Hey guys what's up and welcome to a my Channel if you are new here I am Kat the Creator of the content bug and I'm here To help you follow your passion by Growing your audience online and today I Actually want to talk about five ways That you can make more money with your Affiliate income when I started with Affiliate marketing I was making like Zero dollars for a long time I was not Making barely any money with my Affiliate income and I it was actually Probably like a couple cents here and There so it was like fifty cents for a Click or a dollar for a quality leave And it was not a lot of money of course Because you have to hit a certain cap so I didn't hit that cap for a long time And then once I finally started to make A little bit of money with affiliate Income it was like I was getting about 50 bucks every other month or every Third month so it was taking me a while To actually make money with affiliate Marketing now I am coming on here today Because in March I actually made over $200 with my affiliate marketing and I Feel like I've learned some tips and Tricks along the way and I want to share Them with you guys so you guys can boost Your affiliate marketing sales and make Even more money than before so let's go Ahead and get into a V of 5 tips I have For you the first tip I want to give you

Guys is to actually write blog posts That are specific to the link that you Want to promote so let's say that you Have a product that you really love Let's go with an example hmm maybe it Has a plug-in that you absolutely love For your WordPress website you are an Affiliate of them and you want to Promote it on your blog how would you do That well you would write a specific About post about that product that you Are recommending so about that plug-in And the way you would do that is by Creating a tutorial or creating a how-to Or Showcasing kind of like a case study and How it has helped you in a sense how Would how you have seen results that Kind of blog post would be extremely Extremely informative so writing a blog Post specific to each of your affiliate Links that you have is a huge bonus if You want to start making money with that Link now it's not just enough to write One blog post about your affiliate link You actually narrate several blog posts That include your affiliate link but That's just a good starting point is to Write a like go to guide or how-to that People can really use and kind of click On your link and find out more and Hopefully it sign up and you get some Sales now going there right along with Tip number one is Tamara to and it's

Actually to create evergreen content That you can promote and make last for a Long time so one of my top performing Blog post is actually oh I'm not sure What it's called how I grew my Pinterest Account from 7 K to a hundred K monthly Viewers on Pinterest I think something Like that and that is actually top Performing blog posts but the funny Thing is in that blog post I actually Included an affiliate link I recommended A product and that blog blog post has Brought me a the most affiliate Commission out of any of my other blog Posts and it's great because one it Really focuses on that product and it's Kind of like a case study showing them Exactly how it worked for me and it's Like kind of like a go-to guide in the Sense so it's a variety of different Things but – its evergreen so that Information is going to last for a long Time I can continue to promote that blog Post get even more traffic to it and It's going to result in even more sales For me so it's important to create blog Posts that are evergreen oh wait I Didn't explain whatever Venus okay so Evergreen content is content that lives On forever so it's not like breaking News and screwing out an update that Book post would only be relevant for Probably a month or two because let's be Real and strim changes a lot but if you

Write something that is just like how-to Guide to Instagram stories that may last A little bit longer because it's nothing Too specific it's not like breaking news So evergreen content is something that Can last for years and years down the Road and people are still going to find It helpful that's what evergreen content Is you need to do that with your Affiliate links another tip to making More money with your affiliate income is Actually by promoting your links on Social media so you can promote your Links on Instagram which is kind of hard To do you can grow them on Pinterest by Creating specific pins for them you Could do it through Facebook by posting On either your Facebook page or Commenting on Facebook groups you can Use your affiliate links there as long As the group will say that you can and You can also promo on Twitter the only Thing you have to deal with any Affiliate that you have ever used put Somewhere you need to disclose that it Is an affiliate link so for the most Part you can do hash tag affiliate or in Parentheses just say affiliate or if you Are commenting on a Facebook post like I Was talking about in a Facebook group You would want to say here's my Affiliate link so you want to make sure That you are always disclosing that it Isn't affiliate link you cannot not

