Is your site safe from Google penalties If you are using AI content writing Tools how about chat GPT that's been Released to the public as a free AI chat Tool that answers your questions and can Write content for you on any Topic in This video I will answer your questions Can Google penalize your site for AI Generated content is chatgpt content Original and since everyone is going Crazy about Changi PT maybe this one is Better than the tools that have been on The market in the past year or so so After testing chat GPT I thought it was Really smart and sounded very much like Human honestly I couldn't sleep well for A couple of nights and spend a few days Seriously thinking about the future of Blogging in the light of this quickly Developing human-like language models What kept me awake was the thought well And what happens to us bloggers when AI Becomes better than humans or what if Google starts ranking AI generated Content higher than the text that humans Wrote Our bloggers and content writers About to lose their jobs and income and I started digging the information about AI content the first thing that we need To count in is that currently Google Considers AI generated content as spammy If you don't trust my word on this check This article on search engine Journal According to this post John Mueller

Google's webmaster Trends analyst AI Written content is deemed spam and may Result in a manual penalty by Google's Algorithms the post is based on the Interview John Mueller gave on YouTube In the official Google search Central Channel if you want to watch that part Of the video I'll give you a link to it With a timestamp you can check the link In the description below now if that Wasn't enough let's have a look at the Google's spam policy page the page is a List of different methods and activities That Google considers spammy and among Others we will find Spenny automatically Generated content some example of this Spammy content would be tax generated Through automated processes without Regard for quality of your user Experience text generated using Automated synonymizing paraphrasing blah Blah all of this techniques stitching or Combining content from different web Pages without adding sufficient value Essentially if you generated content With an AI tool and published it on your Website as is your method is not much Different from some of these techniques Mentioned by Google so my point is that Currently at this level of development Of the AI technology Google considers That people can do the job better than The artificial intellect so you might Ask me but can AI create content better

Than humans at some point theoretically Speaking yes it's possible that a few Years from now or maybe a decade from Now these self-learning machines will Eventually get smart enough to outsmart Us humans but at this time and maybe in My humble opinion in the next couple of Years at least all the AI can do is Summarize the information create created By whom by people AI is just checking Lots of resources that are already out There on the internet and based on its Algorithms AI tools are just trying to Make meaningful compilations from that Information available to them and to Imitate human language so the content Written by AI tools currently can be Considered a good example of the Author's expertise not only that have You tried to use Simple plagiarism tests With the AI generated content well you Could test it this way you should try to Give chat topt for example similar Prompts but may be formulated in a bit Different way and then compare the Results they will not be 100 identical But they will have a very high score in Plagiarism see I made the first prompt Saying history of port wine and got this Text here starting with port wine is a Type of fortified wine produced in the Doro Valley of Northern Portugal and Then I used a similar prompt what is the Origin of port wine and chatipiti answer

Starts with the same exact line and then It goes a little bit different but how Much different I copied both of this Text to this free plagiarism detector And they looked similar even to my naked Eye but the tool found that they have 64 Of the common tax and this is definitely Not great for Google imagine how many People are using chat TPT because it's Free and available to everyone well we Know that Chad GPT that has grown to 1 Million users in less than one week and By the way if you didn't realize it all Of these free and paid tools like Chatipity Jasper Ai and many more are Working on gpt3 from openai gpt3 short For generative pre-trained Transformer 3 Is a language generation model developed By a company called openai it is one of The largest and most advanced language Models to date with billions of Parameters gpt3 and by the way there's a New version DPT 3.5 can perform a Variety of natural language processing Tasks such as translation summarization And question answering and it can also Generate human-like text All that is great but now that millions Of users are giving the same prompts and Using this text to write the same kind Of Articles how often do you think you Will get parts of the tags that are Identical or barely any different from What another user has got from a similar

