I feel like this is like a big cringy Like I'm a little like over here right Now As you guys know there are a lot of Trends that go around on YouTube but one Creator creates a video and other Creators think it's a good idea and then It tends to spiral off from there and a Lot of people create kind of the same Video on the same topic I think for the Past two months or so a lot of creators Have been sharing videos talking about The dumbest purchases that they made in Their 20s and I just thought that this Is such a good and funny idea but I Wanted to put a spin on it to relate to The stuff that I talked about so I want To share the dumbest things that I have Done within my blogging business or the Dumbest mistakes that I have made So if you guys know me I don't really Like using the word dumb or stupid idiot any of those they just have such a Negative connotation they bring you down They don't fill you up with anything Positive anything good personal Preference I just upon my vocabulary we More positive words but for today's Video these things were done they were Silly there were things that I really Should have known better and looking Back I just have to laugh I know they Happen for a reason and I learn Important lessons because of them but

They were not starting from the very Beginning I have shared this story Before but when I started my website I Was in a really unhappy place and just Within one night I was like you know I'm Gonna buy a web see I'm gonna buy go to Me and so I can't with a domain and I Purchased it and I knew that I wanted a WordPress website I was working in the Digital marketing industry that's all I Really heard about was WordPress so I Was like okay I'm gonna get a WordPress Website but what I didn't know was that There was a difference between a WordPress.com and wordpress.org site and Of course of course I got a wordpress.com site now if you do Not know the difference wordpress.com Everything lives within WordPress they Are your hosts and they are also like Your Creator compared to a wordpress.org Site you can go to a different host such As Bluehost or Go Daddy and then it's It's a self hosted website you know and Then the software everything else is WordPress there is a difference in the Capabilities of those two web sites and I am selling out a wordpress.com a Website and whenever you buy a domain Alone a certain host you aren't allowed To transfer it for 90 days so I had to Wait 90 days to transfer my website from WordPress.com to blue house into a WordPress.org website so from the very

Beginning I did not start off strong and If you are thinking about starting a Website please use wordpress.org but With either Bluehost or GoDaddy I'm so embarrassed to admit this because It was one of those things where I Should have known better I should have Known better but you know not on Pinterest You'll Kure a lot of content you share Other stuff from other people and you Don't really have to give credit where Credit is due because it's either linked There Carol or it's linked to a website Or something so I love quotes I Absolutely I have loved quotes for the Longest time I was like you know what Why don't you share some quotes on Instagram every few weeks I think that's Maybe like every other week I would Share a quote on Instagram here's the Problem Okay I didn't tag the creator of the Quote it didn't even occur to me and Then I had to tag the creator of the Quote which what what the heck was I Thinking I just pulled on and of course I used a hashtag and then I'm nephron Profile picked up the quote we shared it And they thought that I designed it I Never said that I designed it but I Didn't give credit where credit was due So obviously of course they thought that I designed it so once that one page

Picked it up a variety of different Pages picked it up and then I ended up Having someone reach out to me on Instagram and say hey this other person Shared your quote but didn't tag you I Don't want them to steal your content And I was like oh my goodness that's Actually the creator of the quote now I Know who it is I can tag them on my Profile and the person went off on me And they were like as a content creator That's absolutely disgusting of you how Dare you share someone else's content Without doing your research first and I Was so taken back I didn't honestly Realize that it was a problem and it was Just It was so so bad I immediately removed All of the quotes on the Instagram Account and I have never shared a quote On there again now I have made a couple Of dumb mistakes when it comes to my Website I am NOT a website designer but I developed my website all on my own I Didn't have any help with it And the first mistake that I made within My website besides the WordPress thing Was adding too much CSS to my website And what that means It's basically without going into the Backend of your website you can edit Your coding within the customize section Of WordPress and you can just make some Minor tweaks it basically over writes

