In this video I will show you the top 5 Free traffic sources I use for affiliate Marketing if you don't use these traffic Sources you're leaving money on the Table I've seen results like this about 70 000 of visitors to my website from Just one traffic source and like this From another traffic Source all these Traffic sources are what I personally Use they're all affiliate marketing Friendly and I'll show you first those That are less competitive and easier for You to start so number one is Pinterest If you never hear about affiliate Marketing on Pinterest you are in the Right place because I have a whole Playlist that will help you grow on this Platform I'll give you a link to my Playlist in the description below but You just need to know that Pinterest is Still less competitive than many other Platforms and the types of content you Need for Pinterest are in my opinion Much easier to create than for other Social media networks and I'm actually Getting more Pinterest traffic to my Blog than I get from Google and on top Of it Pinterest doesn't require nearly As much work and time as Google SEO all You need for Pinterest is this either Vertical images like these on my account Or very short videos about just 5 or 10 Seconds long and to create these images And short videos in a matter of minutes

I use this free online app called canva You can also get a forever free account Using my link canva And you see I just have a ton of free Templates here all I need to do is use My blog post title and change the words On the background photo canva has a huge Library of stock photos by the way it Takes about a minute to create a new PIN Then I hop on Pinterest upload the image Add a title and description and the link Can be either to your blog post on the Site with affiliate offers or it can Even be linked to a landing page or even Directly to affiliate products but if You at the actual affiliate Link in the Destination URL make sure that you added An affiliate disclosure in the pin Description it's enough to just add a Hashtag promotion or affiliate link but If you want to know all the details About affiliate marketing on Pinterest I Have an in-depth video I'll link to it In the description below I also love Posting on Pinterest because it's also a Search engine and this means you create A passive traffic Source over time your Pins if done correctly and if you Included the right keywords in the Titles and descriptions and save them to The relevant boards your pins have a Chance to bring you traffic for many Months if not years this is what search Engines can do for you and Pinterest is

The easiest search engine to rank in Especially compared to Google to learn More about Pinterest SEO watch my free Masterclass I'll give you a link to it Up there and in the description down Below the next great free traffic Source I use is quarter and Reddit both sides Are content rating and discussion Websites with huge audiences quarter has Over 300 million monthly active users And Reddit has more than 1.5 billion Registered users of which 430 million Users are active monthly but keep in Mind that you cannot add a direct Affiliate Link in your posts on neither Reddit or query you can even get your Account banned for doing this instead of Adding your affiliate links directly in The answers you can add the affiliate Links to your blog posts or landing Pages and drive traffic there reply to a Dozen questions a week or so and you Will start receiving free traffic in no Time that's it go do it next traffic Source is YouTube let me guess you're About to say oh no YouTube is too Difficult and I'll be honest with you it Is a lot of work and the space is Getting more crowded every year but That's where the audience goes you are Watching in this video to learn Something right you could be reading a Blog post but you chose to watch a video And I do the same and many other people

Go to YouTube to do some research or to Find reviews on products they're Planning to buy for example here is my Video that shows up for the search query Past online course Platforms in YouTube Search results in the video description I have all the links to the platforms I Reviewed in the video and I have an Affiliate disclaimer over here so it is A great place to promote affiliate links And YouTube is a very friendly place for Affiliate marketing you are allowed to Add your affiliate links to video Descriptions as many links as you need But I recommend you to add the most Important links closer to the beginning Of the video description this way more People will see the link you could Create videos dedicated to a specific Product and even use the keyword reviews In the title this way you are targeting People who are ready to buy and just to Want the last confirmation that that This product is worth the money this Method is easy even for beginners Because if you are camera shy you could Do screen share for software reviews for Example with your voice only for Physical products you could just record Your hands unwrapping the products and Without showing your face you don't have To be entertaining because what people Are looking for in those videos is just To get an honest review of a product the

