Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 the Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Welcome to the Ultimate Weathy Affiliate Guide to Get Started Affiliate Marketing Today… and the Best BONUSES ONLINE!!! Including Coaching a personal coaching session for the top 30 people from me!

The Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing

wealthy affiliate review affiliate marketing platform

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Name:?Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: Free Wealthy Affiiate Starter Membership, $0 (Wealthy Affiliate)
Price: Premium Membership, $49/month OR $359/year (Join Here)
Owners:?Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100
Who it?s for: New to blogging/online marketing? ? Expert

What Is Included in Wealthy Affiliate Premium

  • Complete Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Comprehensive Tool Suite – all in one place:
  • Push button website builder
  • Keyword Tool – Jaaxy lite on of the top rated keyword tools
  • Writing Software – grammar, spell-check, unique article check
  • Product Finder – how to find the best affilaite marketing products for your business
  • Support – Coaching, Tech Support, Community
  • NEW!!! Update:? Affiliate Programs New to the Platform
  • The platform is continously growing to meet the needs of their students for success as a affiiate

Everything You Need All in One Place – Get Started Today!

The Ultimate Guide to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

If you search for best way to learn affiliate marketing the Wealthy Affiliate University aka WA probably popped up a few times, and, for good reason as you’ll discover.? In this review we aim to answer your questions about affiilate marketing and the Weathy Affiliate, such as:?

What is Affiilate Marketing and why it is one of the Best Ways to Make Money?

Can Anyone Learn Affiliate Marketing…?even if they?re not tech savvy

Is the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? it looks to good to be true?

What is the Wealthy Affiliate ? and who are the owners?

Can you Really Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing?

And of course…. Is the Wealthy Affiliate the Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing and Why?

In this Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 I want to give you as much information as possible and to answer all these questions and more. If you want check out the Quick Wealthy FAQ’s go here ==>FAQ’s<==

Getting the answers is increadibly important because you are doing more than searching for the very best affiliate marketing training? you are deciding to change your life!

But before we jump into the Wealthy Affiliate review, I want to give you an overview of what is affiliate marketing, and, why affiliate marketing is the one of the best ways to make money online. Let’s take a quick look at what is affiliate marketing.

Table of Contents – Wealthy Affiliate Reviews 2019


What is Affiliate Marketing

In is simplest- affiliate marketing consists of selling other people?s products in return for a commission. It?s a top choice for many people due to it’s hands-off model and you earn income while working from anywhere. Check out the 4 Step Process Below.

what is affiliate marketing diagram

As you can see from the above 4 step diagram it’s a simple business model that has several benefits.

Why is Affiliate Marketing the Best… the Benefits

There are many reasons people of all ages and backgrounds chose to create a business as an affiliate, here are just benefits below:

  • No products to create
  • There’s no inventory to purchase
  • You never have to store stock?
  • Affiliates can choose products that are profitable and that they feel good about – you never have to sell your soul
  • You’ll never have to sell face to face or deal with customer service
  • You can start with little money – (even FREE with the Wealthy Affiliate starter membership that includes 2 websites and 10 getting started lessons? join)
  • You can grow your business around your schedule (part time even while you keep your day job)
  • Start and create a business around something you enjoy
  • And, yes, you can work from anywhere, even the comfort of home and feel good about what you do

There are a ton of benefits to affiliate marketing. So, if earning an extra income, or creating a lifestyle business so you can work from anywhere appeals, then it’s time to see check out the why the Wealthy Affiliate maybe the best way to learn.

And if you are wndering about the cost… the WA has various price plans that are affordable and there’s even a free option to try out! (no credit card required).

What is the Wealthy Affiliate University?

The Wealthy Affiliate University is a complete platform designed to give everything you need to become wealthy affiliate 2019 logoa successful affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate started in 2005 by founders Kyle and Carson. It grew quickly grew to meet the needs of their students. Today it?s a huge community of 1.4 million marketers and entrepreneurs.

It’s often referred to as WA aka WA University, the place to learn everything affiliate marketing. Complete with comprehensive training, tools and an active support system so you can create a successful business online.?