Your coding it doesn't rewrite it so it Tends to cause a lot of problems it can Slow down your website and I ended up Making my site speed about like 10 Seconds I think at one point because I Had too much CSS on my website so I Ended up having to go back through and Removing the majority of the CSS that I Created I ended up optimizing the rest Of it and I just I went too crazy at the Beginning okay I did I didn't really Know that CSS could slow down your Website and boy did it slow down my Website for a while did you know you Know I have crashed my website twice all Because I tried to do things on my own So one of the big mistakes I mean I Ended up transferring my site from Bluehost to GoDaddy because I was Leveling up I say I needed a bit more of An advanced hosting server so I ended up Switching to GoDaddy and when I made That switch I was like you know what I Can transfer my site on my own I'll just Do my research and I'll do it my website Ended up being down for over her 24 Hours and it was awful and they ended up Having to pay $85 for someone else to go In there and fix it and then when they Fixed it there was other problems that I Had a bit more money to get everything Fixed I'm back to normal so do not try To do everything on your own I crashed My website because I tried to transfer

It myself and then I crushed it another Time because I was trying to change my 404 page I went into the back end of my Website so instead that CSS like I was Talking about go into the back end of my Website and I tried to change the coding There I am NOT a coder and I ended up Crashing is so trust professional and Yeah yeah I ended up trying to launch a Paid course way too early it was only a Year into my blog and I really really Wanted to monetize it so I was like you Know what I'll create a paid course and I didn't really care what my audience Was interested in I just created Something that I knew and I talked about Cutting to creation and I was like okay Came out with a course charged $57 for It and it was a complete and utter flop And it was a terrible mistake And I really risked the chance of losing My audience or just trying to monetize My book too quickly so yeah that was Everyone learning curve and then the Last mistake I want to share with you Guys is something that actually happened Recently and it drives me it drives me Crazy because it was such an easy easy Fix back and I think it was October my Website stopped updating for everyone Now I'm on my website all the time and If you guys know anything about your Cache basically your internet browser it Holds information from the websites that

You have been to so that it is faster to Load them in the future so I am on my Website every single darn day so Sometimes I have to go through and clear My cache like it will not update because It's got so much in there that like it Just pulls up old versions of my website It doesn't actually update so I have to Go in there and clear my cache well Here's the thing back in I think it was October my website stopped updating and I thought it was just me so I had to be Logged in on a website a certain way in Order to see the new content that I was Sharing so when I was on doing blog post I was sharing them on a Pinterest and I Was sharing On Instagram but my website wasn't Updating and I do not realize that for My audience so then I ended up having Someone raped out to me on Instagram and Saying hey you launched this blog post Was about affiliate marketing I'm gonna Learn more about affiliate marketing but I can't find her on your website and I Was you know like this happens to me all The time just clear your cache and it Will update well turns out my website Wasn't updating for everyone for over Two months guys it took me until Christmas to realize my website wasn't Updating for anyone so no one could see My new content unless they found it on Pinterest and were being led to those

New pages otherwise no one could see Anything new that I was sharing on my Website and once I realized this was a Problem I was like oh crap it's gonna Cost me a lot of money like oh I was not Ready to pay for something like that did A little bit of research and I realized That I have got this performance plug-in On my website and I can actually clear My websites cache from the back end all I had to do was click one button and all My website was updated and it was fixed For everyone and it took me over two Months to realize that so dumb mistake Dumb dumb mistake so I liked that Learned a little bit about what not to Do when it comes to blogging feeling a Lot of my mistakes have come within my Website I'm not a website developer I do Not know anything about coding I just Really taught myself but yeah sometimes It is good contact professional and just Learn from my mistakes please please do Not make them please do not ever share Someone else's content without tagging Them or giving them credit that was Probably the biggest mistake that I've Ever made and something that will stick With me forever so hope you guys like This video if you do please give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I Feel like this is like a bit crazy like I'm a little like Over here right now but I hope you guys

Liked this video me cheese subscribe and I was he goes back here in another one Bye guys [Music]