Hey guys what is up welcome back to my Channel I need you here with my lunch I Just got a fresh water bottle and okay So I had two things two main things on My to-do list today and one of them Wants to shoot YouTube videos and my Goal was to shoot two YouTube videos This is the second YouTube video that I'm shooting today so I feel like check That off the list it's good the second Thing on my to-do list was to map out my Content for the next few months because Honestly I have been really behind on my Content calendar and I've been coming up With my video ideas more so in the Moment instead of actually planning them Out so this is going to be the last Video in my youtube video series I Really hope you guys love this series I Had so much fun creating it but now I'm Ready to get back to talking about Blogging and Pinterest and other topics Of course I'm still going to be talking About YouTube but I need to plan out my Content for the next few months or at Least the next month so that I know what I am shooting so I figured it would be a Good idea to sit down and shoot a YouTube video showing you guys exactly How I plan on my YouTube videos and the Idea of this actually came about on Instagram I had someone in a QA asks to See more of my content calendar so I did A walkthrough on my Instagram story

Showing my content calendar and how its Laid out and all that stuff so I do want To break it down for you guys share Exactly how I created my content Calendar how I manage my content Calendar how I plan out my videos and Keep them organized schedule them if I Schedule them all of that stuff so I am Actually going to sit down eat my lunch Research some ideas first so if you guys Haven't watched my video about how to Come up with YouTube video ideas that Actually get views and how to rank in Search those strategies that included in That video I'm actually just gonna do Right now so I'm going to do a little Bit of keyword research I've got my Notepad right here I'm gonna jot down Those ideas and yeah so I'm gonna do That oh and what I am eating I actually Have fried rice gonna focus on it Homemade fried rice and there's zucchini Jalapenos banana peppers and green onion All from my garden if you do not follow Me on Instagram I've got a four raised Bed garden in the My yard and I grew the vegetables and Stuff that isn't this I obviously did Not meet the rice but yeah I'm so Excited for this okay okay so first let Me actually show you guys my content Calendar and what we are working with so I created my content calendar on Google Sheets honestly I need to eat this food

While it's still warm but I created my Content calendar own at Google sheets And it is just the best thing that I've Done for myself that way I have access To my content calendar on my iPad so When I go to coffee shop and stuff I do Work off of my iPad I've got a keyboard Here so I can type and do all of the Things I can also access it on my Computer or I can access it on my phone So having access to my content calendar Wherever I am is helpful and you might Not think it's helpful but trust me if You like to work remotely and not out of Your desk all the time it definitely is Helpful to have it one at Google sheets Where I can access it from anywhere Compared to a document that I have to Keep emailing right to myself or Something so I created this template Myself if you want to copy it go ahead And copy it it's very very simple this Is what my blogging content calendar Looks like so the first column is the Number of wealth posts that I have Launched on my blog the next one is just Marketing if it is complete launched on My website or not then we have the date The title and any notes if there are Notes so this is where I will include my Ideas for a blog post so let's say I've Got a blog post title and I want to Mention some things within that blog Post I'll write it within the notes

Section now I specifically want to talk About my YouTube content calendar which Is very very similar to my blogging Calendar again it starts with a number And then it has complete so whether it Is actually launched on my youtube Channel and then I also have it marked If it's filmed or not because some Videos I will film ahead of time before I actually launch them on my youtube Channel so I need to mark if it's Actually filmed or if I have to shoot it Then I have got the date and the title Again as well as notes over on the Right-hand side I do have some ideas Going on of some things that I may want To create videos about and honestly I've Not gone Through this in a while because Obviously looking at some of these like I've got one that says following your Passion how to leave your job to follow Your passion although I do think that That is a great video idea that does not Fall within the topics that I've been Talking about recently on my youtube Channel and been trying to focus on in My youtube channel so I really do need To clean up my ideas section but this is Where I'm gonna start see if any of These are good ideas if they're not Honestly they may not be but yeah this Is what we're going with [Music]

