Let's talk about money one of the Questions that i get asked when i tell People that i'm a blogger besides the What do you even do on a day-to-day Basis and what does that mean is how do You make your money and over the course Of my blogging career i've made a point To be very transparent with how much Money you make blogging where it comes From and so on to help bloggers follow The same path or avoid the mistakes that I've made in this video i'm going to Break down how i made my first 200 000 Blogging and this is a milestone that i Actually reached by november 2021 in the beginning of it but i'm a Little bit late with posting these Income reports if you're new here hi my Name is anna and i'm a blogging growth Strategist and coach teaching bloggers To increase their traffic and online Income with smart blogging strategies And i've been posting these income Reports ever since i made my first 100 Blogging you can find them all in detail On my blog and website or of course you Can watch my last income report of how i Made my first 150 000 blogging on Youtube and i'll leave a link below as Well but if you're curious to how i made Another 50k on top of that and what my Tally is then keep watching keep in mind That since this tally of course those Numbers have changed and increase this

Is just what i've earned up to november 2021 and as a disclaimer this is revenue Alone it does not take into account my Expenses or taxes i've also converted This into us dollars to make it easier But i get paid both in us dollars and British pounds since i live in london so Let's get started out of the two hundred And nine thousand hundred and forty Three dollars seventy seven thousand Five hundred and fifty dollars have been Made through affiliate sales so this is All affiliate income based on different Partnerships and promotions that i host On my blog on my email list and other Social media channels although the bulk Of my affiliate sales come from my blog And then my email list or other online Courses and ebooks that i provide what's Really interesting to me in my affiliate Journey throughout the last few years is That even if my blog traffic hasn't gone Up massively over the past few years my Affiliate income has consistently Increased and it's just a sign that when You do affiliate marketing correctly you Can earn quite well with it without Needing a huge audience or huge amounts Of traffic and that's why i think Affiliate marketing is one of the best Places to get started with if you have a Blog because you don't need a huge Audience to do so if you want to find Out exactly how i did it and how i went

From about six thousand dollars in Affiliate revenue to eighteen thousand And twenty three thousand dollars a year Just from affiliate sales alone with Virtually the same traffic then check Out my affiliate search challenge this Is a 14 day challenge to help you Increase your affiliate income it's a Brand new challenge that's for Intermediate to more advanced bloggers And i'm sharing a couple of my best Guarded affiliate marketing secrets to My challenge participants and students In there Next up is my digital product sales this Is a combination of ebooks courses and Challenges and until november of last Year i have made 89 825 This has been another huge source of Income for me and something that has Outperformed every single income source Out there that is why i'm such a huge Fan of creating digital products and Selling them because you only create Them once and then once you sell them And incorporate a few marketing Strategies it's more or less passive i Mean yes i update my ebooks and courses Every year and i'm there for my students And answer questions but once that's Done it's passive and there's no limit On how much you can sell one of the Tools that helped me increase my digital

Product sales was actually a thrive card Which is a card and checkout software i Moved all my digital products courses Over to thrivecart and it has been a Game changer for my conversion rates so The amount of people that kind of Clicked over to check out an ebook and Then ended up Actually finalizing the transaction has Gone up and my average card value has Also gone up because they have this Amazing feature where you can add bump Offers to checkout so that means i can Give people another digital product in Addition to the one that they're about To buy for a special price they have a Bunch of cool features and they also Have a learn platform which is a online Course hosting platform where you can Host your online courses once you create Them is a pretty much two in one tool And i absolutely love it if you want to Check them out they have a lifetime Offer active now that you can check out Using my link below which means you only Pay for them once and you never have any Monthly fees ever again it was a little Bit scary converting to them since it Was a bigger chunk of money than i Usually pay for these tools but i'm Actually saving money because i used to Have to pay for an online course hosting Platform which is about 50 60 bucks a Month