Disclose it does that make any sense so Yeah you can promote on social media for A while and had my Twitter feed all Running through and I was promoting at Least two affiliate links a day and you Can easily do that right and simple you Can also promote your affiliate links Through it your email list so let's say You wanted to recommend a product that Was like hey guys a few months ago I Discovered this product it has been Amazing for me I absolutely recommend it To you guys and you include the link and Say here here's a free trial or Something you also need to disclose that It is an affiliate link again so either At the beginning of the email or at the End of the email but that is a great way A really really great way to actually Make affiliate sales because people read Your emails obviously they're going to Take you seriously and it's a direct Thing that you are recommending only to Them it's a little bit more personal Than it is on your social media or a Blog post and people are more likely to Click it if you include it in your email So try sending some of your affiliate Links to your email list but before you Do that I have heard that some email Platforms do not allow you to send Affiliate links and people have actually Gotten kicked out of platforms because That they were sending affiliate links

In their emails so make sure you check Your terms and conditions and your rules And everything within your email Platform before you use that strategy And if you are using an email platform That does not allow you to send Affiliate links I highly recommend that You hop right off there and get on a Different platform the last type I want To recommend you guys is to actually Work with the companies that you aren't Affiliate up so I am a family I think About seven different companies and two Of those companies I have a really Really good relationship with and when I Say a really good relationship I mean That they have actually paid to promote My blog post multiple blog post or they Have improved my commission based on the Work that I was already doing for them Or the content on my website and the Recommendations I had already got they Improved my Commission so it's really Important to work with companies if you Want to make more money if you feel Stuck like you're only making 50 cents a Sale which is not very good and you feel Stuck start working with a company start Building a relationship and see what They can do for you so maybe you write That blog post I was talking about That's a truly informative it's a how-to Guide or a beginner's guide and You think it's a really really great

Blog post that maybe they could promote On their website or their social media Send it to them when you sign up to Become an affiliate you should have an Affiliate manager and I know that I have An affiliate manager for all of my Programs that I am an affiliate of so When you have that affiliate manager all Used to do is where you talk to them and Say hey I wrote this really amazing blog Post I was wondering if you guys could Look it over and maybe share it on your Social media not even pay to promote it But they might end up paying to promote It because they want people to sign up For their product they want people to Use your link because they are getting More sales themselves so start working Closely with companies I'm telling you It will pay off in the end and when Companies reach out to you and say hey If you've written anything about us like We would love to share it make sure you Always respond to those I've gotten a Couple of those emails and I always say Yep here are three blog post where I Included my affiliate link and I promote You guys and it is done very very well For me so if you want to improve your Sales that is a great tip now an extra Little bonus tip I want to throw in There is to make your blog posts Extremely accessible the blog posts that Have your affiliate links in them and

Make them extremely accessible so one of My top blog posts with affiliate links Is actually how to start a blow up the Right way it's kind of just a basic Beginner blog post that I feel like any Blogger that talks about blogging house On their website and some people include That link in their menu so they would Actually have a menu and I'm right up at The top that says how to start a blog And you click on that and it goes right To their blog post that includes like a Lot of affiliate links I have mine Linked in my sidebar I haven't linked in My home page I haven't linked in my Frequently asked paid being frequently Asked questions page so I haven't liked A variety of different places and make It really accessible so it's not like It's a once and done I wrote it I Promoted it that's it no I have it Linked throughout my website so that People are always leading to it no Matter what because you never know who's Gonna learn on my website and actually Wants to start a blog and I can refer Them to a company that I am an affiliate Of that I honestly believe in but that I Am an affiliate of as well and receive a Commission yeah those are my quick and Easy five tips I actually ended up Giving you a 6 tips but whatever I hope You guys have an amazing day make sure That you like this video give it a big

Thumbs up and subscribe to my channel so That you get more actionable tips like This I am coming out with a ton more Actionable informative videos here Really really soon I was working on my Content calendar today so I am so Excited for that so stay tuned and make Sure you subscribe and I will see you Guys later bye [Music]