[Music] Okay I've got some video ideas written Down I kind of broke it up Instagram blog Pinterest YouTube I think I'm gonna end up coming up with more Ideas but this should probably fill up My content calendar for September maybe You will see so I upload new videos Every three days which means that 36 There are 10 videos going live in September which would make sense there's 30 days in September of course there's Gonna be 10 videos so that 10 videos Going live I've got more than 10 topics Here so I am going to put these into my Content calendar and what I like to do What for my YouTube videos I don't Finalize the title of the video until it Is actually going live or until how About ready to shoot it otherwise I just Gonna jot my ideas down in here some Keywords that I might want to target Some of them I may have to end up doing More research for them and then in the Future I am going to do that research And then pick the very best title for That YouTube video so let me enter these One thing that I really try to think Through when I am planning out my Content is really the topic of it and if I'm sharing too many videos in a row About the same topic so obvious to us Focus on YouTube and that's why I Launched it several YouTube videos

Revolving around YouTube but that's not Really how I like to a strategy as my YouTube videos I try to get a good mix In there so if I am talking about Blogging here I don't want the next Video to be blogging so I've got a Blogging video a Pinterest video a YouTube video let me go back to blogging Blogging Instagram Instagram and the Reason I'm doing those Instagram ones Back-to-back is so that I can use the First Instagram video to promote the Second Instagram video they're gonna Play well together so I'm going to do Those back-to-back and then we've got Another one about blogging YouTube and Then making money blogging so I think That's a good variety right now some of These are very very rough ideas like I Want to share an affiliate marketing YouTube video and I really don't know What I want it to be about so if you Guys have any questions about affiliate Marketing please let me know in the Comment section down below and maybe That will be the video that I shoot for You guys but as of right now Is a very very rough schedule of what I'm going to be doing for September now Even though I have got these videos in My content calendar right now You guys may never see these videos or You may see them in the next few months Or you may actually see them the date

That they are scheduled to go live on Here but I like to keep my content Calendar very flexible so if you guys Give me a different idea for a video I Want that to my content calendar or I Will launch it before my other ideas Because I want to stay relevant and I Want to make sure that I'm providing you Guys with the content that you are Asking for so yes these are some of my Ideas but honestly it could completely Change in the future and sometimes I Have even shot videos before and Realized that it wasn't a good video or Just didn't fit my YouTube channel and I Scratched it completely so that may end Up happening with some of these videos So do not get your hopes up too much but If you saw a video that you really Really do want to see on my youtube Channel let me know in the comment Section down below and I'll definitely Make sure that I create that for you Guys but now that my YouTube videos are Thought out I've got a game plan for the Next month and that helps to hold me Accountable and create content Consistently so one thing that I like to Do I like to map out the dates that Every single youtube video has to go Live that month so in September I have Got a youtube video going live on the 3rd 6th 9th 12th and so on so I know the Exact date that the YouTube video is

Going live and that really really does Help me now one thing that I like to do I like to patch my content so like I Already told you guys this is the second Youtube video that I am shooting today So typically on Tuesdays which is thank Goodness today is actually a Tuesday so I'm sticking to my schedule but on Tuesdays I will shoot my YouTube videos And I will start to edit my YouTube Videos of course editing my YouTube Videos takes a while so it will roll Over into multiple days but I like the Week of to schedule my content for that Week I know that there are other people That like to schedule their content the Week before it's supposed to live but For me this is the best way that I can Stay relevant enough to date with your Guys's suggestions for my content so Again my content calendar is very Flexible and I can change any of the Ideas whenever I want to but really That's kind of all I wanted to show you In this video I map out my blog content As well as my youtube content ahead of Time I tried to do it month by month Some As I do it quarter by quarter and then I Really feel on my game like in December I will sit down and I will start Brainstorming all of my ideas for the Next year and I will typically Brainstorm at least two months out so

I've got a lot of ideas rolling into the Next year but right now I'm happy with The ideas that I have and some of them May be loose other ones may be more firm And I'm definitely going to create them But I really just hope you guys found This video helpful I feel like I don't Know is this even a good video you guys Asked for it you guys wanted to see a Look at my content calendar and how I Plan on my content so I hope you guys Liked it and found it helpful if you did Make sure you give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to my channel if you Absolutely hated it let me know and I'll Never create another one of these again And yeah okay guys I'm really doubting this video now I'm Really really doubting it know it's Going on it's going like okay I'll see You guys later Bye guys