Prompt chances are that AI generated Tools will start plagiarizing themselves Or being to be more fear people who are Using AI generated content will find out That many of the websites have posted Very similar or partially identical Texts so I think it's kind of easy for Anyone to understand this example and Just this fact alone makes AI generated Content useless since it can get your Site penalized in Google for spam This is not it I have more points to Share in this video I've done a very Extensive research for this video so That you don't have to waste hours to Find out if AI tools are worth the money And your time investment if you like This video so far give me a like And Subscribe for more tips on blogging and Getting free traffic to your website I've seen some people have gone a long Way trying to make this a AI generated Text fast plagiarism test I've watched Videos on YouTube where people generated A text in chat gbt then they take it Into a rewriting tool also working with AI something like quill board and they Use settings that make the text even More unique and maybe maybe sometimes They can get lucky and pass plagiarism Tests with these texts then that went Through this multiple AI writing tools But then there is a new tool called Originality AI it's an AI detector tool

If you're curious to try it use my Affiliate link it will be in the Description below so if you submit any Text from chatgpt there you will see That it's all 100 or close to 100 Failing on the AI score and I did more Testing using the post that I personally Wrote for my blog and those texts always Have either a hundred percent or very Close to 100 human score here I will Take one of my old blog posts that I Wrote a few years ago when none of these AI writing tools even existed so I'll Take this full text and copy it to scan It here here you go don't worry about This plagiarism it just found this exact Article on my blog so we'll ignore this Number here what matters is that here in The AI score it shows just one percent And 99 is original this one percent we Can disregard because I know I wrote This post personally about three years Ago when AI writing tools were not even On the market so you see someone already Developed a tool that easily detects AI Generated content according to their Recent research originality AI can Detect tax generated in gpt3 tools with 94 accuracy and for GPT 3.5 and for Chad GPT this accuracy is a bit lower but That's because there are new language Models so the tool is just working on on Improving it so when AI tools get an Update the new version can probably get

You a little better results but don't Get fooled it's not for a long time do You think that Google the biggest search Engine in the world an attack giant of Our time doesn't have its own algorithms That can detect AI generated text well You should always keep in mind that Google is using its own AI algorithms That always gets smarter and better at Detecting spammy content so yes it's Possible that AI content tools can trick Google for a little while but then with The next update all the sites that Mindlessly used AI tools and didn't put Any effort into creating content will be Penalized in addition to all what I said So far the reason a post on TechCrunch Which codes a guest researcher at open AI who revealed that the company is Developing a tool for statistically Watermarking the outputs of a text Whenever a systems say chatgpt generates Text the tool would embed an Unnoticeable secret signal indicating Where the text came from so in the near Future all the steps generated in AI Tools will be probably watermarked and Will be easy for Google to detect now What I personally decided to do about AI Content tools you would ask me will I Completely stop using them well I might Still keep using them but not the way That most people wish they could use AI Writers just submit a keyword and get

The entire blog post to copy and paste It to your site I could use them to help Me with an article outline but not for The actual text because it just doesn't Make sense to use Ai and then go above And beyond trying to rewrite the text That a robot generated to make it sound More human-like and to pass the Originality tests what if I do my best And still it remains 30 or 40 detectable As an AI written content well I think I'm better off in that case just writing It all from scratch without any AI tools But I can use AI to generate copy for my Post on social media platforms maybe a Little bit as an assistant for writing My email copy as well I can still use AI To help me create pin titles and Descriptions for Pinterest and if you Have been watching my channel for a While you probably know that I get a ton Of traffic to my blog from Pinterest it Currently drives me about 50 of all my Traffic and since Pinterest is a visual Search engine I don't think that they're Algorithm analyzing text is even close To Google in detecting AI texts in the Pin titles and descriptions so I think It's safe to use it there but again I Would not use AI for for writing the Full blog posts if I'm trying to rank Them on Google because at least in the Next couple of years I think Google will Actively try to try to find AI generated

Content and will work hard on penalizing Sites that use it so that's my plan let Me know in the comments below what are Your thoughts about the future of Blogging Google and AI generated content And if your traffic has been hit by one Of the latest algorithm updates on Google maybe it's the best time to try To diversify your traffic and add Pinterest to Your Arsenal check out my Video up there to see what works on Pinterest this year I'll see you in the Next one