I was growing up in an ex-Soviet country 
which was a mess of a country because a   70-year old communist empire just fell 
down and what was left on its ruins   Was poverty, a deficit of food and clothes, 
criminality on a huge rise and all that stuff. And there was a shit from children dreaming to 
become an astronaut when they grow up to dreaming   To become a member of Russian mafia. You can’t 
blame the children. All they knew was that mafia   Had a lot of money and power. They had everything 
that children from normal families didn’t have. Well, I am only telling you this because I find 
it funny how these days children apparently dream   To become a Youtuber or Tiktocker or another sort 
of influencer on social media. Why do you think is   That? Again, same old story. Because children 
somehow know where the money and power IS. And YOU too probably have 
an idea that social media is   THE place to make money in our day 
and age, but if you came to this video   It’s because you want to know HOW you can 
actually earn a living with social media. Hi! I’m Anastasia of anastasiablogger.com and on 
this channel I share my tips on online business,   Pinterest marketing and blogging. I’m on a mission 
of reaching a million of people and helping them   Transition to online income streams as fast as 
possible. If that sounds interesting to you,   Subscribe and hit the bell button to 
get notifications about my new videos. So here is how this video will go. First, 
I will tell you how I personally make   Money with social media, how much money I 
earn and which platforms are my favorite. Then I will show you some additional ways to 
earn a living on social media which I know work   Really great for other people. And just so you 
know, we’ll not talk about super influencers,   You know about guys like Ronaldo who make millions 
with their sponsored campaigns on social media.   We are going to talk about folks like you and I,   So all the money-making strategies I’ll show you 
today I totally doable for any average person. The first way I started making money 
from social media was through free   Traffic that was coming to my website 
from Pinterest. Posting on this platform   Paid off for me very early in my blogging 
journey. By the end of the first year blogging   I managed to get my first month with Mediavine 
and that earned me almost $1400 in that month. Keep in mind my blog was brand new to 
the platform and my RPM which is how   Much you get paid for a 1000 of visitors, was 
still quite low. It tends to get the optimal   Numbers for each publisher in the first 
3 months since joining the platform. I looked back into my Google Analytics for the 
same dates and oh my god, literally like 95%   Of all traffic to my blog at that 
time was coming from Pinterest.   I even had on some days 
huge viral spikes in traffic   Like this here reaching about 13,000 users 
in just one day, all from Pinterest.

Over the years, free Pinterest traffic 
generated for me thousands upon thousands   Of dollars from Mediavine ads, just on this blog. If you want to learn how I achieved 
all these results with Pinterest,   Check out my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course,   The link will be up here in the info icon, 
and in the description below the video. Now let’s talk about this platform 
where you are watching me. Youtube! Alright so here you go, in the last 365 
days I made $12,5k only with Adsense –   Which is simply ads you see in my videos. 
This is kind of a passive income stream for me   Because I would anyway make my videos on Youtube,   It’s just a nice bonus that I can get this 
extra income from ads in my videos. The indirect ways of making money from Youtube 
are much more valuable to me. I have built   A solid brand name thanks to this Youtube 
channel through educating my audience about   Online business, blogging and Pinterest 
marketing. I share a lot of free information   And I know for sure it inspired many 
of you to start your own website! Here are just a few comments you guys 
left me under my videos, thank you so   Much for this kind feedback! If you want to get 
features in one of my future videos and have   Something positive to say, go ahead 
and comment below this video right now! I wish it was easy to show how 
Youtube affects my income overall,   But Google Analytics reporting of the 
product sales are never 100% accurate. That’s   Because people usually don’t buy online courses 
from the landing page. They first want to   Learn from your free content, they want to 
understand if they can trust your information. So when I show you that in the last 365 days, in 
my Google Analytics almost 18k were attributed   Directly to course sales coming from my Youtube 
channel, that’s still an understatement because   A lot of people would go from my channel 
first to watch my free Pinterest masterclass,   And then would buy – certainly a portion 
of this number over here with 34,000   USD is also thanks to Youtube 
and other sources of traffic. I filtered in my analytics all the traffic 
sources that brought users to my free   Pinterest masterclass for the last year, and 
I wasn’t surprised to see that Youtube was   The top traffic source, followed by everything 
else like Google SEO, Facebook, Pinterest   And internal clicks on my website (it’s when 
people find my blog posts first and then inside   The website people sign up to my email list 
through my forms and popups on the website). So definitely for me personally Pinterest and 
Youtube are the top income generating social   Media platforms. And as promised, I showed 
you all the juicy details with analytics   And real numbers that worked the best for me. If 
you like this kind of transparency in my videos,  

