In this video i'm going to be doing a Full review of the all-in-one digital Marketing online platform called Builderall i'll be going over the Features that it's got to offer the Pricing plans what's good about it and Also what needs some work Hey guys chad here from purely remote The channel that is all about bringing You all the tips tools and resources for You to find success online now on this Channel we're constantly putting out new Content that is specifically geared to Help you start and grow a successful Online business so if that's something That you're interested in you might want To consider subscribing so in this video I'm going to be doing a full review of The online platform that we pretty much Use to run everything for our online Business and although we use this i'm Going to be doing this as a completely Honest reviews because after using it For quite some time there are some Things that i've kind of figured out you Know need some work there are some Really good features and some really Amazing things that bulge has to offer But i want to make the review as fair And as unbiased as possible so that you Can decide whether it is something or a Tool that you want to use when growing Or starting your online business now at The time of recording this video bulldog

Does offer a 14-day free trial where you Can access and try out everything that The platform's got to offer basically Unlimited access to it all for 14 days And if it is something that you do want To try out after checking out this Review video i'll leave a link down in The description and you can join up and Register for your 14 day trial from There but what is bulge roll exactly and What can you do you know i think the Honest question is what can belgium not Do and it sounds crazy but Bulge all is an online platform for i Would say if you're starting and running Any type of online business builder All's got the tools that you need to Actually Run that business successfully so Whether you do affiliate marketing Whether you do website design if you do E-commerce pretty much like i said any Type of online business builderall has Got the tools for you to start your Business and actually be able to run the Business successfully so i'm just going To jump onto bulgeril's homepage real Quick so that you can actually see the Different tools and you know features That they have available for you so if You click the link in the description This is the page that you're going to Land on Gland land if i just go down over to the

Different features so they've got Cheetah builder which is their built-in Website builder they've got uh you know E-commerce you can build wordpress Websites as well they've got an Integrated email autoresponder which is Pretty awesome as well you can set up Your own marketplace you can set up Different products and payment gateways There's a social proof tool quiz Builders they are really like i can Scroll down for quite a while and There's quite a few different apps and Uh different features and tools that Build rule has to offer and then by Clicking this blue button over here That's how you'll be able to access your 14 day free trial so i'm actually going To go ahead and set up a brand new Account uh using the 14 day free trial Right now real quick and the great thing About it is that you don't need to put In any card details to actually access Your 14 day free trial awesome so once You signed up for your bulge roll Account this is the dashboard where You'll be able to access all of your Tools and pretty much get access to the Entire platform these are all of the Tools or all of the different apps they Call it on the uh the platform so the Apps are pretty much you know like your Website builder you can also build your Own course so the e-learning section is

Where you can create your own and host Your own digital course mailing bus is The autoresponder and then there's like Five pages of different apps i'm gonna Hover over to see all of the apps on one Page without having to go through page One two three four and five i'm just Going to hover over apps and this is Pretty much all of the tools that they Have so again cheetah builder the final Builder which is really really cool the E-learning the booking builder the Booking builder is like a calendar so You can pretty much set dates for you Know sales calls or anything like that You can actually uh create and manage Your own calendar from there if you do Need to create va access or and access For a virtual assistant for your Business you can create it through bulge Roll as well and you know give them Access and that way they'll be able to Do what they need to do they also have a Website agency feature which is pretty Much where you can create and then host Websites for other companies as well so You know even if you are Using bulge rule to render certain Services to different companies there's A whole lot of ways that you can Actually use bulge rule to make money Apart from even just managing your own Business like creating a website or Creating sales funnels you could create

Chat bots for them you could host or Create and then host their website as Well so there are really a lot of Opportunities and a lot of features on Builderall then if we go over training They've got a couple of trainings Available as well the quick start Training the email marketing and mailing Bus so that's the email order Autoresponder it's a training on that Local business website agency course Facebook ads course uh bulgarial mag Five special challenge trainings as well So there are quite a few trainings and Then you can also access their knowledge Base from the other little book icon up In the top left corner and that's where You can you know if you're having any Issues if you're stuck with anything you Can contact their support Or ask a question and get it answered Through their knowledge base now Buzzworld does have a whole lot of apps And tools that you can use and i'm not Going to cover every single one of them Individually in this review video Because i don't want the video itself to Run for too long now even though we have Played around with quite a few of the Tools on bulge rule there are a few that We you know specifically use Most of the time for our business and Those are the apps and the tools that I'm going to cover in this review video

