How long does it take to start making Money with a Blog this is probably the Biggest question on your mind if you're Thinking about blogging I started my Blog in 2017 so I've been doing this for About five years now I was working full Time back then and I had only a few Hours a day to work on the blog I spent More time working on it on weekends as Well and as many bloggers do I was Documenting my whole journey with my Income reports I wouldn't say I've done It for every single month but I've done Income reports on many Milestones so It's going to be interesting for you and I have the whole history of my income Reports on the website I don't do them Now so regularly as before because at Some point it just becomes too Repetitive month after month after month The income streams remain pretty much The same and the only thing that really Changes is the total number plus when You start working with people who help You on the blog even if is just a Part-time VA it's not the same blogging Income reports as what you had when you Started it as a one-man show so it's not Entirely relatable for beginners who Usually are reading income reports for Inspiration and just to learn about the Early stages of the business they Usually don't need a and they don't want To know about all my Advanced strategies

The tools that I'm using and this Expenses that I've have with a Five-year-old blog they want to Simply Make some money with display ads and get Into a premium ad Network like mediavine To start with what I think would be Interesting is in this video we will Look back and see how my income streams Changed or how I Diversified from one Year to another but anyway if you want To check in detail my income reports They will be linked in the description Below this video personally I learned a Lot from income reports of bloggers who Were established before I started my Blog so I hope my income reports could Help you in a similar way so this was my First income and traffic report I made 770 dollars in total in the first three Months of blogging I didn't have any Display ads income at that time my Traffic wasn't big enough to get Accepted to a premium ad network but I Was writing content in the personal Finance Niche I earned this 770 dollars In affiliate commissions mostly thanks To Pinterest traffic I was getting about 93 percent of traffic from Pinterest at The time then my next income report was For the first six months of blogging and I made a total of three thousand eight Hundred and seventy eight dollars I was Still getting mostly affiliate income From the same type of offers like

Hosting services online surveys and a Few others I still didn't make almost Anything with display ads on the side so If we divide divided by six it makes About 500 a month right and then I had a Breakthrough income report when I'm made About two thousand dollars in one month I only had about two thousand followers On Pinterest at that time and the income Has gone up so much because I finally Got accepted to mediavine it's a premium Ad Network so in the first month with Mediavine I made fourteen hundred Dollars just with display ads I still Have the affiliate income on that month As well so it added up in total to about Two thousand dollars you can see here Some screenshots with my Google Analytics for that month I had viral Spikes of traffic from Pinterest and That really helped me get an amazing ad Income right off the gate with this blog And I kid you not I immediately decided To quit my day job to focus full time on The blog the thing is while working full Time I knew what my hourly rate was and It was lower so much lower compared to What I've already was making by working In my three hours on the blog so I felt There was so much potential for growth If I had only spent more than a few Hours a week working on this blog and if You check my income reports for the next Months and for the next years you will

See my gut feeling was right about Growth potential on the Block I then had A month closer to the end of 2018 when I Made over six thousand dollars in one Month this is already my second year of Blogging and by that time I already had My second blog monetized with mediavine 2. so the majority of this income came From display ads on these two blocks I Also made one thousand dollars with one Survey offer as an affiliate and then I Also started selling my Pinterest SEO Course so it added up to the income Report about Seventeen hundred dollars So you see in my second year of blogging The ad income has become the top income Stream for me and I've seen the same Happened to many other bloggers who Shared their income reports I also have Seen a very common pattern for the Traffic sources a lot of bloggers are Getting most of their traffic in the First year at least from Pinterest Because Google SEO takes so much more Time to take off for most people it Takes takes about two years to see any Kind of results with Google SEO a brand New site has no domain Authority so it's Hard to rank for any popular keywords on Google Pinterest on the other hand Doesn't care about your domain Authority And it works as a search engine that Shows image results to users plus keep In mind that you can often get some