Give me a like right here as a 
feedback. Did it turn blue already? Great, thank you so much! I appreciate all of your 
support! It does really help my channel grow and   Achieve the goal of reaching 1 million people to 
help them transition to online income streams. Now let me just tell you like anybody else, I 
am always a work in progress and learning from   Watching others achieve great results with their 
best monetization strategies on social media. And the next way of making money I’d like 
to show you can be used all across different   Platforms. It’s affiliate marketing. I actually 
just published recently a very detailed video   On how affiliate marketing works, I’ll link 
it up there and, in the description, below.   I will just say here that affiliate 
marketing can work on any platform,   Here, on Youtube you can leave affiliate 
links in the description below your videos. On Instagram it’s a bit harder because 
you can only give a link in a Story after   Reaching at least 10k followers. But a great 
alternative would be Pinterest where you can   Add direct affiliate links to your pins. So, 
people will click on the image you created   And go directly to the affiliate product you 
are promoting. I’ll drop also a link to my   Other video that’s entirely focused 
on affiliate marketing on Pinterest. But to tell you my honest opinion, I think that 
the best way to use social media for affiliate   Marketing by sending traffic to your website 
first. On the blog or website, you need to talk   About the product you are promoting, you need 
to warm up the audience so that they don’t just   Get to the product page and leave it. If they come 
from your blog post that showed them all the pros   And cons of the product, they are more likely to 
actually convert, to purchase the product. And so   Your chances to earn an affiliate commission 
are higher if you use social media that way. This is just one nuance I can share from my 
experience as a full-time blogger for 4 years now.   But you can get a lot more of these 
nitty-gritty details that can be   Otherwise learnt only the hard way – by 
joining my Blog Your Way to $10K Program.   It’s all about solving the money problem that most 
bloggers have. Not only beginner bloggers have   No idea how to tackle the monetization of their 
blogs. I’ve seen people trying to make at least   Something with their blogs for several years, 
unsuccessfully. This has to be fixed guys!   No matter why and how you started your blog, 
you should know if what you are doing is   Moving you in the right direction to finally 
making some decent income from your blog. Check out this program if you want to up your 
blog monetization game – I’ll link it up here. One of the ways to make money through social media 
is actually by getting qualified leads to your own   Services. You know, if you are a freelancer or a 
small business owner and you are looking for ways   To get more clients, definitely you should use 
social media because opportunities are endless. Just as an example, what you can do completely for 
free is start a Facebook group and name it around  

The thing or service that you want to promote. 
People will find your group on Facebook group   Search, you will manage a community of people who 
talk about the stuff that you want to offer. And   As the admin of this group, you’ll be the only one 
allowed to post about your services or products   In the group. Yes it does take time to grow 
and manage FB groups but this is an entirely   Free tool and you as the group admin can decide 
to promote your stuff at any time in any form. Here is a real example of a group I’ve seen 
grow really quickly in front of my eyes   And making a ton of money to the group admin. 
Let’s say you are an independent real estate agent   Offering properties in Portugal to wealthy 
foreigners. We are talking about selling houses   That cost over half a million dollars, usually 
way more than that. And the real estate agent   Might be getting between 3 and 6% of commission 
from each deal like that. What is the group about? Well, it’s a group about moving to Portugal   Where people ask each other questions, 
talk about the documents they need,   About the prices here, about medical system, 
schools, about everything they need to know   Before moving to another country. Most of the 
conversations actually are user-generated content.   Just questions people ask and other members 
of the group answer from their experience. The admin of this group doesn’t even need to 
create much content for the group to keep going.   All they really need to do is shut down some 
spammers or occasionally inadequate users and   Internet trolls. And of course, from 
time to time they remind the community   About their services and post the 
new properties they have to offer.  I can tell you more, the real estate agent working 
through this model, is not a millennial, it looks   Like he is baby boomer who just figured out how to 
use social media to promote his services for free,   And he never paid a cent for ads on 
Facebook, and his business is thriving. Brand Collaborations The next way to make money on social media 
is more obvious to most of you guys but I   Still wanted to bring it up because even if 
you know it’s possible, you often don’t know   How it even works, how do you find 
brands or should they first approach you,   How much to charge for sponsorships and so on. You need to be realistic about brand 
deals, they usually don’t come to you   When you are brand new and your following is 
very small. Even if they reach out to you,   It’s usually some kind of barter deals where 
they give you a free sample of product or   A free trial month if it’s a service, and you 
have to give them a review basically for free. Even when your social media following is growing 
bigger, often times they will reach out to you   Expecting to pay $20 per sponsored mention or 
even for an entire video review on Youtube.   You might even accept those deals 
when you are just starting out. 

These kind of brand partnerships will not make 
you reach, so I would say, if you do accept them,   Be very selective and make just enough of them   To build a solid portfolio which will help you 
negotiate much better conditions on the future   Deals that will happen later, when your 
social media accounts are getting bigger. Also, don’t come to your brand collaborations 
from the place of being a poor content creator,   Bring to the table that even if your following 
is still small, you have other advantages.   Your audience might be still small 
but super focused on a specific topic   And there is a fit for your advertiser, it 
should increase your pricing for the brand deal. Remember when it comes to sponsorships, 
it’s not only about the number of followers,   It’s more about the quality of your audience, 
it’s about the relationship of trust you’ve built   With your people. Don’t let any potential sponsors   Undervalue your audience quality and if you know 
your audience is very engaged, they reply to your   Posts in comments, they ask you questions, etc., 
do mention that when you negotiate your prices. So here you go, we’ve just talked about 
these 5 ways of making money on social media: – Driving traffic to your 
website and making money with ads  – Selling your own digital 
products on social media  – Affiliate marketing using social 
media like Youtube and Pinterest  – Selling your offline services – I gave you an 
example of a Facebook group but definitely you   Can think of many other ways to attract 
your ideal clients through social media  – And we talked about sponsored 
content and brand collaborations. This is all I wanted to share with 
you today! If you found this helpful,   Subscribe and hit the bell button. Also, 
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