Story Pins are a new type of content that you 
can create on Pinterest and they work the best   For recipes DIY tutorials brand stories 
or step by step recommendations and more   Story pins get huge engagement numbers because 
Pinterest seems to give story pins an additional   Boost in the algorithm to promote this new 
type of content they're also different from   All regular pins in several ways and i will 
talk about it in detail later in the video   Hi i'm Anastasia of and on 
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my new videos go live so if you want to know   Whether or not story pins are already available on 
your account you can click on create and then you   Will see if you have story pins you'll see create 
story pin early access badge so that means that   It's not available on all accounts yet and as far 
as i know so far it's not based on your country   It's completely based on an account because i 
have two accounts you know my main account is   Linked to my blog but 
i cannot show you an example of creating   Story pins there because on that account 
although it's much older and stronger account   That functionality is not available and my 
other account for this blog   It does have story pins and as you know i 
live in Portugal so it's not country based   It's completely account based so let's click here 
and see what a story pin means let's click create   New and you will see here that you can add 
up to 20 images or videos to story pins so   My first recommendation is when you're creating 
story pins put the video first and then add some   Images to your slide because by having a video in 
the first place you will help your story pin stand   Out because of the majority of pins on Pinterest 
platform are images so your video will definitely   Grab more attention i also highly recommend 
you to add a text overlay on top of your video   Because this also helps you to stop the scroll 
now let me show you how you can create a simple   Video that will be your first slide in the story 
pin and you can do it in a desktop application   I've partnered with in video and i will be using 
their online editor for this and before we move   There i just wanted to show you really quickly 
what are the image or video ratios recommended   For story pins this is a page for businesses 
that want to promote on Pinterest and this is   The guidelines for creating story pins so let me 
just scroll a little bit and and here we go we   Have creative specifications so for aspect ratio 
the recommended one is 9 to 16 that's what we're   Going to use when we create a video in in video 
then they have some encoding formats they also   Speak about the maximum image size and video size 
so for videos it's 50 megabytes and for images   Maximum 32 megabytes the recommended file types 
for images and for videos here we have them   And when we're talking for about resolution 
they recommend for images and videos   Using this um minimum pixel size and the maximum 
length of the video is 60 seconds the minimum is  

One second i think i'm gonna make about three 
or four seconds let's see how it goes even if   You've never created a video before you will find 
that it's very easy to make video pins using over   4000 templates that are offered by inVideo and you 
can use your own photos videos that you made even   By your phone and you can take videos or stock 
photos from other platforms or even the text from   Your website and use all of it to create videos 
in video these templates are 100 customizable and   In videos editor is really very flexible so let's 
see how it works if you want to try using in video   Then check my affiliate link in the description 
below this video and also in video offers a   Very special discount just for my audience you 
can see that they have very affordable plans   Starting from 10 a month but actually with my 
coupon ab50 just for five dollars a month you will   Get all these options that i showed you in this 
video today so this is the interface of inVideo   For the purpose of this video i will create a 
blank canvas starts from scratch clicking here We want the 9 to 16 ratio of the 
video so i'm gonna choose vertical   And click make a video now the first 
thing i'm going to do i will remove this   Logo placement here on the left corner we will 
type the keyword because i want to find some stock   Video for my story pin i will search for apple 
cake and we have a huge collection of stock videos   And by the way stock video is very expensive if 
you purchase it separately somewhere else but   Here within video subscription on a premium plan 
you get it for free so the video is pretty long   It's about 15 seconds i want to make it shorter 
so i'm going to trim it by using this scale I will cut it at about 4 seconds I will click done but you see that the video 
initially was horizontal what i need to do to   Make it vertical i can just drag like this by the 
corner and make it bigger i will center it better And we can check how the scene looks now Here we need to move a little bit to the 
left because the duration of the scene   Needs to be about four seconds as well now 
we have here some text as i always recommend   You need to have a text overlay so it will be 
delicious apple cake and i will choose another   Font for this text let's try this one and 
i will adjust a little bit the line height If i move a little bit by dragging the corner 
of this text i can make it bigger or smaller   And i can move it up now to make our text 
pop-up stronger from that background image   We can choose different box color we can 
increase the opacity of the box we can also   Change the color of this background i'll keep 
this color and we'll increase it to 100 opacity   Now let's try to play the scene if i 
click here on the best scene duration   It actually suggests that we need to 
make this video a little bit shorter   Now it suggests that it would be ideally 325 and 
when you think that your video is finished you can   Click here on this icon and it will suggest 
more improvements let's see what it's what  