Wealthy Affiliate First Impressions – My Take…?

wealthy affiliate review 2019 is it the best

My Genuine Reaction in a Word – Impressive

I got inside and got to take a deep look around…all around and what I found that it was unlike anything I have experienced before!? In a good way, like really good… As a long time marketer I’ve been inside a lot of multi thousand dollar training and spend mre than I care to mention… but what this did was give me a? good vanatge to compare from others and see what I like and didn’t.

My first impression… impressive… and… my thoughts aloud “I wish I had this platform when I got started”.? I would be light years ahead, saved a thousands of dollars and skipped all the confusing courses that threw me off track for years.

The Wealthy Affiliate would have given me all that I need for success at my fingertips. And, that’s no easy feat but they have done it… and this is all they do… they are dedicated to their students and invested in their success…. so did I mention I am impressed!

On top of my impressive rant of excitement there are other factors far different from what I’ve come to expect from most online programs. These are a few additonal things that stood out about Wealthy Affiliate:

What WA Didn’t Have – Yah!…were no:

  • Cheesy images of flashy cars, sprawling mansions and wealthy people ?
  • Promises of get rich quick schemes with the push of a button
  • Annoying Pop ups
  • Timers pressuring me to buy
  • Upsells, nor pitches to buy a plethora of stuff… because it’s all there.

In fact, the opposite,?

What the WA DID to Encourage and Support was:

  • Offer a FREE membership (not just a trial)
  • Never asked you for a credit card
  • Offer Getting Started FREE training (no strings attached)?
  • Give two FREE WordPress websites using the push button software (with your FREE)?
  • Offer a warm and helpful welcome whether you are premium or non paying member
  • Prove why they are they premier platform to learn affiliate marketing!

When a company is top in their field, with a solid track record and fosters a win – win community it’s natural that they’ll attract people who really want to be there. Was I impressed? Yes, and I think you will too for the right reasons!

A Look into the WA Platform

In the image below you will see the Wealth Affiiliate Dashboard. Once you sign upfor you free account with only an email your will look similar once you fill in a few details like your name and an image if you chose.

wa affiliate marketing training platform

Inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Once inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform there is access to everything you need to create a thriving online business.

If you look down the left hand side of the dashboard you’ll see all your important tabs.

Training Tab – First there is the training tabs, this is where you will access your lessons. Here you can watch each lesson? and as they are recorded you can go back at any time and work in your own time.

Websites – this is where you get to create websites with the state of the art push button SiteRubix site builder. You will access your websites so they are easily managed.

Live Events – Get access to all the latest trainings that are typically held weekly, and if your not able to attend live the all are recorded for you to actch up at your convenince.

Research – As part of your training you learn the power of keywords. The Wealthy Affiliates Jaaxy keyword tool helps you pick keywords that people are searching that will help create content for your site that you will monetize.

Live Chat – if you want to get a questions answered quickly, you can use the chat to communicate with member who are willing to help, and like any good platform you can connect with others, make friends to collaborate on projects should you choose.

Help Centre – there is always help on hand, this is something that the Wealthy Affiliate is know for, so you never feel alone. In fact the opposite there are thousands of members from around the world. Then of course there is the WA technical support team who are amazing. So if your not tecky, don’t worry, they’ve got your covered.

Left of the Dashboard is Your WA Training Modules

Step by step training – these step by step courses will show you how to build a business from the ground up. They are arranged in modules and you can work through at your own pace and around your schedule.

Training if offered in a variety of formats such as video?s, written tutorials, and weekly webinars (that are recorded) so you can review at anytime. New training is added so you are never second guessing whether you have the most current training.

Besides the coaches you see daily on the platform other experts work behind the scenes bring you what you need without the overwhem.

The Tools You Need ? you have access to the very best tools. Having the right tools will save you time, money and remove the confusion of what you need as you create your affiliate business.

Community/Support ? this is one place where the Wealthy Affiliate is truly unique. At any given time, there are people from around the world online, so you never feel stuck. If you have a question post it in the community and one of the members (many experts) or coaches will typically give you an answer in minutes.

All of the abouve topics will be covered in detail as you move through the Wealth Affiliate review.

Where to Find Profitable Affiliate Programs?