So the first one is the cheetah website Builder so it's called the cheetah Website builder because the websites That you build on it are supposed to be Really quick and that could be a quite a Tough goal to make on you know whether a Website built with a cheater website Builder is faster than a website built On another platform and that's because If you've created a website and on your Web page you've got a lot of different Large elements like you know pictures That are quite large or videos even Though the cheetah website builder Itself might be quick your page might Still take quite a long time to load Anyway so part of the responsibility Does lie with you when you're actually Creating your website to make sure that You're not you know putting on items or Elements that are too big and too large And that will take a while to load but After i show you how the cheetah website Builder actually works and go through The actual usability of it i will give You some tips on how when you're Building your website you can actually Check how quickly it loads and some Stuff that you can do to kind of help it Load a little quicker so in the website Builder right over here i'm just going To create a blank template and this is The screen that allows you to create the Different pages for your website so to

Create a new page all you're going to do Is click on edit page add a panel to Start building awesome and then it Really is just drag and drop so for Example if you want to if i delete this Text and i want to add a different Heading or something just on the menu Right over here you go on to add Elements and then all of these are other Different elements that you can add so There's like text you can add images you Can add buttons contact forms and to add Something so for example if i want to Add a heading all i'm going to click on Is text select title 2 Drag and drop that in And to edit it you can either right Click on it And select the large content editor or You can just double click And edit it just like that the same Thing with any of the other elements it Is actually really easy to use it's just A drag and drop and to edit it all i'm Going to do is give it a right click on The box itself and to change the colors Obviously these are all of the different Options to the of the changes that you Can make you can change the sizes under The background settings is where you can Change the color So if i want to change that to i don't Know like a pinkish That's how we do it and to resize it

Also very simple very easy to use so if I was to just stretch that across the Entire screen and then add possibly Another element to it so if i wanted to Add one of the images drag and drop it Just like that now i did say to you that I am going to cover what we really like About it and some of the things that Kind of bug me every time i'm working on Build role this is one of the things so I've just had this box right over here On the page and when i drag and drop the Image the box the entire box just Decided to move down now i don't know if That's a an issue that i have personally All the time maybe i'm not doing Something that i'm supposed to be doing But that is it's something that's kind Of annoying if you kind of have that Figured out let me know down in the Comments But yeah that is something that does bug Me and it happens pretty much with every Single website that i build so i always Need to be re uh readjusting and Repositioning the entire box or the Background because if i add something New to it Like another image it just jumps down to The bottom right corner but it's weird Because it sometimes that happens and Sometimes it doesn't and you can also Optimize your website for mobile as well So that's how it would look on a mobile

And if you just click on whichever of The elements you can adjust them just by You know selecting or tapping on the up And down arrow on your keyboard so if i Want to move this image down i'll just Select it Dab down and then it repositions and That's how it will look when someone Views it on a phone so yeah as you can See trita website builder is pretty Simple to use it is going to take some Getting used to just figuring out how to Actually use it and how to include Different tools and make certain changes That type of thing but i honestly think If you have never built a website or a Web page before you can learn this Really really quickly and kind of learn Your way around the cheetah website Builder now i did say to you that i am Going to give you a quick tip on Checking how fast your website actually Loads and to do that you can use a Website called and it's completely free to Do so all you're going to do is go to so this is one of the pages That we've created for our business and I'm just going to copy the url and then Paste it right over there and test the Site and then it'll give you a report on You know how your website is actually Performing how long it takes to load and It'll also give you a breakdown or a

List of the specific items or elements On your page that need to either be Compressed or changed so that your Website can load faster i know that's a Little off topic from the review itself But i just thought since i was speaking About the cheetah website builder and The speed of your website this might be Something good to throw in there then a Few more features in the cheetah website Builder itself you can obviously create Your headers your footers super checkout Is where you can create products and Include those products onto your pages As well the social proof features the Booking builder as i spoke about earlier The calendar so with all these tools you Can actually use cheetah builder to Build a really solid website for your Business then they've also got their own Integrated email autoresponder called Mailing bus which works really well as Well now i haven't set up the mailing Bus account for this new account that I've just registered for the 14 day free Trial but the App itself or the tool itself does work Really well from our personal experience Again we've never experienced any issues When it comes to emails being sent out Or emails actually being delivered we've Had a high success rate of our emails Actually going into people's inboxes It's not like it goes into their spam so

It is a really reliable email audio Responder and then again just like the Other tools on bold rule it is actually Really easy to use for example creating Your emails setting up an email sequence To be sent out on specific days at Specific times that type of thing it is Super super easy and very beginner Friendly to actually get set up with and Start using and then the other app that We use very often is the booking builder And that is pretty much where you can Create calendars for your business so You can schedule times that you're Available for calls and once you've Created your calendar you can integrate It with a for example a zoom account so If you're setting up zoom calls with Clients you can integrate your zoom Account with the booking builder app and Then it will automatically create a zoom Call link and send it out as an email to The customer who's just made a booking So it is actually really really cool and Easy to use as well so i just want to Give you a quick example on that if i go Into calendars create new calendar Just call that the test calendar And then from here you can fill in your Title the description you can include a Logo if you like as well underneath the Time zone options you can let users Select their own time zone or you can Just select the predefined time zone so