It suggests it will analyze your scene and find 
some more typical mistakes okay i need to reduce   The height of the text it will automatically 
reduce and it will make the video looks better Now just click export on the right top corner It will take some time to render the video When it's ready you will see the download 
button will be ready for you to click on   It and you can download it as a full hd video 
because that's the recommended size that we saw   Pinterest recommends by the way if you 
want to learn in more detail how to create   Video pins using in video and not only using some 
stock video footage but also using your own photos   Maybe your text on the on your web pages any 
different formats of videos i actually made   Another detailed video tutorial about it on 
my channel previously and i will give you a   Link to that video in the top right corner 
and also in the description below this video   So the first thing i will do i will just drag 
and drop my video and i also created two images   Because i want to use more slides we have up to 20 
i will use three of them one will be the video and   Then will be the images so i'll just drag and drop 
all of them here and the first one is the video   I can add a title here remember that in our video 
we had a text overlay up there but i can still use   This space for some text let me try so here you 
go we have the video we can even try to play it Now on the second page we have this image that 
apparently it doesn't fit really well the size   It says that this area might be 
covered in shorter smartphones   But anyway when i created this image i used 
the recommended image size recommended on   That page for story pins so i'm going to keep 
it this way and let's hope that it works well   I will do the same with the second image it again 
needs a little bit of adjusting because it shows   You which parts of the image can be hidden so we 
have here a video and two images i will click next   Pinterest is suggesting different themes one is 
called recipe then crafts and DIY and some blank   List i will choose recipe that fits our topic here 
we need to add some more details about our recipe   Like cook time servings let me do it here really 
quickly so this cake takes about 45 minutes six   Servings and here are the ingredients i'm going to 
click next on this screen we need to select which   Board we want to save the spin to in this case i 
selected the board called desserts on my account   And now on top of that we can also select some 
tagged topics so let's search for a tag you   Notice that in my pin i said that it's a healthy 
apple cake so i will select healthy desserts If i search for apple i can also find apple cake   And maybe something even broader like healthy 
recipes in general i will also select this tag   So these tags apparently help interest understand 
how they can categorize your story pins   And now we can click publish it will take a little 
bit of time and let's see how story pins look like   So here you go we can see here that this text 
in the middle it becomes like a pin title

We can turn on or off the music on the story 
pin we can click the slider to see the rest of   The images we also have this edit icon if i 
click on it you will see that some elements   Of this story pin can be edited but not all 
of them for example the title is locked so   Before you create your pin um think very well what 
you're going to use in the title of your story pin   And they also made a note here saying that you 
can only edit or you order pages on your story   Pin up to 14 days after you first published it now 
probably notice that you cannot link story pins to   Any source page on your site and that's the big 
difference between story pins and some regular   Image pins and so when you create this new format 
of pins you have to keep in mind that you will   Hardly get a lot of traffic directly from these 
story pins but what is so great about story pins   Is that they have um these engagement buttons 
which regular pins do not have so story pins   Get higher engagements because of these buttons 
compared to regular image pins and that's because   Pinterest really wants to give this new format of 
pins um an additional boost in on their platform   So if you have a new pinterest account and you 
want to grow it faster and get more followers   Faster then definitely give story pins a try 
by the way if you want to test all the premium   Features of in video of this online tool that 
i showed you how to use it to create video pins   Don't forget to use my affiliate link in the 
description below this video and you can also   Use a special exclusive coupon for my audience 
to get 50 off when you sign up for a paid account   Thank you for watching i hope this video clarified 
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