Oh can't believe I'm shooting this video Hey guys what's up welcome back to my Channel if you are new here I am Kathryn The creator of the content buck and I'm Here to help you follow your passion by Growing your audience online but today We're really going to be talking much About that because I honestly want to Just talk about something that is so Extremely important than something that Isn't really talked about especially for All you beginner bloggers out there or People who want to start your blog you Know you go on Pinterest and you're Trying to figure out the best way to Start your blog what hosting server you Should go with and kind of the steps to Follow because it's a disaster from the Beginning okay it is a disaster you have No idea what you're getting into you're Just trying to follow someone else's Instructions and do it I've been there Two years ago actually on this date two Years ago I was sitting in my living Room of my first apartment can we just Take a minute to think about how much Happens in two years two years ago I was Sitting in my first apartment since then I moved into another apartment moved to Rochester New York and I have bought a House and now I'm standing in my house Two years ago I never would have thought That that would have happened but two Years ago sitting in my first apartment

Eating ice cream on the couch with fancy An I decided to buy my first domain and Start my blog of the content bug I ended Up completely making a huge mistake and I spent way too much money on the wrong Thing when I got started because I was Following someone's instructions and it Wasn't the right set of instructions so I ended up losing about three hundred Dollars and who are going to get into That in this video because I want to Talk about how much money I have spent On my blog in two years it has been two Years since I purchased mine oh man not Two years since I launched my blog I Actually didn't launch my blog until January of 2017 but I bought it on October 18th 2016 so it took me a few Months because I had to transfer my Domain and just a lot of problems okay a Lot of problems but now I am Here I am Alive my blog is doing well and I really Want to talk about how much a website Really costs how much blogging really Cost because when you don't Pinterest And you see those blog posts that say How to start your blog for only $3 or How to start your blog for free Those blog posts are lying to you you Cannot honestly do that if you want to Start a serious blog and Wow okay so Some website some hosting servers Actually do have options where you can Sign up for three dollars a month but

That's a few sign up for like a thirty Six month contract and I don't recommend That you do that from the beginning Because you don't know if you're gonna Want to stick with that hosting server Take it from me I have been on three now So let's get into the facts of how much I have spent on my blog in two years I Have got my notes here I am ready I Broke down went through all of my emails My invoices and then came up with the Things that I spent money on in the past Two years no these are not things such As like no paths I didn't put notepads In there I didn't put my photo supplies In there and I also didn't include my Electronic so if I want to be completely Honest with you guys there are a few Things that I have bought since I Started my blog the first one my iPad Pro I have my iPad pro right here it is This bad boy I've got a case for it this Is what I use instead of a laptop and This was my first purchase that I really Did after I bought my blog I got this November of 2016 so I spent honestly I'm Not even sure how much on this guy well Over $1000 because it is huge it's an IPad pro the second thing that I ended Up getting technology wise is actually My iMac that is behind me I got an iMac Desktop and I've used that as my daily Computer instead of having a new laptop I decide to get a desktop and an iPad if

I would have thought about it beforehand I would have got a laptop because then I Can just work for literally anywhere and Do everything I ever need but you know I Really I really wanted a desktop and I Love this thing so I'm actually paying Off monthly free financing with Best Buy Know promo no sponsorship it's just a Good deal those are not included in my Expenses because I don't think that Normal people would buy those things Within the first two years to start Email blog instead I am talking about Your website your management your social Media automation your email and kind of Stuff like in that so let's get into the Numbers so starting out I bought my blog In 2016 and the first expense I had was Of course buying my domain buying my Hosting server now I ended up making a Huge mistake and I started a WordPress.com so Instead of a wordpress.org site okay yup Yup yeah I am so disappointed in myself I knew from the very beginning that I Wanted a wordpress website but I had no Idea that there was a difference between The two so I went to work press and I Bought the highest plan that you could Get there and it ended up costing me $349 for the wrong freakin thing So I spent $349 buying a wordpress site And then I ended up having to transfer That to a wordpress.org site and I moved

To Bluehost that ended up costing me $119 and 16 at cents so within a short Period of time I am basically at almost $500 from my blog and my prepare time I Mean within two months now let's talk About over the past two years how much My website just my web site so that Includes my hosting my domain privacy And my like security locks psyched lot Security as well as my backup and kind Of everything else that goes into that My domain purchases because I do own two Domains WordPress support because I Ended up crashing my website and who Needed someone to help me get my website Back over running and plugins total you Wanted all the time spent on my website Thousand one hundred twenty-five dollars And seventy eight cents on just my Website just my website I am kidding When you see those pictures posts that Say start your blog with are only three Dollars that's a joke it has been two Years and I have spent over a thousand Dollars on just the posting and stuff That goes into my website and that stuff For me is absolutely non-negotiable if You are gonna be a blogger you Absolutely need a website I mean it is a Dull it is a no-brainer what I have Liked to not pay for that WordPress Support yeah that would have been great But I needed to pay how much was it $86 Because I crashed my website that was on

Me Was my fault so things like that just Kind of come up my domain purchases I Ended up only spending $26 on purchasing A domain and that was two years for Actual purchase and then the renewal $26 Total so like stuff like that isn't Expensive it's really the hosting I Spent $350 one year I spent $260 another Year and $230 another year so let's talk About some of the other things that go Into owning a blog such as your social Media automation and your email Platforms and what else did I include in This oh I use QuickBooks and I use Teachable so hosting my courses courses Platform all of that stuff adds up and Total in two years two years okay for Services I have paid a thousand five Hundred twenty eight dollars and fifteen Cents on just for services for this is Just it's almost comical to me to think About how when I was getting started I Was like wow I'm gonna start a blog no Big deal and Here I am there's a fly Flying around my face you have been my Friend for a few days can you please Just on my website and other services What are we at $2,600 already spent I Mean come on It has only been two years two years Since purchasing my domain I had no idea What I was getting into but let me just Get to the last thing I want to talk

About so the last thing that I invested In that I would consider a normal Purchase for anyone starting a blog is Courses so I signed up for two courses In the past two years one of which was $500 the other one was only $50 so I Spent five hundred forty nine dollars Actually total on buying two of courses And combined all of that only those Three sections that's it I have Spanish the one thousand two Hundred and two dollars and ninety three Cents on my blog that's that guys like Spent over three thousand dollars on my Blog in two years and I have to say that Everything Invested in my blog has been 100% worth It the money that I have coming into my Blogging business I try to invest it Right back into my blog so I have Actually made more money than I have Expensed within my blog so I made more Money than what I just talked about There but it's just it I mean it's a lot Of money and if you think that starting A blog is cheap it's not that cheap sure You don't have to sign up for some of The things that I sign up for so I'm a Part of tailmon I'm a part of convertkit I've got QuickBooks I'm a part of Teachable all of those things combined Have cost me over a thousand dollars you Do not need all of them if you want to Choose the cheap option and you want to

Go with a free email platform which I Don't I don't I don't really recommend You can do that so I hope you guys like This video getting a real look on the Inside of my business on what it is like Blogging I will see you guys back here For another video very soon if you liked It please give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to my channel I'm doing a lot Of money related stuff right now Prepping for 2019 so if you would like To see more money related content here On my youtube channel let me know in the Comment section down below and I will See you guys back here in another video Very soon bye guys