And another platform send out to sell my Ebooks i still love sandals so if you Only have ebooks for sales or very small Digital products that is a great place To start selling them but if you want to Increase your digital product sale i Would recommend moving to thrive card Earlier than later next up is my Coaching income on the side of my blog i Actually offer blog consultancy and Coaching services that means i work One-on-one with bloggers and content Creators to help them improve their Blogging businesses i only started Offering the service a couple of years Ago after i had great success with my Own blog and to date i made 29 367. from it working with people One-on-one allowed me to test a bunch of My blogging strategies on different Niches and it was super valuable to see What works universally and what Strategies needed tweaking based on the Kind of content you create last year i Got a little bit more serious about my Coaching and actually invested in Honeybook which is a client management Software and i love them so much Offering services in general is such a Great way to boost your online income You can offer any sort of services from In-person services like photography Videography to virtual assistant Services and even make it more specific

For example you can become a pinterest Virtual assistant and offer pinterest Management services alongside social Media and blogging so for example if you Already run your own blog and you know The ins and outs of what it takes you Can offer blog management services to Other bloggers out there who need extra Help if you want to do that and keep it Professional keep everything organized Be able to offer people contracts sign Them book calls get paid and so on Honeybook is a great tool to manage your Clients and contracts and projects and Actually have a 50 off discount link From them that i'll link in the Description below you'll get a free Trial so you can test it out and once That ends you get 50 off your whole First year so it will help you get Started and you only need one client to Be able to pay it off for an entire year Moving on to ad income i made 2147 With ads on my blog this only includes Blogging ads because at the time of this Video i'm not yet monetized on youtube Although that is something that i am Striving for the reason why i don't make That much money with ads on my blog is Because i have consistently prioritized My own products and affiliate links over Ads so when you try to include too many Ads on a page it takes away people's Attention and focus from clicking on the

Things you actually want them to click On and things that will make you more Money if they buy like i said i've been Able to scale my income with virtually The same traffic just by improving my Affiliate marketing strategy rather than Focusing on increasing the traffic alone That's not to say that ads are bad if You have one of those niches that does Very well traffic wise then implementing Ads on your blog is such a great way to Make passive income it literally Requires no extra effort on your part Other than the setup that being said if You're curious i started with google Adsense as my ad network and then i Moved over to she media both are great And you can start with google adsense if You're brand new and then move over to Shimmy dm mediavine ad thrive and other Ad networks once your traffic grows as They have some minimum traffic Requirements for getting in next up i Made a thousand two hundred and eighty Four dollars with sponsored posts This is another one of those categories Where i will accept sponsored Cooperations but i just don't chase them So all of these are people brad's who Approach to work with me and the other Way around and that doesn't include any Sponsored income that i have coming from Youtube as my first sponsor video Actually happened once i've already

Reached the 200 000. and last but not Least i have made 440 on freelancing and Va work this was back in my first year Of blogging when i decided to Offer this for a while if you look at my Previous income reports you'll find that This is the exact same number since that First year is i haven't been offering This service that brings up the total to 209 143 And that is it that is how i make money Blogging and i'll continue tracking my Journey and talking about what worked And what didn't is there anything that Surprised you about my breakdown let me Know in the comment section below but i Hope this was helpful like i noted this Is only the income i generated with my Website the she approach and doesn't Include income generated by other blogs That i have like i mentioned a couple of Times on my channel i have started a Second pet blog last year as well as a Business on side with that and although I say i'm a full-time blogger i actually Don't dedicate a full-time schedule to Running the ushi approach but if your Question was if you can live off of Blogging income the answer is yes but Not at first it took me about two three Years to get to a point where i could Blog and live off my blogging income and That might be quicker or slower for you

Depending on your circumstances like i Said when i started my blog i was in Full-time education as well as full-time Work for a couple of years and also i Had virtually no experience or knowledge On blogging or what it takes to make it Into a business that's why i'm so Passionate about sharing these income Reports with you so you can learn what Works what doesn't and what changes Throughout time if you want to see more Of what i'm up to next in my blogging Business be sure to subscribe to this Channel and hit the bell button so you Get notified where new videos go live But of course be sure to check out the Sheer approach.com as my best content Goes to my blog into my email list thank You for your time thank you for watching And i hope i see you soon [Music] You