If your wondering where to find the best affiliate products, and, that are profitable, the wealthy affiliate platform introduced their new Affiliate Program Search… yes, they think of everthing that will drive you toward success. See the image below:

Update – Affiliate Programs on the WA Platform

affiliate program dashboard

Where To Find the Best Affilate Products to Sell – WA Has You Covered

One question successful affiliates have is where to find affiliate programs “best affiliate products”. The Wealthy affiliate is ever evolving to meet your needs, releasing a new addition to their where you can find top affiliate products in your niche.

This is part of the WA commitment, to help you in every way be the most successful affiliate you can be.

This is unique and in keeping with Wealthy Affiliate style to have everything you need all in one place.? Save time searching the Internet to find affiliate programs or sifting through multiple affiliate networks to find a program that works for you.

If you wanted another reason to see if the Wealthy Affiliate is for you, this is it.

Wealthy Affiliate has proven again that they are leaders in the affiliate marketing space. Providing the comprehensive platform for educating and equipping affiliate marketers for success online. Until now the “affiliate program” element has been a segregated component from the platform Until today.

How Many Modules are Included in the WA

In the platform you can see the well laid out modules that are broken into:

Affiliate Bootcamp

The affiliate boot-camp offers 7 courses for a total of 70 lessons. It’s a series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to start a make money online business and help others the Affiliate Bootcamp is a great way to build a business that can create recurring revenue.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

The online entrepreneur certification training is made up of 5 courses with 10 lessons in each? for a total of 50 lessons.

Free Members have access to the?10 modules “getting started”

As you move through the modules (at your own pace) you’ll see the green bars to move mark your progress as expand your knowledge to grow your affiliate business.

Wealthy Affiliate Review of – 3 Main Components

Now we’ve got a better sense of what is,? the WA let’s take a deeper look at the training, tools and community of the online University.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Materials

wealthy affiliate university training

The Wealthy Affiliate course is focused on the educational aspect of affiliate marketing. The official training is 120 lessons?set out as?12 modules covering topics such as:


  • Get started with online marketing
  • Create a website from scratch
  • Find the right keywords?
  • Write content that attracts customers
  • Brand your business
  • Do social media marketing
  • Optimize conversions through referrals
  • Build and scaling your business
  • And everything you need create a profitable business

While online marketing fundamentals tend to stay the same,? there are elements that will require? revising from time to time. The Wealthy Affiliate stay ahead of the curve, regularly updating training to meet the needs of industry and their students.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools – Hosting Included!

Even if you never build a website or feel technically challenged, the Wealthy Affiliate has you covered with the best tools and training to get your website set up.

A website is the foundation of your business, with Wealthy Affiliate site builder called, SiteRubix you can have your WordPress website up in just a few clicks.

Once your sites foundation is installed, you can log in and customize your theme, add pages/posts and plugins. Just as you would with any other WordPress site.

wealthy affiliate hosting chart siterubix

Hosting Feature’s of Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix?

Wealthy Affiliate includes world class SiteRubix hosting in your membership. If you had to purchase hosting you could easily pay fifty, a hundred or hundreds of dollars monthly.? Free member get Free Members get 2 websites hosted on SiteRubix up to 6 months, premium member have 50 websites, 25 of which can be on their own domains.

The best hosting is imperative for you and your visitors. Just as any good hosting company there are limits such as the number of sites, bandwidth usage and disk space. Check out the chart below and see their optimal features to host your sites. WA hosting ranks among the best.?

Premium Research Tools

jaaxy best keyword tool

While many say content is king, that’s true as long as you’re are building content around relevant keywords. Premium research tool will help you learn how to find the best keywords, such as buyer keywords, giving you an advantage as you craft affiliate business.

Wealthy Affiliate platform integrates with one of the world?s best market research tools, Jaaxy. Jaaxy is used by top entrepreneurs to find a niche, uncover profitable keywords, research market trends and find relevant affiliate products to sell. WA unlocks many of their premium research tool features at no extra cost.

Wealthy Affiliate provides access to premium tools eliminating the “what tool’s do I need” overwhelm. Your tools and step by step training work together and are conveniently located in your WA dashboard.

