Are you thinking of making money with Affiliate marketing specifically with Amazon products well in this video i'm Going to uncover the truth about Amazon's affiliate program the pros and Cons [Music] Hey guys my name is chad and welcome Back to purely remote the channel that Is all about bringing you all the tips Tools and resources you need to find Success online now in this video i'm Going to be covering affiliate marketing But specifically with amazon's affiliate Program or otherwise known as amazon Associates now the goal of this video is Pretty much to give you a little more Insight and information about amazon's Affiliate program so that you can make a More informed decision if it is the Route that you want to take with your Affiliate marketing business so i'm Going to uncover the goods and the bads Or rather the pros and the cons of the Amazon affiliate program so let's get Into it let's start with the goods or The pros the first thing is that it is Free and easy to become an affiliate for Amazon and partner with them you could Literally be signed up and good to go Within a few minutes so all you do is go To that'll bring you to the Homepage and then you're going to scroll To the bottom of that page

To this first little gray box right over Here and underneath where it says make Money with us click on become an Affiliate and when the next page opens Up in the top left hand corner you're Going to see amazon associates that's What they call the affiliate program and At the bottom right over here you can See three easy steps all you need to do Is sign up and you can start Recommending and earning from your Products that you promote so if you Click the sign up button right over here That'll take you to the signup form fill In a few little details and you can get Going now another pro is that amazon is The world's largest online retailer Which means they've built a very solid Brand for themselves and there are Hundreds of thousands if not millions of People who actually trust them they've Got a really good reputation and that's A really big thing when promoting Products because your customers want to Know that they are actually purchasing From a company that has that good Reputation and that is trusted and the Third pro this kind of couples in with The one that i just mentioned is that Amazon if you've ever purchased from Amazon you would probably know that they Have really good customer service right So when it comes to things like uh Returning products or anything like that

Their customer service team or their Customer service department is really Really good so you do know that your Customers are in good hands once they Actually make a purchase and if there is Anything after the purchase that they Need support with or that they need help With and the fourth pro is that like i Said amazon is the world's largest Online retailer so Literally any niche that you go into or Pretty much any product that you want to Promote for the most part amazon Probably has it available on their Platform or on their website and once You are a member of amazon's affiliate Program you can create custom links that Take your customers to specific products On amazon so let's say there's a Particular product that you want to Promote for example a protein powder if There's a particular protein powder that You are promoting to your customers On amazon's affiliate back office page Basically you can create custom links That take your customers to that exact Product it's not like it's one generic Link that takes them to the amazon home Page and then they need to search for The particular product it's really well Optimized and makes it a lot easier for You when it comes to promoting and Actually getting those sales from your Customers and then number five on the

Good list is that amazon has clearly Spent a lot of money i would even say Possibly Millions of dollars into making sure That the buying process or the Experience for all their customers are Optimized as much as it possibly can be So they've made it super super easy for People to actually purchase on the Website if you think about it if you've Ever purchased from amazon They have various options so for example They have amazon prime the super quick Delivery they've got the one click buy Where you can literally it stores your Details one button you click it and your Purchase is done you know they do a lot Of upselling for you that is when if You're buying a particular product so For example going back to the example That i just mentioned about the protein Powder they would have a little section At the bottom of the page during the Checkout process or the buying process Suggesting other products that are Frequently bought along with that Particular protein powder so it could be Things like gym equipment you know Gear Other supplements things like that so They do a really good job of upselling Every single customer that purchases From their website which is good news For you because as an affiliate you will

Make commissions of anything else as Well that they've purchased at that Point so if you leave them to the link For your protein powder and they end up Buying that protein powder but they also Purchase Uh workout gloves or t-shirts or Anything else anything else in the cart You can as an affiliate are going to get Commissions for those items as well okay Now on to the bads or the cons i'm just Calling them the bads but think of it as Pros and cons these are the cons the First thing is that amazon's affiliate Program doesn't offer the best in Commissions for their affiliates right Generally you're looking at an average Of four to five percent per product with A few products earning commissions of up To ten percent so if we take a look at This breakdown of the affiliate Commission rates these are basically What you're looking at so for example uh Luxury beauty those products earn 10 if You're looking at digital music or you Know digital videos that type of thing You'd be earning five percent kitchen Physical books kitchen and automotive Gets you 4.5 commissions And then obviously you can work your way Down the list if you want to take a look At this you can pause the video or even Screenshot it at this point so that you Can see whatever niche you're in what