Traffic from Google through Pinterest if Your Pinterest images or boards start Ranking in Google it's very common Finishes and for keywords that imply Some images that will be shown in the Search results something like home decor Ideas or recipes for example so your Pins can often rank on Google before Your own website drinks for the same Keywords there are many benefits that Free Pinterest traffic can give you as a New blogger if you're new to this you Can sign up and watch my free Pinterest Masterclass I'll give you a link up There and in the description below you Can also check out my Pinterest course I'll drop a link to it down below as Well I mentioned it as it it will make a Part of my income reports starting Around the end of my second year of Blogging personally I've learned a lot About blogging and Pinterest from Courses and I keep doing it now to cover Some of the areas where I need to learn To move my business to the next level And then I have an income report for a Month in the spring of 2019 when I made Over eight thousand dollars again very Similar income stream responsible for This total number I then also had two Income reports one with twenty five Thousand dollars and my biggest month so Far was when I made forty thousand Dollars I've got to this number because

It was a spy like in sales of my courses In 2020 and in sales of other products Which I promoted as an affiliate because Of my Black Friday sale and you see this Year of 2020 was very good for my Business and we all know what happened In 2020 just like everyone I was very Worried at the beginning of the year we All didn't know what to expect from that Here right but it ended up being a very Strong year for many online businesses Including mine now looking back at my Strategy I think my choice to focus on Pinterest as a traffic Source in the First year of blogging was the right one I will be honest it doesn't mean it Would work in every Niche some niches Are just better for Google Traffic Anything that's very technical very Serious like maybe science or most of The topics that are mostly interesting For men this will not work great on Pinterest the majority of the audience On Pinterest are women and they're kind Of in a discount every mode they are not Inclined to typing long tail keywords Very specific queries on Pinterest app Like they would do on Google and for me This focus on Pinterest free traffic Allowed me to get accepted to a premium Ad Network to mediavine a lot faster Than I could do it if I try to focus on Google right of the gate with a brand New blog I didn't use display ads on the

Site before I was accepted to mediavine You can actually apply for Google AdSense as well when your site is new But it pays so little that it's not Worth the hassle and even for that Little money you'd probably need to Apply many many times because our Google AdSense has become more strict most of The times they will just reject you in The first five or six months since the Blog was created under some nonsense Excuses and if you remember when I Showed you some of my first income Reports today I had all the income Coming from affiliate marketing before I Joined mediavine for ads so that's what I can recommend anyone starting today to Focus on affiliate marketing for your Blog monetization in the first place and Check out the video about my top 10 Highest paying affiliate programs and Products it will help you understand how To make money with your blog faster even If you have a small audience I'll give You a link to the video in the Description below the thing with Blogging income it will be always going Up and down it's usually not like a Stable salary and the same amount of Money every month that you'll get your Ad income can double due to the seasonal Effect if that applies to your Niche or It can double simply because in the last Quarter of the Year advertisers usually

Spend more money on ads so you can earn A lot more money with ads in the last Quarter of the Year even if your traffic Didn't change I also have seen better Results in 2020 because some of my Videos are on YouTube went a bit viral And when you have just a Blog it's one Level of trust and engagement but when People can see you and hear you it's a Different level and I think that it Helps with conversions as well if Someone comes to your site once from Google or from Pinterest they're still a Cold audience but if they later keep Seeing you on social platforms and Especially in the video format it turns Them into a warm audience what you Haven't seen in my early income reports Is any kind of sponsored content right I've been adding more of it in 2021 and 22 and YouTube helps a lot with it Because Brands reach out more often to Get a package something like a video Integration plus an affiliate review on On my website that's just an example of The package and compared to the first Year I'm now on many platforms that Helps me negotiate better sponsored Deals that I could do in the early Stages and in general if if you look Back to my first income reports back Then I was making money mostly with Affiliate marketing on my site nowadays There is at least four extra income

Streams display ads sponsored content my Own products and also one-on-one Consultations which I still like to do a Couple of times a month at least again The first year of blogging can be very Hard because you put a lot of time and Effort so you need to be driven by a Dream or a long-term goal think of how Your life will change with blogging when It finally starts paying off and I Promise it will change in many ways when I started that first year felt as long As the following four years combined it Was so long and tiring because I had to Put a lot of time without seeing any Financial reward and it wasn't just the Time it was the time in the evenings and On weekends when other people would Prefer to just watch Netflix and just Relax from work but the extra effort Eventually was totally worth it I hope You will learn something from this video But probably if you're just at the start Of your blogging Journey the income Reports that I mentioned today will be Even more interesting for you again the Links are in the description below now Check out that video up there to learn How to get free Pinterest traffic to Monetize your blog even faster I'll see You in the next video