so unlike sponsor posts Where you get paid once and then never Again for that work with my affiliate

Promotions i'm able to write a blog post About something and then if i continue Bringing traffic to it i will continue Earning affiliate incomes based on the Sales i bring even if it's two years Down the line after i wrote that article So when it comes to working with brands I prefer an affiliate sponsorship but There will be ways that you can combine The two so if you ever work with a brand Definitely ask if you're able to also Join their affiliate program that way You can earn money uh once for being Paid to write the content and then Ideally on an ongoing basis based on Your affiliate commission now the last Way i have earned money blogging is Through offering freelancing and va Services i have earned 440 dollars this Was back in 2019 where i briefly decided To offer a pinterest management service And i had i think one client i then Decided that it wasn't something that i Was gonna want to spend a lot of time on And i close down that service and focus On my coaching services instead and also I worked on developing my pinterest Ebook so i can help a lot more people at The same time this rounds up my income Report to a total of And 150 Seven dollars This was attained over course of four Years and a half but again keep in mind

That it took me two and a half years Just to earn my 50k and that is because I was all over the place i had no Guidance and i was testing a lot of These potential ideas and monetizing Strategies as i went along that being Said i'm really hoping this video Inspired you and also offered you a Couple of practical solutions on how you Can earn money vlogging my biggest Advice is to not put all your eggs in One basket you really want to diversify Your income so when it comes to making Money blogging you really want to be Open-minded and also you want to craft a Strategy that works for you and your Audience just because i'm earning more Money a certain way doesn't mean that it Will necessarily work for you it really Depends on your strengths your niche Your audience and your content strategy Of course That being said if you want to avoid all The mistakes that i've done when i Started my blog and monetize quicker Then i would like to invite you to come And be a part of my free online course That will teach you how to start a money Making blog it has over 3 000 students Already enrolled and loving it a lot of Them have already launched their Websites and i'm so proud but what are You waiting for take action today and Don't wait until you have everything

Sorted out to start like i said it's Totally free but if you'd like to Support me i also have an amazon book That goes into a lot more detail about That and the paperback version comes With a handy checklist they'll literally Tell you step by step what you need to Do as well as worksheets at the very end Of the book to help you brainstorm your Blog niche the ways that you want to Monetize and a plan going forward and i Know the formula works because i've used It to start my second blog and i have Been able to scale it and growing so Much faster just by having a clear Vision a plan and sticking with it and Taking a massive action and don't forget To subscribe and also check out my blog Because i am planning to keep doing These milestone income reports and the Next one is approaching really quick [Music] You