Who Is the Wealthy Affiliate for?… Does It Work

One of the best things about creating a business online is it’s truly a barrier free opportunity. Wealthy Affiliate university is for everyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing to build a “real” business.

It’s for anyone who wants to trade university debt for entrepreneurship, for stay at home moms and dads, people who are sick of worrying about their day job to seniors earning extra income in retirement. It’s for anyone willing to learn up-to-update skills required to achieve success in the online world of the affiliate marketing business model.

who is the wealthy affiliate for

From absolute beginners ? with almost no knowledge of blogs, ? to intermediate users to more advanced and experienced bloggers and site owners. Wealthy Affiliate has what you need.

The People You’ll Find on the Wealthy Affiliate University
  • Stay-at-Home moms and dads wanting to earn their own money
  • Students who want to become entrepreneurs or pay of college debt
  • Veterans who want to create a solid business
  • People who were laid off and want to create their own job security
  • Bloggers who would like start making money from their blogs
  • Local business owners wanting to have a stronger online presence with with a site of social media
  • Business owners who want to get a better understanding of SEO to rank their site
  • Anyone who want to learn more about Internet marketing
  • Affiliate marketers who want to learn about affiliate marketing and the latest strategies
  • People making money for retirement
  • Seniors wanting wanting to extra income
  • People with disabilities who want to financial independence working on their own schedule
  • Digital Nomads who want the freedom to work from home or anywhere
  • Un-hireable – people who are under or over qualified in today’s work place
  • Working individuals who need more income to pay their bills
  • People wanting to quit their 9-5 jobs to have the freedom they?ve always dreamed
  • Anyone looking for WordPress quality, fast and reliable web hosting solutions
  • Men and women following the Wealthy Affiliate Online Certification path
  • It’s for everyone who want to learn to make extra income, build business, get current skills… and so much more!

if you have access to a laptop and Internet and a strong desire to change your life…? it’s a course that I would recommend.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legitimate

One question that often gets asked, is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? mostly because it looks to good to be true. By now you have seen there are Free membership, websites, hosting, training and more so? a little skepticism is fair.

is the wealthy affiliate scam or legit

I wondered the same, how can they give you all this for Free (or premium for just $47 a mth) it’s less than I pay for a small hosting account? But as any good marketer knows if you have something that helps others and give it away people will eventually become a happily customer. Building trust by is how great business grow. It’s never about the sales its about relationships.

As entrepreneurs we want to know what we do is helpful not harmful. Ethical and legitimate conduct is a foundation on which Wealthy Affiliate was built. It?s certainly not for anyone looking to get rich quick scheme or learn shady methods. They understand dedication and integrity is the only real way to build a long-term sustainable business.

There have been a handful of complaints over the past 10 years… some people didn’t read the Big Print.

***This Wealthy Affiliate is very clear that this is a course for people who want to build a real business, an online asset so they can make money online*** It’s is not a get rich quick scheme, or a scam, anything in life takes work 🙂

The Wealthy Affiliate University Pro?s

As I go through the program there are pro’s to be said for the Wealthy Affiliate University. I’m pretty picky and this is certainly not my first time around. So if there’s a flaw I’ll find it. Before wee go there, let take a look at the pluses.? Here are a few of my favorite things:

Your Never Alone – Community is a key component to the Wealthy Affiliate program. When you get started online, family and friends just don?t “get” what you?re doing. So it’s great to be surrounded with like minded people as you work towards a common goal.

Support – Sometimes you need a little help. Whether it’s your website, or your stuck for an idea there’s always someone online willing to lend support.? Beside the community (who have some super savvy people) you have the tech support staff, official coaches and ambassadors on your side.

Clarity – Organized Training – One of the fastest ways to fail online is overwhelm. While many courses are confusing and over complicated, Wealthy Affiliate keep clarity at the forefront as you focus on mastering one thing, affiliate marketing.

All the Tools I Need – Another is never having to guess which tools you need. Having the right tools all in one place saves time and money and makes building your business a whole lot easier.

The training is organized so you know which step to take next. You also have the option to take the online certification training, the affiliate boot-camp or both.