If i just click save and next that takes You on to the scheduling so you can Create different groups as well so for Example this is just group one you can Set the starting points you can set the Session durations as well and then the Business hours are these are pretty much The times that you are available For bookings so you can either do it Throughout an entire day so for example 8 a.m to 5 p.m or if you want to break Your day up you could say 8 p.m to 12 P.m and then add a second slot for 2 p.m To 5 p.m then you can set your available Dates and you can also exclude specific Dates so for example if there's any Holidays things like that you can add Them right over here and it will just Block those dates off from your calendar And if you just follow the rest of the Steps you'll be able to set up your Booking system and your calendar in Literally just a few minutes and then Finally a really cool tool that Buildable has is called the final Builder and basically what the final Builder is it essentially helps you Create funnels in i want to say like a Third of the time that you would Normally take so for example if i go to Create new funnel and i just put in the Test for test funnel we'll just use a Blank theme then click on start the Funnel and that will give you a lot of

Different final options so these are Essentially think of it like funnel Frameworks so if i go ahead and select Any one of these so let's say using Affiliate marketing as an example if i Want to create a funnel for my affiliate Marketing business so for product that We're promoting i can just click on for Example blueprints lead capture and then The lead capture funnel so if i hit that Plus icon It'll basically give you a visual Representation of the funnel that you're About to create and it will show you the Flow of your actual file so for example From your squeeze page through to your Opt-in form and then where your Customers will be redirected from there So a confirm email page and a thank you Page so if i just configure this form Real quick and this way you can also Change things around so for example if You want another step you could just add Them in by clicking on that plus sign And you can add anything additional into Your funnel as well from there but let's Just say you want to stick with a final Design like this go ahead and generate Site site successfully generated and now You can go to the website and what that Does is now it's going to take you back Into cheetah builder because remember The final builder basically is going to Create a framework of your final for you

And now all you need to do is go into The different pages and edit it however You need it to be done and have your Final setup literally I want to say in under an hour you can Easily have your funnel set up by using The final builder so it is actually a Really useful tool as well and it is Something that we use pretty often as Well when creating new funnels for Different products and for our business So those are just a few of the different Tools and apps that bolo all has to Offer there are a whole lot more I didn't get into them in this video Because like i said it was just going to Take way too long to do everything Individually but the one thing that i Have not yet spoken about is the pricing Of their different plans so of course They've got the 14 day free trial that You can access by clicking the link down In the description but if you do want to Continue with them after your trial Expires there are different plans that They have available so they've got the Cheetah the marketer the premium and the Final club but if you go ahead and click The link in the description you're able To check out this page and see exactly All of the different features that the Different plans will give you access to Now another thing that i have not yet Spoken about with builder rule that is

Really cool and You know this is how we make money with This platform mainly is the builderall Affiliate program they've got an Incredible affiliate program which Basically means if you promote build Rule to anybody else And they sign up for it you will receive Commissions for every single month that Those subscribers remain active so Basically bulge roll gives you a 30 Commission from each subscriber that you Bring to the platform so for example if You get one person to sign up with bull Rule and they sign up on the premium Plan you will receive 21.57 cents every single month for as Long as they remain active now what's so Great about bulge rules affiliate Program is that it works on a two-tier System so if that person was to be an Affiliate for bold rule as well and they Got someone to sign up you'll notice That the commission is now 43 dollars It's pretty much doubled and that is Because of that two-tier system so Basically if you sign someone up to Build bulldrill you get 30 of their Subscription every single month if that Person signs someone else up they will Get 30 of the subscription and then you Will also get 30 percent of that Subscription so for any affiliate Marketer like belgium has an amazing

Amazing affiliate program and also you Get automatic approval to be an Affiliate for bold rule regardless of The plan that you choose to be on with Him and that is my review on build rule Like i said there are some things that Bull roll does really really well you Know the fact that they've got all of The different tools in one place that's Something that i personally love because You save a lot of money instead of Having to subscribe to different Companies for different services for Your business to be running every single Month ballroom pretty much has Everything in one place and that's what I really love about it on the downside Yeah there are a couple of bugs here and There or glitches that i've picked up With it but it's not anything that would Kind of make me move away from bulge Roll but it does get annoying at times So if you're starting pretty much any Type of online business i do think Builderall is actually a good platform To start using it's easy to use it's Going to save you a lot of money because Like i said you've got all your tools in One place and it gives you a lot of Different additional opportunities on How you can make money from the platform Itself again if you do want to try out Bulge roll for free for 14 days without Having to put in your car details or

Anything like that go ahead and click The link down in the description but i Do hope that you found this video useful Valuable helpful and informative if you Did please remember to leave us a thumbs Up and if you have not yet already done So you might want to consider Subscribing to purely remote because we Constantly going to be creating more and More content to help you find success Online until next time my name is chad [Music] You