Good thing about affiliate marketing on YouTube is that you can add all your Affiliate links in the video description So you can make money with it even if You don't have your own website or Landing pages where you could send Traffic to keep in mind that with these YouTube reviews you cannot only get Traffic from YouTube search but you also Enjoy additional search traffic from Google why well because YouTube belongs To Google and so Google will often show YouTube videos on the first page of Search results for many keywords it's Very common for queries that start with How to which assumes some kind of Tutorial and also for reviews because Google knows how people love to watch Video reviews this is how you can get Prime spots on the first page of Google Search results without paying a dime for Ads personally I learned this method From Paul Murphy I'll give you a link to His free training in the description Below now the next method is Google SEO Google is the biggest search engine it's More competitive than other platforms And it takes more time to grow your Authority with an affiliate marketing Website and as I promised I started this Video with the platforms that are more Beginner friendly but now let's have a Look at how it works with Google search Engine optimization SEO is the biggest

Source of free traffic for affiliate Marketing people who search on Google Usually have higher purchase intent Especially if they're searching for Product reviews but competition in Google is huge if you want to compete Against large and old websites you Should be very strategic about the types Of products and the types of content you Will write about for search engines here Are just a few methods that should help You break through in this competitive SEO environment number one is create a Narrowly niched site about a product That's hot right now you can find those Products on large networks like ClickBank impact partner stack and other Affiliate networks it should be Something relatively new but with a Growing popularity something where you Can establish your expertise even with a New website because the big ones didn't Write much content about this topic yet And keep in mind if you're going to Create a whole niched website for this Product it has to be something in the Hundreds or thousands of dollars in Price so that your potential affiliate Commissions could be also hundreds per Sale I know it's hard to believe Programs like this even exist but if you Do a quick research on the marketplaces I mentioned you will see it's not rare To get commissions of 300 per sale or

Even one thousand dollars per customer You referred the next way is write blog Posts with reviews of a specific Affiliate product or service for example When someone is searching for a keyword Like Apple watch SE review this kind of Query shows that the user is seriously Thinking about buying this product That's why it makes sense to write Content on a topic like this you're more Likely to get a commission If someone Knows the brand and the model they're Interested in the next one is doing Comparisons between two or three Products in the same category preferably All products should have affiliate links For example something like thinkific Versus teachable is a keyword with 1 300 Search volume in the United States alone So you could do a side-by-side Comparison of these two online course Platforms comparing their features and Pricing plans as you can imagine if Someone wants to find such a detailed Comparison this person is likely very Close to purchasing one of the tools and No matter which of the tools wins in Your comparison you will get a Commission because you will use Affiliate links for both products the Next way is build an informational Website in a broad Niche that will make It easier for you to drive traffic for Less competitive keywords in this case

You could use your site for both display Ads and also for affiliate links which You could sprinkle here and there in Your informational content the next free Traffic Source I use is my email list You probably heard many times that the Money is in the list it only seems like Email is an old marketing channel in This online World it might be older than Some of the recent social media channels But it's also way more efficient than Them you don't depend on the algorithms With your own email list as much as on Any other platforms I mentioned today no One can cancel your Audience by closing Your account or applying a shadow ban Like they can do on social media you can Always just click export the list and Move your entire audience from one email Provider to another you own that list on Top of it an email list can be a more Efficient traffic source for affiliate Marketing you can include your affiliate Links right in the email text and people Who subscribe to your newsletter usually Are an audience that trusts you they Trusted you with their email address They subscribe to get more information From you so it means that that you can Expect better results from an email Campaign promoting a product than say From a blog post or post on social media Channel because it's a warm audience Against a cold audience if you spam your

Email list with affiliate promotions in Every email you will quickly lose their Trust but if you send them helpful Information for which they subscribed And occasionally or only at the bottom Of the email in the resources section Recommend them products or Services Related to your Niche or the topic of The email you will be surprised how much Higher conversion rates will be for the Email versus many other platforms You Could argue that email marketing isn't Entirely free because you have to pay For an email provider but if you're just Starting out many of the service Providers have a free plan until a Certain number of subscribers including Convertkit which I've been using for About four years now it has great open Rates and very Advanced automation tools Check out my link in the description Below to start your email list for free With convertkit now you hear today that My number one free traffic source is Pinterest and if you want to know my Pinterest strategy for this year watch My video linked up there and I'll see You in the next one