Wealthy Affiliate Con?s

Keeping up with the ever-evolving internet requires some serious prioritizing, not just the Wealthy Affiliate… that’s goes for any course. While Wealthy Affiliate is continuously improves the important stuff such as tools, training and tech, there are a minor details that could use a little updating:

Sign up page – At first glance the sign-up page looks outdated and potentially off putting. It’s a bit lack luster and doesn’t do the WA platform justice. So as the saying goes never judge a book by the cover – in this case you would miss out on an awesome opportunity.

Initial overwhelm – that can be a pro and con. When I first logged to the platform there was so much information, I can see why some newcomers may feel a tad overwhelmed. So take a deep breath and head over to the Getting Started button.? You’ll see it’s a clear and well laid out path so you can trust that everything is part of the process.

Socially speaking – It?s a very social platform so you can easily get lost in conversations, a distraction when learning new skills. Socializing is fun, and can helpful.? Work in time and to manage your time, so you can become a successful affiliate marketer and make new friends.

Wealthy Affiliate positives far out weigh the few imperfections. If your willing to do whatever it takes to have more time, money, freedom or whatever you desire everything is on the platform for you to succeed.

Is It the Best Affiliate Course

It’s All In One Place?One of my biggest frustration is having everything scattered all over the place. Logging in and out of different of endless tools and software, changing password, not knowing what tools need updating, and calling tech support for them individually is a huge time waster.? And, frankly a pain in the butt.

Finally a platform that has everything one place.? It is absolutely the best. I’m not lazy I just hate juggling too many things. It’s easy to keep track with everything you need is all in one place.

There are so many pro’s, did I mention the price – $49 a month to change your life!

If your wondering is it the best affiliate course? The more I see, I have to say yes!

Plus, some other cool things like becoming a super affiliate that can earn you an exclusive expense paid Las Vegas trip.

What Does The Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate has a very simple pricing system. If you’re just getting started you can see what the program is all about by signing up for the Starter package.? A Free membership is an awesome way to start a business with no money,? it’s a little limited as you only get access to Phase 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp training and 7 days of live help. However, if you know a little already it maybe enough to get started making your first few dollars.

Wealthy Affiliate FREE Vs PREMIUM Comparison?

what does the wealthy affiliate cost price chart

If you want to immerse yourself to learn affiliate marketing you’ll want to get upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium package as soon as possible. The investment in Premium is $47 a month, if you can stretch for the full year you’ll pay $359 that will save you $205 vs paying for 12 months.

Money Savings Tip: If you sign up HERE FREE – you will get your first month for just $19 (within the first 7 days).

Join the Wealthy Affiliate

By know you have to be excited… and ready to learn affiliate marketing… Join the Wealthy Affiliate

It’s time to STOP:

Wondering where to begin…

Worrying about who to trust…

Buying everything course that doesn’t work…

Doubting that you’ll ever make a dollar online…

What is the Cheapest Way to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

This is a great question and one I’m happy to address. This is a chart of all of the items that you would need to learn affilate marketing and start up Vs Joing the Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Today

If you’re wondering how to start affiliate marketing today, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t have to take my word for it. Wealthy Affiliate is completely transparent, they want to show you why they are the best place to learn affiliate marketing and, why their platform gives you every thing you need to succeed including tools and support).


This is why they are more than happy to invite you to join for FREE (no credit card required). Because they know once your inside you’ll probably agree and want to become a Premium member without having to twist your arm.?

Isn’t it Time You Start Affiliate Marketing Today? Yes ==> Join WA<==

You can absolutely learn online marketing by yourself, reading blogs trying to figure out what and why you need something but why struggle? The information is daunting, leaving many people stuck, spinning in circles and often abandoning their dreams.
Wealthy Affiliate teaches you what?s working right now, with everything you need in one place and a pretty amazing price!If you’re ready to join some of the world?s top affiliate marketers, then definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate.Get My FREE Account Today!wealthy affiliate free accountAs you get started with online marketing, being part of a friendly and knowledgeable community is a great way to stay encouraged as you start making your first dollars online.Sure, you can learn about online marketing by yourself by reading blogs but there?s a ton of information? to filter through.? Wealthy Affiliate teaches you what?s working right now so you never have to guess.If you want to join some of the world?s top affiliate marketers, then definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate.Sign up for a FREE Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!?