Hey guys what's up welcome back to my Channel today I want to talk to you About how you can come up with blog post Ideas that are actually going to Generate pageviews and there's really a Lot that I want to cover in this video I'm not just going to talk about how to Come up with blog post ideas I'm also Going to dive into how to write your Content how to encourage more people to Share it and how to get those page views Now and in the future so there's really A lot that I want to cover in this video So if you're ready I'm ready let's just Go ahead and get started the very first Thing that you need to do before Anything else you need to narrow it down Your audience and the best strategy that I would recommend to you guys is to Think about one specific person if you Could reach one person in only one Person who would that person be and Think about every just little nitty Gritty detail about that person from Their location their age their gender Their personality what they like what They don't like like what do they do on A daily basis their occupation come up With every detail possible that you can And really narrow in on who your Audience is now when you have that one Person that you are going to target you Need to think about what would they be Searching to find me at the very

Bare-bones how can I reach them what are They searching now you guys may have Noticed I have been trying a different Strategy here on my youtube channel for A while I was talking about Pinterest SEO Instagram blog writing personal Development type stuff I mean like I was Creating a lot of content that was a Little bit all over the board but it was All things that I was really passionate About and all things that I talked about On my blog but then I thought about it If I am trying to target that one person Which would be a blogger or an online Influencer or someone who's trying to Grow their audience online what would They be searching and at its core most People would be searching about blogging Tips everything related to blogging and A Pinterest because Pinterest is really My specialty so I've been trying to hone In a bit more on my content and share Only those types of YouTube videos to Reach the right audience and the exact Same thing goes with your blogging Strategy so you need to think about at The bare bones what is your audience Searching and how can you reach them When they are searching for that type of Content this is going to be your Foundation for getting those pages in The future now the next thing you need To think about is the type of blog post That you are going to create there are

Four types of wall Post attendant forum the best for me and I would say are pretty popular when it Comes to at generating page views the Very first one is talking about a trendy Topic let's say that you're a health and Fitness and just kind of all over that Like nutrition you know that like health Niche let's say you're in that health Niche and you got an at the ground floor When coconut oil was becoming so popular And you created a couple of blog posts Around coconut oil at the time that was Such a trendy hot topic that people were Searching for the benefits of coconut Oil how to use coconut oil and all of That information and if you had a blog Post or several blog posts that included That topic you would probably be found So if you can talk about a trendy topic I highly highly recommend that you do That because it's going to be a great Way to get quick page views the other Three types of blog posts are more of a Long-term strategy and I honestly Believe that if you want real page views If you honestly want to grow your Audience here online if you want to make A success online you need to think about The long-term and not just quick results So the next three types of blog posts That you can create the first one is Kind of like a how-to or a guide or Solving a common problem or question and

That would get asked by your audience Member now this is going to be different For every single person but for me one Of the blog posts that has perform the Best for me in terms of that guide like Style of blog post is how to start a Successful YouTube channel it's it's It's performed well for me now the next Type of content that you could create is A quick facts post or a list post where You tell your audience that you're gonna Provide them with 20 tips to achieve the Link and they know that there's going to Be a list of 20 tips there for them for Me at one of my blog posts my top Performing blog post at this point is it 50 questions to get to know yourself a Little bit better that blog post has That number 50 there so my audience Knows when they click on that blog post Exactly what they are getting and then When they look at that blog post I mean It's a list of 50 questions you can ask Yourself and the last type of blog posts That you can create that is going to Drive pageviews I have had several of These blog posts work so so well for me Is a blog post that shares proven Results again it's kind of like how-to But it is more of a case study you know I have had to a blog post in particular That have performed very very well for Me when written in this style the first One was how I went from 7k to 100k

Average monthly viewers On Pinterest in just two months and the Second one was how I gained 1.1 K Instagram followers in just one month Now hold up getting Patriots to your Blog is so much more than just coming up With a good blog topic that you think is Going to reach your audience yes it all Starts with that topic once you have Your topic idea you know what you're Going to write about that is just the Starting point but you really need to Think about how your blog post is going To be found and you guys know that I Believe in more of a long term strategy If you want to be successful online you Need to think about two years in advance Five years in advance you can't just Think about the immediate results so I Honestly wholeheartedly believe in a Good SEO strategy and having good Quality SEO on your website so that your Blog post can be found on Google and Other search engines in the future and The exact same thing goes with Pinterest Because Pinterest is more of a long-term Strategy as well but I do also think It's important that you do a quick I Would say promotion strategy and Immediate promotion strategy once that Blog post is lunch so you need to think About where you are going to promote it How you're going to promote it and with What that you are going to promote that

