Hey guys today i wanted to show you something 
really cool and something that will help you   Grow your traffic from pinterest it's 
a gold mine for people who like to have   Everything about pinterest all the 
useful tips and links in one place   I've partnered with Tailwind it's an 
officially authorized scheduler for pinterest   And they provided this free traffic guide it's a 
34 page document that will be super helpful for   You and i will give you a link to this guide in 
the description below this video if by any chance   You never use tailwind and you don't know how to 
set it up i actually have a free video tutorial   On this channel it's a pretty recent video 
and i can give you a link to it above my head   Somewhere in the top right corner and 
also in the description below this video   So getting back to the printable guide just look 
at it it probably answers all the questions you   Ever had about getting traffic from pinterest 
to your website things like how to track your   Traffic in google analytics how to come up with 
content ideas that will actually drive you a ton   Of traffic from pinterest how to properly use 
keywords on this platform to increase traffic   Volume to your website and how to use each piece 
of content you create for your website to get   The most out of it on pinterest without crossing 
the line that can make your account look really   Spammy when you go through this guide make sure to 
actually read it very carefully and pay attention   Especially to the useful links that they provide 
for example this google analytics dashboard from   Christy Hill or here for example they give you a 
link to pinterest trends and it's an awesome tool   If you never try to use it it's great to do some 
keyword research and understand which topics are   Trending and when on the platform well you know 
what just download the file it's absolutely free   And it's amazing it's a source of all the useful 
information about pinterest and growing traffic   From this platform that you will ever need and 
that's actually it for today that's all i wanted   To share today with you i wish you a great 
one and i'll see you in the next videos you