You kind of could be expecting for the Products that you'd be promoting as an Affiliate one more thing that you want To pay attention to if you are planning On promoting gift cards or wireless Service plans alcoholic beverages you Know that type of thing this bottom row You're not gonna make much money Actually not gonna make anything because Those actually earn you zero percent Commissions just something to keep in Mind number two on the cons list is that Amazon's cookie duration is only 24 Hours now if you don't know what a Cookie is basically every user or every Customer that clicks on your link and Goes to amazon's page They will be tracked for the next 24 Hours so if they don't make a purchase Immediately at that point at that first Click and they visit amazon within the Next 24 hours basically then you are Still eligible for those commissions as Well but after 24 hours if they revisit Amazon but not through your affiliate Link and then they make a purchase you Won't then get those commissions now 24 Hours is really short for a cookie Duration or a tracking duration and There are certain affiliate programs out There that offer up to 90 days of this Tracking duration so that means if a Customer goes to a site through your Affiliate link they are then tracked for

90 days if they don't refresh their Browser history or anything like that And the reason for that is because Amazon gets You know hundreds of thousands of Customers onto their site every single Day so chances are the customer that You've referred to amazon for your Product that you're promoting within the Next you know 90 days or so they Probably are very likely to return to Amazon just to buy groceries or whatever It is And if they work in return anyway that Is why you as the affiliate will no Longer then be getting those commissions Just because your customer would go back To amazon anyway and number three on the Cons list is that when you sign up with Amazon as an affiliate from the day that You sign up you have 180 days to make Three qualified sales that is basically Their review process if you don't make Those three sales within that 180 days Your affiliate account will be disabled And number four on the cons list is that Amazon's affiliate program or amazon Associates is not available in every Country so before just jumping in and Wanting to sign up just do a little bit Of research to make sure that the Country that you are currently in is Eligible to actually be part and you can Join the program and number five on the

Cons list now this one is it might not Be a big deal it might be a big deal but I thought it's worth mentioning anyway Is that amazon does not pay their Affiliates through paypal and the reason I'm mentioning this is because a lot of Other affiliate programs out there in Fact majority of affiliate programs Actually do pay their affiliates through Paypal it's just an easier way for them To actually make your commission payouts And stuff like that but amazon Unfortunately does not and number six on The cons list is i think a pretty big Deal because if you do want to make a Success of affiliate marketing you do Need at least some guidance or some Training on how to actually do it Properly now amazon as far as i've Searched does not offer any specific Training or anything like that to Actually help you be successful you kind Of you can be a part of the affiliate Program but when it comes to learning Where and how to promote products and Actually how to be successful with Affiliate marketing you have to find That information somewhere else now just To round everything up and my personal Thoughts on amazon's affiliate program The affiliate program is really good Don't get me wrong obviously like i Mentioned all of the pros about it and How you can benefit from being an

Affiliate with him because the Commission structure is so low only up To 10 percent you do need large volumes To make any good amount of money every Single month now if you already do have A large online following or social media Following then you can jump into Amazon's affiliate program and it could Do really well for you it really all Depends on where you are with your Business at which point you're at right Because if you just starting out with Affiliate marketing and you want to Start making a decent amount of money Every month as soon as possible then Because of those low commission Structures that you get from amazon you Might want to possibly look into Promoting another program where you can Actually get higher percentages as a Commission build your online following And once you reach a point where you do Actually have that big online presence Or online following then you can jump Into amazon's affiliate program because Then it will actually be worth your time Now i'm not saying that amazon's Affiliate program is not worth your time But there just are a couple of things to Remember if you're just starting out With your business you only have 180 Days to make those three qualified sales And by the way a qualified sale means That it's not you purchasing through

Your own links because those do not Qualify it has to be Additional or external customers that You're bringing to amazon and they are Purchasing through your affiliate links And my final point and this one i think Is probably the most important of the Summary is that when you're starting Affiliate marketing whether it's Something you're just going to be doing On the side or as a side hustle or it's Something that you want to grow into a Full-time income where it replaces your Current job you can leave your Nine-to-five job and only focus on your Online business the fact of the matter Is that it is an online business and you Do need some kind of training or Guidance as to how to do it properly as Simple as it is there are right and Wrong ways to do affiliate marketing a Lot of people just join the program get Their links spam it everywhere and Expect huge success from it but Unfortunately that is not the way it Works in fact if you're looking for a Program that actually teaches you how to Do affiliate marketing and how to grow Your business into something Huge and sustainable we'll link it right At the top over here and that is it That's our list of pros and cons of Amazon's affiliate program now i hope This video did give you the insight and

Information that you needed so that you Can make a more informed decision about Joining amazon's affiliate program if There's anything that we missed or you Have any questions remember to drop them In the comments and we'll be sure to get Back to them if you did find this video Useful please remember to give it a Thumbs up and also subscribe to purely Remote because we are constantly going To be creating a lot more content in the Future bringing you more and more Information so that you can find success Online until next time my name is chad [Music]