The wall closed so where are you going To promote it that could mean a social Media or your email list are you going To send out an email blast your email List because you think it's that high Quality of a blog post are you going to Talk about it on Instagram are you going To share it on Twitter and Facebook Maybe in facebook group threads where Are you going to share that blog post Then you need to think about how you are Going to promote it I used to get in This rut and I still I still sometimes Do it where I just tell you guys on Instagram stories Hey this blog post is now out but I am Trying to use my words wisely to promote That blog post to make sure that people Actually want to view it so the way you Do that is to ask a question or to share Something and that leads up to why you Created that blog post so recently I Launched a blog post about how I manage My time as a full-time blogger and the Reason that I created that blog post was Because I shared on Instagram stories How I can take 8 plus hours to edit a YouTube video and someone asked me how The heck I have time to get the other Work that needs to get done in my busy I am spending a whole day on just Editing one YouTube video and I want Either two or three YouTube videos every Single week so what did I do I created a

Whole blog post around it and when I Hyped it up on Instagram I shared that Exact story and it's something that's a Bit more enticing something that's a bit More memorable and it connects with my Audience there's a big difference than Just saying hey I launched this blog Post Compared to enticing your audience and Getting them to click on that link and Then the very last thing you need to Think about with that kind of short term Immediate promotion is with what are you Going to promote it so if you need to Create certain graphics like a Pinterest Graphic obviously needs to be created a Twitter or Facebook graphic probably Should be created if you're going to Create like its rim story graphics or Something else to really promote that Blog post you really need to think about That from the very beginning so now You're Paul pulls out there you've done The promotion you have the SEO Strategies in place it's appearing on Google it's appearing in Pinterest how Would you get people to click on your Link because you're gonna have a really Really high quality blog post or you can Be writing about a topic that your Audience really wants to know more about But if you do not have a click worthy Title no one's going to click on it and If you do not have a click where we

Graphic on Pinterest no one is going to Click on it so let's talk about your Title your title needs to be honest it Needs to be accurate and it needs to Share with your audience exactly what is Included in the blog close now I think It's okay if you click bait your Audience just a little bit you can't Have a title that has nothing that Relates to the blog post that you wrote But if you're doing a case study or how To post and you want your audience to Grow their Instagram following fast it Is better to write a title that says how To grow your Instagram followers in just 30 days or less compared to how to grow Your Instagram followers that's not Interesting people aren't going to click On it but if you provide a timeline or If you provide numbers they're like I Launched that blog post wrong about how I grew my Pinterest account from 7 K to 100k in just two months in there I Shared my stats and I said okay I'm Going to prove to you how I her my Pinterest account from this number to This number in this short period of time That is more so going to get someone to Click on that blog post compared to how To grow your Pinterest Does that make sense so if you are going To clickbait somebody you need to make Sure that your blog post lives up to What you are saying because otherwise

People are going to land on your website They're gonna get annoyed they're going To leave and that's going to hurt you in Your SEO strategy it's gonna hurt you in Your Pinterest strategy and we do not Want that at all so the last thing I Want to talk about is what you include In your blog post so that your audience Can generate more page views for you so Let's go back to that blog post about The Pinterest if I would have had that Title that said however my Pinterest Account from 7 K to 100k in just two Months and I just shared my stats I said You know what I was here now I'm here Cool thanks awesome that really wouldn't Have given my audience much information It wouldn't have been helpful and they Wouldn't have been inclined to what Share it so what I ended up doing in That blog post I shared the proof so I Included my starting point in Screenshots on my starting point Compared to my ending point and then I Broke down every little thing that I did To get those results so it's not like Here hey I got these results isn't this Awesome for me no here's exactly what I Did to get the results and in return my Audience actually used those tips they Actually followed those steps and I have Got so many comments I don't even know How many comments I'll include it here I Have got a lot of comments on that blog

Post all talking about how people were Able to grow their Pinterest account Just using that strategy and that one Blog post alone has generated over Several thousand shares on Pinterest Alone because my audience was sharing it Because they found it helpful they knew It was a valuable piece of content and They wanted to share it with other People so in my opinion that is the key And getting more pages on your blog Posts yes it comes down to knowing who Your audience is what they are searching For and coming up with a high-quality Topic idea but I think that the key to Your success in getting more page views Is within the content that you include Enough blog posts so I hope you guys Liked this video and found it helpful if You did please give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to my channel I do upload Videos every three days so I'll see you Guys back here in another video really Soon bye guys You [Music]